Review : The Candy Grand’O Vita Washing Machine

A few months back our washing machine broke, and, as I’m sure you can imagine, panic struck. As the owners of a messy toddler we rely heavily on a good, working washing machine. My washing baskets are overflowing at the best of times. Thankfully AO came to the rescue with their fantastic next day delivery.

We decided to go for the Candy Grand’O Vita Washing Machine GVS168D3*, an 83kg washing machine with 1600rpm. There were many features drawing us to this machine, the key features being the A rated spin performance and the variety of washing cycles, including a hand wash cycle, because I don’t have space for a tumble dryer and I’m far too lazy for actual hand washing.

Review of The Candy Grand'O Vita Washing Machine GVS168D3

The spin works fantastically, with freshly washed clothes coming out of the machine nothing more than a little damp. The machine is quite quiet too, which is something that I’m sure to appreciate when the new baby comes along later this year. Don’t get me wrong, you can obviously hear it whirring around, especially when it comes to the spin cycle, but it is a lot quieter than any other machine we’ve had.

Review of The Candy Grand'O Vita Washing Machine GVS168D3

The Candy Grand’O Vita Washing Machine can be as simple or complicated to use as you choose! It has a range of everyday basic pre-programmed cycles, which you can just select and press go. You also have the option to personalise these options, allowing you to alter the temperature and spin cycle. There is also the option of connecting the washing machine to your smartphone. Using your phone you can download new cycles and monitor your washing from your smartphone, really revolutionising the way that you control your washing.

Review of The Candy Grand'O Vita Washing Machine GVS168D3

The Candy Grand’O Vita Washing Machine cleans well, Aria’s clothes go in stained with food and paint and come out spotlessly clean, this is thanks to the 3D Dynamic Wash System, ensuring you always get the best clean. This combines a special drum design and increased water pressure to thoroughly wash clothes. As well as cleaning well, it is purse friendly with an initial outlay of just £249 and the KG Detector which weighs each load and automatically adjusts the settings, so only the perfect amount of time, energy and water is used.

The Candy Grand’O Vita Washing Machine really is an all rounder, we love it for it’s simplicity, while others will love it for how technologically advanced it is.

*Disclosure – we received the Candy Grand’O Vita Washing Machine in exchange for an honest review*

Introducing Copper Into Your Kitchen for Christmas

I’m well and truly hooked on the copper trend and gradually introducing more and more copper into my kitchen. At first I worried that it would look odd, we have a silver sink and draining board, silver cupboard and drawer handles – would the copper stick out like a sore thumb?

Introducing Copper Into Your Kitchen

I’ve started by adding a few copper accessories. We have copper pans hanging down on one wall and more recently I’ve added a copper kettle* and toaster*. All of these copper accessories have a little silver on them, meaning that they easily and effortlessly fit in with the rest of the kitchen.

Introducing Copper Into Your Kitchen

As well as being oh so pretty the kettle and toaster are also pretty nifty pieces of kit. The De’Longhi Distinta kettle has a 1.7 litre capacity allowing you to make up to seven cups at once (perfect for the busy Christmas period!), a 360 degree connection and an inbuilt limescale filter to improve the quality of your drinks.

The De’Longhi Distinta toaster is perfect for busy families, allowing you to toast up to four slices at once. The toaster has a variety of settings, even one specifically for bagels. The high lift function means that you are able to easily take the toast out, no more sticking knives into the toaster to retrieve your bread (as if I would…)!

This set would make the perfect Christmas gift for the copper mad interior lover, check out these and other Christmas gifts at

*Disclosure – I received the kettle and toaster in exchange for a feature – all opinions my own*

Review : Sage by Heston Blumenthal Smart Fryer – My YouTube Debut
I wasn’t going to share this on here but I figured that I may as well, it may interest some of you.
A while back I was lucky enough to win the Sage By Heston Blumenthal Smart Fryer via’s Twitter. At the time of entering the competition I didn’t realise that the winner had to do a video review of the fryer (I really must start checking T&Cs!) and I’ll admit, I probably wouldn’t of entered if I had known this. When I realised I panicked, stressed, panicked and then stressed a whole lot more when it came to editing the video, which I haven’t done very well at all! 
I realise that I’ve not sold my review very well here, but if any of you are interested in watching it you can do so below or on YouTube here.
P.S. I am fully aware that I sound like a Welsh idiot!