#TearsIntoSmiles with Elastoplast

Aria was a late walker which meant that we had almost two years of parenting without having to deal with the over exaggerated strops and tantrums as a direct of falling over and ‘hurting’ herself. In recent months we have seen Aria become more and more confident with her walking, and even running, which has resulted in more and more trips and slips and pretty much permanently grazed knees.

toddler's yellow hunter wellies and pink tutu

Of course we know that outdoor play is SO important and that wrapping Aria in cotton wool isn’t going to do anyone any favours in the long run; and so, we need to be on hand to quickly turn the tears into smiles following a fall.

turning tears into smiles with elastoplast character plasters

So how do we turn tears into smiles? With mammy’s magical kisses of course!

We always try to ignore the fall at first, running over and checking on Aria straight away is pretty much a way to guarantee tears. Ignorance really can be bliss and if no one reacts sometimes Aria will just bounce back up and carry on.

If this doesn’t work then mammy simply kisses the ‘wound’ better and covers it with a fun character plaster. Whether necessary or not these cheerful colourful plasters from Elastoplast are almost guaranteed to put a smile on your tantrum-ing toddlers face. In case of a ‘serious’ accident I have to tell the offended floor/grass/ball that it is naughty too. This tends to results in Aria gently hitting the offended article while giggling, and most importantly, forgetting all about her stresses and woes.

turning tears into smiles when your toddler falls over

What are you tried and tested methods for turning tears into smiles following a toddler tumble?

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#MyTrendyTot Round Up 8 – Featuring Huntleys

As ever I am late with my round up for our fabulous Instagram community, #MyTrendyTot, why break the habit of a life time hey? I am going to start with my trendy little tot who is currently loving her cute little outfit from Huntleys*. This stunning two piece outfit and shoes are adorable and look fab teamed with these little knee high fox socks. The shoes came with a matching bow but, in true Aria style, Aria decided that she wanted her hair to hang free when we were taking these photos! Those of you that have been following this blog for a little while will know that Aria is a teeny tiny two year old which is why this 18-24 month old outfit is slightly too big for her. The elasticated waistline on the shorts combined with Aria’s slow growth means that they will last us a long time!

#MyTrendyTot Instagram community round up & Huntleys shoes toddler clothing review #MyTrendyTot Instagram community round up & Huntleys shoes toddler clothing review #MyTrendyTot Instagram community round up & Huntleys shoes toddler clothing review

Aria’s cute outfit aside, let’s check out what the other cuties have been wearing on our hashtag lately, all with a splash of yellow simply because I am loving splashes of yellow at the moment.


Now I know eyes don’t make you trendy but those beautiful eyes are what drew me into this picture, and while I was there I fell in love with this cute and colourful striped top. See more from Abbey over on her blog, The Son and The Moon and don’t forget to visit her instagram – warning – the cute newborn photos will make you crazy broody!


How amazing are these wellies? I wonder if they do them in adult sizes… Kudos to mamma Becca for taking such a stunning Bluebell shot as well as providing awesome clothing. Don’t forget to check out Becca’s instagram and visit her blog, All About Her.


Now I know you can’t see much of an outfit here but I just love the little peek of the yellow raincoat. As I said, yellow obsessed. Be sure to check out Tasha’s Instagram and her bog, Mummy & Moose.


Matching yellow raincoats everyone! They have matching yellow rain coats! I’m a little in awe of this and a lot jealous too. Aria and I have matching yellow wellies and I’m now thinking that we need to add some matching yellow raincoats into the mixture! Be sure to visit Nadia’s Instagram where you will see lots of yellow splashes, and also visit her blog, Scandi Mummy.


Chantele and I are loving seeing all of your trendy tot photos, so please keep them coming! Simply post a photo of your child in an adorable outift onto Instagram and use the hashtag #MytTrendyTot for a chance to be featured. Be sure to check out the previous round up on Chantele’s Blog.

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#MyTrendyTot Round Up 6

My trendy tot is currently loving her comfy yet adorable Blade & Rose Clothing*. Now that the sun is shining and we aren’t hiding our clothing away under layers and big coats it is the perfect time to wear a unicorn on your bum, don’t you think?

Unicorn bum print striped toddler leggings from Blade & Rose - Blog review

rainbow stripe colourful toddler leggings with cloud and colourful rain from Blade & Rose

If unicorns aren’t your thing then how about these amazing colourful rainbow leggings and matching tee? Perfect for both little boys and girls, with the only flaw being that the cloud is slightly see through, just pop a pair of white pants/knickers/plain white vest on and they are perfect. Do not pop a pink polka dot vest on underneath like someone did…

My trendy tot aside, let’s have a look at what the other trendy tots have been wearing over on Instagram.

I’m loving the bright colours and prints here, and the photo is adorable too! See more of Alana’s perfect clothing and photos on Baby Holiday.

Prancing with the daffodils. #lookoutdaffodils

A post shared by Iris (@bakedbymummyiris) on

Aren’t this hat and coat just the cutest? Beauty all around on this one with this very trendy tot and the daffodils! Check out mummy’s blog – Baked By Mummy Iris.

