The ‘If Money Was No Object Father’s Day Gift Guide’

The ‘If Money Was No Object Father’s Day Gift Guide’

I’m not going to lie, I hate coming up with gifts for the men in my life. I always find men are so much harder to buy for, maybe it’s just because I’m female and I know what females like, or at least I like to think I know! But men? I’m clueless! There are only so many personalised mugs, beer tankards and mouse mats you can buy, but alas, I’m on a tight budget (chances are you’ve seen my income reports, you know that the struggle is real!) so personalised tack and chocolates is probably what the men in my life will get, again. I really wish that money was no object, that this year I could purchase something from the selection of classic second hand watches at Xupes.

If money were no object I would like to buy the men in my life a Rolex watch. There is something so exciting about the name Rolex, it reeks of sophistication, wealth and power, which isn’t really a surprise when you see that the Rolex masterpiece on the left comes in at just shy of £50,000.

Another classic watch that quite takes my fancy for my wealthy Father’s Day is a pre owned patek philippe, another powerful masterpiece, a timeless classic that many dream of owning. This one is £4,000 cheaper than the Rolex, but still, a very, very far fetched dream for me right now, and probably ever. But surely life isn’t worth living if you’re not dreaming really is it?

My husband thinks that I have expensive taste, but I’m not quite convinced, you see my absolute favourite watch seems like a bargain at just over £20,000. This chunky watch would look gorgeous sat on a man’s wrist, but also the delicate colours would look beautiful on a dainty woman’s wrist meaning that we could share it and that means it is an absolute bargain – right?

unisex rolex watches

Although, if Spencer isn’t keen on sharing with me he could quite possibly take this black and gold beaut, at just shy of £20,000 I’m sure he could keep it all to himself!

What one gift would you love to buy for the men in your life this Father’s Day if money was no object?

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