An Ode To The 90’s

I was a child of the 90s and I loved it. The 90s were the best era for many, many reasons, not just The Spice Girls, although they were a big part of it.

Our mobile phones came with Snake, but no internet. We created cool ring tones using the key buttons.

Having the internet at home was a luxury that not everybody had. Those of us who did had to kick our mother off the landline so that we could dial up to it.

We rode bikes around the streets without a worry, we rode bikes to the park without a worry, life seemed safe back then, not like now.

We played kerby and knock, knock ginger and we went hedgehopping.

We would tell our parents that we were sleeping at our friend’s houses, but really we would be drunk in a field somewhere. Until that one time when all the mother’s rang each other and found us out…

Chokers, tracksuits and adidas were all the rage back then, oh wait… well they do say the trends come back around…

We would take a disposable camera out with us and anxiously wait for the photos to come back from printing, no Snapchat filters or front facing cameras in those days!

In those days life was real, life was fun. 

I’m sad for my daughter because she won’t get to grow up in the fun, carefree era that was the 90s. Instead she gets to grow up in this social media influenced era where pretty much everything is fake and posed. I’m sad that we can’t trust the world that we live in to allow our children out without worrying. I’m sad that she will probably hate The Spice Girls.

If this hasn’t convinced you that the 90’s was the best decade, why?, then maybe this fab infographic from Halfords will. The 90’s created Harry Potter don’t you know? Well actually JK Rowling did but you know what I mean…

90s infographic reminiscing about bmx bikes, Harry Potter, films and more

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