Keeping Your Home Safe While Enjoying Your Holiday

Keeping Your Home Safe While Enjoying Your Holiday

If you’ve got a holiday planned this year you will want to ensure that you have plans in place for keeping your home safe and burglary free while you are away, after all, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your holiday, not worry about what may or may not be happening back at your empty home.

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There are a few simple and easy steps that can be put into place to help prevent any unwanted goings on during your time away :

Light timers – Simply setting your lights to come on for a couple of hours in the evenings makes it look as though someone is home and in turn makes your house less of a target.

Alarm – This one is obvious but what may not be so obvious is to test your alarm before going away, the last thing you want is your alarm failing because it hasn’t been tested in years.

Friend/Family/Neighbour – Ask someone to pop by now and again while you’re away just to keep an eye on the place, if you’re friendly with a neighbour this could work well as they could easily pop their head in every day to check all is as it should be.

Home and Contents Insurance – Check your home insurance before you go away, does it cover you if you are away and does it cover your contents in case of burglary? If you aren’t yet insured you may want to consider visiting a website such as Chill Insurance for a quote and to set the wheels in motion.

Turn Plugs and Appliances Off – Before going away ensure all unnecessary plugs and appliances are switched off. Does your spare phone charger really need to be plugged in and switched off for the whole two weeks of your holiday?

Avoid Posting on Social Media – As tempting as it can be to brag about going away on social media you may want to think before you type. Ask yourself how well you really know everyone on your friend list. Do you really want to announce that your house is empty? In my case it’s hard not to note my holiday on social media because a) I’m excited and b) I’m usually blogging about it. If you absolutely have to update for all to see consider adding a side note, such as “thanks to xxx xxx for checking in daily to feed our cats while we sun ourselves!”

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