‘Dear Mommy Blogger’ – My Response To The Mummy Blogger Hate Campaign

‘Dear Mommy Blogger’ – My Response To The Mummy Blogger Hate Campaign

Fellow bloggers have likely seen the letter to mommy bloggers, delightfully telling us that our blogs f**king suck. If you haven’t seen it and you are intrigued click here. If instead you would prefer to read about why mommy bloggers don’t suck carry on reading this.

The lovely letter is written by an ex mommy blogger, a very successful one from what I can see. This particular blogger made thousands of dollars a month, she also spent a lot of money on attending conferences and buying prizes, such as KitchenAids, to grow her audience. She has since realised the error of her ways and is now telling the rest of us that we need to quit NOW.

'Dear Mommy Blogger' - My Response To The Mummy Blogger Hate Campaign

I’m a mummy blogger and I don’t suck.


As you will have seen in my income and stats report I don’t pull in massive page views, but I do receive around 9 – 10,000 unique views a month, I struggle to believe that these 9,000 people actually find my blog posts boring and only click on to scan for keywords. Then again, I don’t write about shampoo bought from Walmart… I do agree that not everyone wants to read about Aria’s milestones and some may find it boring, but do you know what? Some of us actually write stuff for us, not to impress people and pull in readers.


I never claim to be anything that I’m not on my blog. If I’m feeling down about something I love to let it all out in a blog post, I’m actually more likely to write a post about how annoyed I am than write about how happy I am. I also don’t add exclamation points after every paragraph, just some…


I’ve never spent the kind of money mentioned here on blogging conferences. I would absolutely love to attend a massive conference such as Britmums but can’t justify it. Maybe one day when I am earning mega bucks from blogging (yeah right) I will go. If I ever get to that stage I will be paying tax and can deduct all costs as expenses. I have splashed out on a DSLR and am currently saving to get a new one, but this is because photography is my hobby and now my job, not just because I write a blog.


This may come as a shock but some, in fact the majority, of bloggers always write factual and honest reviews. No matter how much money we are offered or how many bones we are thrown we stick to our morals. Maybe this particular blogger hasn’t and is now tarring the rest of us with that brush…
Guess what? I am a blogger who blogs about my life and I do cover a variety of topics and brands – my blog tagline is “if I love it, I blog it”. Does this really mean I have no direction? No, it just means that I enjoy life and a wide variety of things. It doesn’t mean I will accept just anything either.


So big brands only pay bloggers and send them review items because they will then go out and buy that brand in the future, who knew? Silly old me thought it was because the brands wanted that blogger to advertise their product for them. I’ve been wasting my time taking photos, writing and promoting posts all this time. Granted, if I enjoy a product that I am sent for review and it is in price range I will buy it again, but I am certainly not terrified to ever speak poorly of that brand.


I guess this is where me and the writer differ as bloggers. I will never write a glowing review of a product that I think is absolute crap because I have been paid to do so. My blog is open and honest and a place that my readers can come for trusted advice. I will always mention the cons in a review, no matter how small, if there are any and would never advise a fellow blogger to lie and write a glowing review because they wouldn’t want to upset the brand.


On the whole this is true, a lot of followers gained through giveaways are either ghost followers or they will unfollow as soon as the giveaway is over, which is why I would never go out and purchase a KitchenAid mixer with my own cash to giveaway. If a company offers me an item that either I don’t want to review or they offer me a duplicate of my item to giveaway then why not? Yes, it may go to a comper who will never, ever visit my blog again, but it also may go to a loyal reader and friend. It isn’t costing me anything other than time so why not?


I don’t agree with this at all. Yes, I spend a lot of time blogging for little financial reward. But I get a lot of satisfaction and treats from it, I’ve had three holidays in the past two years as a result of blogging so it isn’t all that bad. If I didn’t write my ‘mommy blog’ my house might be a bit tidier, but in all honesty I would probably just watch a lot more Netflix. Would you read some intellectual books or find a hobby? Is one of the many questions asked by the writer, my blog is my hobby and I love it and I’m very proud of it.
Mommy bloggers please don’t quit, your mommy blog doesn’t f**king suck, you are amazing and inspiring. Quitting would be easy, it would be lovely to have time off but it wouldn’t be as rewarding as this blog.


  1. 15th May 2016 / 9:00 pm

    There's no way I'm going to waste my time reading the original letter. It sounds like it might be a load of bitter rubbish. I've been away from blogging and social media so I've missed it. Your take on blogging is much more like my own experience though. I'm not really writing for page views or opportunities. I'm writing because I enjoy it. Go you!

    • 18th May 2016 / 9:29 pm

      Thank you! I'm glad you're in the same camp as me!

  2. 15th May 2016 / 9:39 pm

    I started reading the original, then half way through I was gutted I gave her my page view. Just another ranter, that only see's the £ sign. I don't do reviews, my blog is gloomily honest, and I really don't give a shit what she thinks. (I love Arias milestones, BTW) xx

    • 18th May 2016 / 9:31 pm

      Thanks Jo, good to know people do enjoy the milestones!
      I love how honest your blog is!

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