Home : #ShelfieTour

Home : #ShelfieTour

Living in a two bed terraced house means that we are always on the look out for new storage solutions, especially since the arrival of Aria and everything that comes with her. We have always had a shelving unit in the dining room alcove storing many things from books to booze. It didn’t fill the entire alcove which resulted in a lot of wasted space, so we decided that it was time for Spencer to install some DIY shelves to really utilise the space.

#shelfietour a collage showcasing photos of a diy shelving unit - white with teacups flowers and fairy lights.

We bought some white wood and shelf brackets from B&Q, we bought these very basic brackets as we were doing this as cheap as possible, I really wanted these copper shelf brackets but our house is still on the market so we don’t want to unnecessarily spend too much on it.

Spencer measured the wood out, sawed it to size, drilled the brackets into the wall and placed the shelves on top of it. I then went to town decorating the shelves with pretty and practical items. We started the shelves at windowsill height so that there is room underneath for some of Aria’s things, such as her walker/pushchair/trike/toy boxes, we can’t fit it all under at once but it is a great space to store some of it.

We bought some storage boxes from IKEA to contain all our booze, we previously had this out on the shelf and it took up a lot of room and looked quite cluttered.

If you have a space like this I highly recommend installing your own DIY shelving, these shelves are deeper and wider than our stand alone unit and so really use the space wisely. It was easy to build and cheaper than buying a shelving unit. Due to the bigger shelves we have gone from six shelves to four which has meant extra storage space underneath, and who doesn’t love extra storage?

DIY shelving unit filling alcove
cups and saucers on shelf unit with fairy lights sign and washi tape
shelving unit details recipe file books plant and holga camera

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  1. September 5, 2016 / 3:34 pm

    It looks so pretty, DIY shelfing is always the way to go as so much cheaper and in my eyes there is nothing better than getting a shelgf perfect. I love some of your pretties, I have a Diana too xx
    Thanks so much for linking up to #cornersofmyhome xxx

  2. September 29, 2016 / 11:19 am

    Hey L! Thanks for linking up to #bloggershomes! I've been drooling over your shelf on insta. I love the colouring and how bright it is…super fun! x

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