Top Tips: How to Succeed in Your Social Worker Interview

Top Tips: How to Succeed in Your Social Worker Interview

So, your cover letter and CV have made the grade, and you have been asked to go in for an interview at your dream agency. Now you have to ensure that you stand out from the rest of the other interviewees in order to clinch the job.

As you probably know, an interview isn’t just about showing your experience or skills – you did that on your CV – it’s more about creating a connection with your potential employers, showing them how you would fit into the company and letting them know beyond a doubt that your personality combined with your skills will be an asset.

Interviews are often nerve-wracking too however, and many people dread them. The key to ensuring a great interview is having a plan. More often than not, having a plan will make sure that you can handle what’s thrown at you.

If you are looking to ace your social worker interview, then this is the plan that you need to have in place:

1. Research

Research is imperative when it comes to having a successful interview. It’s not something that should be left to the last minute either. Make sure that your find out everything you can about the company that you are going into.

They are bound to have an individual culture, and you need to find out everything that you can about the company before going into the interview. Talk to employees if possible, check out their website and social media sites, and most importantly make sure you look at the job description in great detail.

2. Prepare

Preparation is key to acing any interview, and there are a number of different aspects that you should have a grip on before going in.

Firstly, you should know yourself and be confident in presenting your skills and strengths in the interview, and secondly, you can have a look at common social work interview questions and answers to anticipate what you should be prepared for.

3. Practice

After you have prepared your answers for the interview, you should rope a friend or relative into helping you out with mock interviews.

Practising the interview can’t be stressed enough, and you need to keep going over the process until you are 100% happy with the run through. Practice is key for confidence, and this will show in the interview.

4. Ask questions

Don’t forget that just because you are being interviewed, that you can still ask questions. You are also interviewing the company in a way too.

You need to determine whether you are going to enjoy working there, are happy with the people and the processes. Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask about the company.

5. Leave a good impression

First impressions are important, but so are last impressions too. Prepare something, like a statement, which will leave a lasting impression with your interviewers and will have them thinking about you long after you are gone.

You could also send a hand-written thank you note to the company once you have left, this applies even if you didn’t get the job.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge above, do you feel more confident that you’ll ace your upcoming social worker interview?

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