A Letter To My Teething Baby

A Letter To My Teething Baby

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Dear Aria,

You have approximately three teeth now, we aren’t sure of the exact amount as you don’t like to let us look in your mouth, but there is definitely one on the bottom and at least two on the top. These have come through in the space of a week. You went almost sixteen months of your life without teeth, and now, bang, four all at once. I imagine that it has been very hard and painful for you. You were able to chew through so many tough foods without teeth which makes me think that you had pretty hard gums, and in turn makes me wonder if the teeth cutting was even harder and more painful for you.

You’ve been waking up in the night crying, a lot. Some nights you are inconsolable. Daddy and I try our best to settle you, we really do, but we are struggling. You’ve slept through the night since you were two months old, we’ve had the odd night here and there when you wake up but not often. We both like our sleep so this past week of sleepless nights has been really difficult for us, and for you.

I just want you to know that we don’t mean what we say when you wake up, we aren’t really angry at you. We’re just tired and stressed. We hate seeing you in distress and we feel useless as we can’t settle you. We wish that we could take the pain for you but we can’t. All we can do is offer you medicine that may or may not help and cwtches, plenty of cwtches.

Some nights we leave you crying, this doesn’t mean that we don’t love you and don’t want to help you. We do this because there is absolutely nothing that we can do for you, and we know now that if we leave you, you will eventually settle yourself and drift back off. We don’t do this all the time, just when we have tried everything else and know that this is the best thing to do, for us all.

You refuse to come and sleep in mummy & daddy’s bedroom and you refuse to fall asleep on us while we give you cwtches in the chair in your room. You will only sleep in your cot. This is a good thing, it is great that you will settle yourself and want to sleep alone, but it does make us feel rubbish when we leave you in there, crying and in pain.

To my teething baby, please ignore what I say when you wake me up in the middle of the night, I really do love you.

P.S. Please, please sleep well tonight.


  1. 4th July 2016 / 9:24 pm

    Aw bless you, it is so hard to see them in distress isn't it and surviving on not much sleep really takes it's toll too. I hope those teeth come through quickly.

  2. 5th July 2016 / 5:34 am

    I know exactly how you feel. My son is the same when teething & it's really hard. I find nurofen for babies world really well to help ease the pain especially at night xx

  3. 5th July 2016 / 8:31 pm

    Awwww bless. Think we have all been there with saying things we don't mean in tiredness. It really is a form of torture being so tired. Fingers crossed she gets a break soon.

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