I’m Going To #BML16

I’m Going To #BML16

I’m pretty excited that I’ve just bought myself tickets to attend Britmums. It has always been something that I have wanted to do but could never justify the expense of, but this year I’m throwing caution to the wind and using some of my blogging income to live a little and go. I’m crying inside as this means that my new camera and tattoo are being put on hold, again, and also really hoping that I can find a last minute sponsor (pretty please), but, for now at least, I have decided to sod it and pay for it myself.

I'm going to Britmums live 2016 #BML16 header image keyboard and flowers with text

I’m going along with friend and fellow Welsh family blogger Kerry which is a huge relief, as to be honest, London scares me. I get lost and it is just too busy and too confusing. Travelling and staying with Kerry has put me at ease and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have bothered booking tickets if it wasn’t for finding a travel/room buddy. Kerry and I have attended several events together, including the fantastic Traverse Conference held in Cardiff earlier this year which is where the below photo was taken.

Welsh bloggers at Cardiff Traverse
L-R : Laura of Cardboard Cities, Cathryn of Cardiff Mummy Says, me, Alana of Baby Holiday and Kerry of Kerry Louise Norris.

I’ve decided to join in with the Britmums linky and answer the suggested questions below :

My name: Leanne

My blog: A Slice Of My Life Wales

Find me on social media at: The main platforms I use are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (username leannestundon)
How I look: I have a teething one year old so probably tired. I have short silver hair and black glasses, you’re better off just looking at my image in the sidebar, I updated it last week so it is a good portrayal of how I currently look, but add some red cheeks as I’ll no doubt be very flustered.
Is this my first blogging event? Nope, I’ve been lucky enough to attend several blogging events over my years of blogging – it doesn’t make me any less nervous though.
I will be wearing: I’m a last minute type of person, I only bought my ticket today and there is absolutely no way that I am organised enough to have an outfit planned already.
What I hope to gain from #BML16: My main reason for attending is to meet like minded bloggers and people who have become friends through the blogging scene. I’m also hoping to come away feeling inspired and full of ideas and top tips – and new friends!
My tips for a great conference:

  • Relax and enjoy it – easier said than done – is there a bar??
  • Take a portable phone charger, there is nothing worse than your battery dying when there is so much instagram-ing to be done, or even worse when there is a tweet to order bar, this happened to me at Traverse!
  • Take business cards – if you don’t have any get some printed.
  • Take a notebook and make notes throughout the day, you may think you’ll remember everything but you probably won’t.
If you are a brand reading this and are interested in sponsoring me in full or part please send an email to leannestundon@hotmail.com – there is the potential of sponsoring just me or maybe even myself and Kerry, two bloggers on the ground working together is better than one after all!
Are you going to #BML16? If so, please say hi! 

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