A Perfectly Practical Father’s Day Gift Guide

A Perfectly Practical Father’s Day Gift Guide

I always struggle to buy gifts for the men in my life, I like to buy something special but also something that is useful and won’t just be tossed in a corner never to be seen again. Shops and on-line retailers seem to be latching onto this and launching some fantastic perfectly practical gifts for the men in our lives.

The perfectly practical father's day gift guide - a guide of practical gifts for men including personalised hammers and garden tools

personalised wooden hammer for father's day or gift for men - when it comes to dad's you've nailed it

These hammers seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment, and I can see why, they are fab! I bought mine from Love Emma for £19, but be sure to shop around as they are being sold by a lot of different retailers all at varying prices.

personalised wooden gardening tool set beautiful gift for the man in your life or for father's day

This engraved gardening tool set from I Just Love It* for £24.99 is adorable. It can be personalised with a name up to 10 characters and a message up to 25. I decided to personalise mine with ‘nurture me, watch me grow’ as I thought this was apt for both the garden and Aria. The tools are very good quality and something that I imagine will last for years, even with heavy use.

father's day gift guide men-u pro black shaving brush

If personalised gifts aren’t your thing how about a shaving set? This shaving brush from men-ü costs £19.95* and comes with a free 15ml shave creme. This shaving brush isn’t made in the traditional way using animal bristles and as a result uses up to 40% less shave creme, is easier to clean and there is no bristle loss.

dad and me father's photoshoot in pontypool south wales day gift guide

Jenny Healey Photography in Pontypool are running a dad & me photoshoot package which is a lovely way to capture some perfect memories. While you may be too late to book this before Father’s Day you could always purchase a voucher for the offer and redeem it at a later date.

If all else fails you could always go down the practical edible route. Collier’s have recently launched a Royal Gold Ale, the ale has been perfectly brewed to be the perfect match for Collier’s Cheddar. An ale and cheese hamper would be the perfect gift for a foodie father. The Royal Gold Ale can be purchased at Asda stores in Wales.

What Father’s Day gifts have you bought this year? Is there anything that I should add to this list?

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