That hair is just amazing!

How adorable is this nine month old bum shuffler? I am loving this capture from Bex of Mummy Adventure.

Check out #MyTrendyTot round up number five over on Chantele’s blog. Don’t forget to link up using the hashtag on instagram for your chance to be featured.

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And Now You’re Two

Aria, now you’re two. Where have these past two years gone? It’s fair to say that you’ve been spirited right from the start; my pregnancy was tough, my labour was crazy and these last two years have been a whirlwind of love, fun, sass and exhaustion.

I’m not one for soppiness, but I can’t deny that my love for you has grown stronger each day, don’t get me wrong, there are some trying moments here and there when it may welt a little, but it soon grows back, bigger and stronger.

My love for you started as a maternal thing, in the early days I loved you because you were my baby, I had ‘made’ you and I wanted to nurture you and care for you. Now that love has changed. I love your personality, I love your attitude to life, I love you for YOU.

It’s amazing how much you have learnt in two years, don’t get me wrong, you still have a lot to learn, but you’re getting there. You’re still very cautious and like to assess situations before throwing yourself in, I joke around and call you a ‘wimp’, but in reality you are actually really very clever. I, quite literally, see other toddler’s throwing theirselves head first into situations, but not you, you stand on the sideline assessing the situation before taking my hand and asking me to come with you.

We’ve been going to music and dance lessons for about a year and a half now, just last week you did something major, you went and picked up your own instruments from the box in the middle of the room, you went up there, with all the other crazy toddlers and babies, and picked a xylophone out of the box. You then went back up there to get the stick to play it. Most parents don’t bat an eyelid when their child does this, but when you did it I was so proud as it is so unlike you. My baby is growing.

You have an amazing personality, you are so full of life and you always make people smile, even strangers struggle to walk past you without smiling. By the time this goes live (at the time you were born assuming my scheduling goes to plan!) we will have already opened your birthday presents, and I’m sure there will have been lots of ‘wows’ and eager arm flapping. Wow is one of your favourite words, even when the postman brings a boring parcel to the door you let out a big ‘wow’, much to everyone’s amusement.

You’re still really small, you’ve currently wearing size 12-18 month clothing and size 3 shoes. This just adds to your cuteness and your ability to wrap everyone around your little finger. No one can resist it when you smile, or when you cry. We all run around after you, and take pleasure in doing so.

My beautiful girl, now you are two. 

Cake topper by Lucy Rose Gifts.

Making the Transition from a Cot to a Single Bed

I mentioned a little while ago that my toddler has transformed into a sleep demon. It’s quite typical of her really, she doesn’t like to conform to stereotypes so of course she would be ‘backwards’ and sleep through when babies typically don’t; and then digress to not sleeping when toddlers typically do. Typical Aria. We’ve tried a few things to get her back into a good sleeping routine, all of which have failed miserably. The next step was to make the transition from a cot to a bed, so, when Emma Mattress got in touch asking if we would like to review one of their single mattresses* we decided to take the plunge and move straight from the cot into a single bed. Why waste time and money with a toddler bed?


Pretty much as soon as we put the bed up Aria came down with a Viral Infection, she was super poorly and clingy and it just didn’t feel right to put her into a new bed while in this state. Instead, Spencer slept in Aria’s new bed while Aria slept with me. Spencer gave it a big thumbs up and was actually quite disapointed when Aria had recovered enough to trial her new bed – high praise for the man who is dead set against co-sleeping.


During the time that Aria was ill I sat her on her new bed during the day with her toys, this was a great way to get her used to the bed without piling the pressure on her. We decided to pile the bed with things that Aria loves, i.e. Peppa Pig. We bought Peppa bedding and stuck a little Peppa sticker on the wall next to the bed, above her Peppa pillow. Knowing how much Aria likes to throw herself around the bed resulted in a search for a long bed guard, most of them are quite short and I didn’t trust that they would prevent her from taking a dive.


Fast forward a little while and Aria has now been sleeping in her ‘big girl bed’ for two weeks – did the transition from a cot to a bed help with the sleepless nights? A little. I am so glad that we made the move. Aria still wakes up once most nights, but has a bottle and almost always goes straight back to bed. Sometimes there will be a few tears but when left to settle she gets over it within around two minutes.


Aria loves her ‘big girls bed’ and I am so glad that we made the move. Every morning, or at least on the mornings when she wakes up in a good mood, she excitedly sits in bed and points out all the Peppa’s to me, which is usually followed up by a tour of her soft toys and then switching the night light on and off. She is so proud of her bed and it just melts my heart.


Spencer and I are extremely jealous of her new bed, the mattress from Emma is so comfortable and also pretty damn cool, even the way it arrives is impressive, it comes rolled up in a box and once opened it comes to life and ‘puffs’ up, I filmed a little video showing the unboxing and ‘puffing’. We highly recommend Emma Mattresses; who wouldn’t want a comfortable foam mattress delivered to their door?


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Transitioning your toddler from a cot to a bed - our hints and tips on making the transition from cot to bed

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