Blogging Income & Stats July 2016

Blogging Income & Stats July 2016

As I mentioned in last month’s blog income report I have decided to be a little more flexible with the sponsored work that I will accept, things have quietened down around here and even though I don’t earn a massive amount I do rely on the extra income that I get from blogging.

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During July my blog received 18,122 page views, 8,086 of which were from unique users. I finished the month with a domain authority of 25, a Tots100 ranking of 234, Foodies100 ranking of 96 and a Snapchat score of 1,304. My followings on the 1st August are as follows :

Facebook : 525 (+6)
Twitter : 2,599 (+57)
Instagram : 2,023 (117)
Pinterest : 633 (+47)
Google+ : 396 (+9)
Bloglovin’ : 859 (+3)

YouTube : 22 (+10)

Sponsored post fees – £227.50

Paypal fees – £1.82 (annoyingly I get charged when companies pay me via Paypal)

Total income less expenses : £225.68

On top of the income I received approximately £210 worth of products to promote/review.

Total income, less expenses + review items : £435.68

Review items/products to promote were : A meal at Wagamamas, Degustabox, Dylon, Noddy magazine, Tommee Tippee bottles and a Just Us Box

I have outstanding fees totalling £40 which should be paid out in August. 

I’ve had another month of poor stats which is as a direct result of me lacking both the time and enthusiasm to blog, we’ve made the decision to put Aria in nursery on a Monday afternoon to give me a little time to catch up on things. The only other time I don’t have her is when I am in work or when she is in bed in the evenings, now that she is teething she isn’t wanting to go to bed until 9/10 o’clock which leaves me very little time to blog, and when I do get time I’m shattered from her waking up in the night! I’m hoping that this extra couple of hours a week will give me both the time and motivation to get things done. 
My five most popular posts published in July were : 
Despite not having much blogging mojo I have been pushing my Instagram account quite a bit, and it shows as I gained 117 followers in a month! I’m planning on writing a post all about growing your Instagram feed so keep your eyes peeled for that if it is something that interests you.

I’ve recently signed up to Takumi which seems good, it is an app (only available on IOS as far as I know) that pairs you up with paid instagram campaigns. I’ve just completed my first campaign and am nervously waiting to find out if it has been accepted!

I’ve also signed up to Buzzoole which is a platform that offers sponsored posts and sponsored social campaigns in return for credits which can be converted to Amazon vouchers. I’ve not completed any campaigns for them yet but have heard good things about them. 

How did your blogging work go in July? Did you have a good, bad or average month?

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  1. 1st August 2016 / 4:52 pm

    You're doing so well! Sometimes i wonder whether i should continue with my blog, don't get me wrong I love it it's just my stats aren't great. I've dropped massively in Tots100 ranking and apart from the odd product review i don't make anything from it. My views have increased a lot recently though. Keep up the good work x

  2. 1st August 2016 / 9:38 pm

    I love these monthly posts. I need to keep a record like this really, I dint because I don't earn money yet, but I'd like to keep track of my stats better and what I've received for reviews. I'll be better organised when it's really needed then! Thanks for the inspiration xx

  3. 2nd August 2016 / 9:35 pm

    I love this post, it's great to see how others manage their blogging earnings and to keep everything transparent for other bloggers, especially those who are new to earning money through blogging. xx

  4. 3rd August 2016 / 9:14 am

    I love this, it's fab to see how other bloggers are doing. Well done on your income and stats (I know you said it was a bad month, but it sounds pretty good to me!). #blogstorm

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