Improving Confidence and Getting Your Relationship Back On Track – Top Tips

Improving Confidence and Getting Your Relationship Back On Track – Top Tips

A recent survey found that over half of women say that they want to feel more connected to their partner. Relationships can can be difficult at the best of times, even more so when you add a baby to the equation, you want to go to bed to sleep and not a lot else!

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Despite being drained and tired it really is important to keep your relationship on track and be a husband/wife as well as a parent. 56% of women want to feel more connected to their partner, which is why I am going to be sharing my top tips for getting your relationship back on track.

  • Praise each other. Concentrate on what your partner has done rather than what they haven’t done. Instead of moaning that they didn’t empty the bin, thank them for picking up some milk on the way home from work. 
  • Treat each other. A bouquet of flowers or a bar of chocolate now and again are simple gestures that show that you are thinking of your partner and appreciate them. 
  • Make an effort with how you look. When you are a new mum you spend so long getting the baby ready that you neglect yourself. This can have massive implications on your confidence which in turn has massive implications on your relationship. Dress up nice, do your hair and make-up, even if it is just once a week, you will feel so much better for it. 
  • Date nights. Once a week have a date night. When possible get a babysitter and go out, go for a meal, a drink, or a simple cinema trip. If you can’t get a babysitter treat yourself to a nice takeaway or meal and a bottle of wine. Enjoy the food and a film once baby has gone to bed. 
  • Talk to each other. Ask how your partners day has gone, talk about things other than the baby, confide in each other and laugh together. 
  • Take care of yourself. Pamper yourself, I know myself that now that I’m a mum my idea of a pampering session is shaving my legs – so do just that! It is amazing how much better you can feel with clean shaven legs and clean hair! Most importantly, take care of your intimate parts, Vagisil’s new ProHydrate range* relieves intimate dryness so that you can feel comfortable, confident and enjoy intimacy when you want to.
Improving Confidence and Getting Your Relationship Back On Track with vagisil prohydrate range

The top three things associated with ‘intimacy’ among women in a committed relationship are; ‘closeness’ (69%), ‘togetherness’ (65%) and ‘love’ (61%) and The top ways to make women feel closer to their partner are: laughing together (74%), talking (67%), and sharing special moments/life milestones (65%) and sex & intimate moments (55%).
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How do you keep your relationship alive? Do you have any top tips to add to my list?

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