Guest Post : A Trip To The Beach With Arthur – A Story About Sharing

Guest Post : A Trip To The Beach With Arthur – A Story About Sharing
I don’t know about you but I’m going to miss these guest posts! I’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic pieces by fabulous bloggers and am finishing the posts off perfectly with this beautiful story from Tamsin. Tamsin blogs over at Chasing Esme, I love reading her blog because Esme is only a few weeks older than Aria and I enjoy watching her progress!

A Trip To The Beach With Arthur - A Story About Sharing - blog post about a trip to the beach with two young children one year old

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My name is Tamsin, and I’m a 20-year-old journalist living in sunny Pembrokeshire! I’m the mother to a beautiful baby girl called Esme, and the other half of a punk rocker called Al. Esme is 1 year and three months old, and is a bundle of fun who hates going to bed.

Tamsim who blogs at Chasing Esme mother and daughter photo

A trip to the beach with Arthur

By Chasing Esme

With Esme being an only child, I try to teach her to share her belongings as much as possible.

When Sophie came to visit with Arthur for the first time, Esme was too small to be possessive over her toys. However, as she got older, she began to take her toys away from him when he played with them, shouting “MINE” at the top of her voice as she did so.

I told her time and time again, that Arthur was only borrowing them for a short while, and that he wouldn’t take them away with him when she went. After a while, she got used to it.

I try to meet with Sophie and Arthur as much as I can, but with our busy lives it can sometimes be difficult. But, when we do get the chance, we always have a great time!

Last weekend, Arthur, Esme, Sophie and I visited Broad Haven beach. Everyone loves the beach, and seeing as it was a gorgeous day, we headed off.

We picked up Sophie and Arthur and put his car seat in the back next to Esme. She looked at Arthur as Sophie was strapping him in, as if to say: “Why are you and why are you getting into Mum’s car?”
However, she didn’t protest, and instead decided to stare at Arthur the whole way to the beach. Good start!

We arrived at Broad Haven, and I put the reigns on Esme that I’d borrowed from Nanny Jill. I buckled her up and Sophie put Arthur in the pram, and we made our way to the sand.

Esme is pretty good at walking now, so I was confident that she could walk to the beach from the car park. However, I didn’t know how she would be walking on the reigns.

She did really well at first, but after a while she realised that if she didn’t move her feet, she could dangle from the reigns and give Mammy’s arms a workout. I really did try to encourage her not to do that, but after continuing to do so another ten times, I decided to carry her to the beach.

We got onto the sand, and I took Esme off the reigns. Sophie, Arthur and I pretty much followed her around the beach, because she kept running around in circles. And, if she wasn’t doing that, she was trying to run towards the water, which due to the tide being really far out, was quite a way away.

Sophie decided to let Arthur have a sit on the sand, and he did so, smiling merrily. He had a little crawl around, and Esme decided to follow him, but couldn’t quite resist the temptation to draw in the sand. I let her do her own thing for a while, and tried to take a few photographs of the gang.

We decided to go to the café not long afterwards, because Esme decided she wanted to eat the sand. After playing with the sand and trying to give me clumps of it, she took her dummy out of her mouth and put a load of sand in instead.

I attempted to get out whatever she had in her mouth and distract her so she wouldn’t do it again, but there wasn’t much I could do to stop her, so we decided to leave the beach all of five minutes after arriving.

We went to the café, and Sophie and I had lots of coffee, and Esme and Arthur had a Welsh cake each. Esme really wanted a pancake, but unfortunately there weren’t any pancakes on the menu, so she had to make do.

I wanted to give Arthur a cuddle at the café, so I did. Esme wasn’t so keen on the idea, but she soon got used to it. She’s used to having Al and I all to herself – she even gets jealous if we give her cousins attention!

But, she is getting better!

After getting our fill of coffee, cakes and sandwiches, we made our way back to the car. Esme, again, didn’t want to walk on the reigns, so I carried her. We put the little ones back in the car, and started to drive home.

Arthur is such a laid back little boy, it’s no surprise that he has no issues with sharing. And, because Esme is such a little madam, I’m trying to make sure that she understands that she can’t have everything her way, all the time!

However, I shouldn’t have worried. She was good as gold, and made me a very proud Mum. As always.

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Is your little one good at sharing? Aria is and isn’t! She goes to nursery one day a week which I hope will help her to learn that she has to share. She is generally good, though it does depend what mood she is in and she always expects everyone to share everything with her, especially when it comes to food!

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