The Diana Instant Camera From Uncommon Goods

The Diana Instant Camera From Uncommon Goods

Photography is something that I have always loved, back when I was a teenager before the days of smart phones, and even digital cameras, I would always have a disposable camera. I miss the days of just snapping away with no idea how the photo would turn out. Waiting to collect the photos seemed to take forever. When I stumbled across the Diana Instant Camera* on the Uncommon Goods website I couldn’t resist it. All the joy of not knowing what the photo would turn out like but the relief of finding within seconds, I was sold!

Blog header photo diana instant camera from Uncommon goods flat lay of retro camera with polaroid photos and plant

retro camera used as shelving decoration Diana Instant

Uncommon Goods is a fantastic website for gifts, or just for that something that is a little bit different, selling a fab range of anniversary gifts, homeware and more. I’ll be book marking the site ready for mine & Spencer’s Wedding anniversary in November, they have some fab gifts for men which can be viewed here and some amazing personalised gifts on this page.

Despite being based in Brooklyn, NY, Uncommon Goods ships to a wide variety of locations, including the UK, not every item is available for international shipping but the majority of items, including this camera, are.

Priced at just over £100 with a two pack of film costing almost £20 on top the Diana isn’t cheap, but it is a joy. If you are keen to produce retro looking photos in an instant I can’t recommend this highly enough. As you can see from the photos on the first picture I’m still not used to this camera, it is going to take a lot of practice to shoot manual without the digital display.

The Diana isn’t about perfection, it is about retro imperfection. Over exposed shots and blurry images are all part of the Diana experience. The imperfections make the polaroid photos perfect.

The camera body is made of light plastic. It has an impressive flash that makes a whirring noise when it is warming up, I’m a little bit obsessed with that whir. The flash comes with several coloured filters that can easily be placed over the bulb to make the photos that little bit extra special.

If you simply can’t get to grips with the camera it makes a lovely decoration, though be warned it is front heavy so needs to lean against something to prevent it toppling over.

Do you like the look of the Diana Instant or do you prefer more clear, crisp images?

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