20 Week Pregnancy Update

I can’t believe I’m half way through this pregnancy already, the time is flying by which is a huge relief but also quite scary. We had the 19/20 week scan last week and everything is progressing as it should, we also found out the babies gender!

I’ve started to gain weight now, I did go down to a 1stone 1lbs loss at 16 weeks, but at 20 weeks I have put 5lbs of that back on, leaving me with a total pregnancy weight loss of 10lbs so far – the one and only good thing about the sickness!

The sickness has eased off a little, which I’m sure the Easter holidays have helped with. I seem to be sick in the morning if I’m woken up, if I’m left to wake naturally it’s not very often I’m sick. This morning we were woken by a delivery at 8am, which resulted in morning sickness rearing it’s ugly head.

Those of you who followed my pregnancy journey with Aria may remember that I suffered with horrendous heartburn, so bad that I had to take daily tablets. I’m not at the point of going to the Doctors about it just yet, but the heartburn is definitely creeping in. I’m managing to control it with diet so far, and know that if I eat certain foods, such as chocolate, I will suffer.

Since falling pregnant again I really struggled to get a decent nights sleep. I am constantly tossing and turning, I’m waking up at the drop of a button and every single lump and bump in the bed felt like a rock. My hips were throbbing every morning when I woke up so we considered getting a new mattress via Groupon‘s new mattress deals, instead we settled on a mattress topper because our mattress isn’t actually that old, this has done the trick and my hips are a lot better now.

20 weeks pregnancy update and bump

I often get a stitch when walking, and suffer if I’m on my feet for long periods of time. Just yesterday we were at an event for the majority of the day and by the end of it both my belly and feet were really hurting, so much so that I had to leave a little early.

I’m considering booking a private scan soon for two reasons, one being that I don’t want to wait another twenty weeks before I get to see baby again and two being that I’m so worried the gender scan may be wrong, I’ve known it happen to a few people and am hesitant on committing to washing Aria’s old pink baby clothes without getting a second opinion.

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Our Gender Reveal – Baby Number Two

We were clueless as to what the sex of baby number two would be. On one hand my symptoms have been pretty much exactly the same as they were on Aria, on the other the tradition in my family seems to be to have a girl followed by a boy (I say tradition, my cousin and my sister did this!). Then of course there was the fact that I can only picture myself with a girl, and that we couldn’t think of any boy names. I really thought we were having a girl, or at least I did until the gender predictions suggested that we were having a boy!

Thankfully we didn’t have long left to wait after the gender predictions, as our NHS 19/20 week scan came just two days after. As soon as we left our scan I contacted local business, The Little Things, to arrange my gender reveal balloon. She was super accommodating and had it ready within a few hours which meant we were ready to do our gender reveal!

We are so excited to meet our new baby and we love that knowing the gender allows all of us, especially Aria, to form a special bond. We already have our name but we will be keeping that quiet until the new addition makes an appearance.

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gender reveal balloon pop - it's a girl!

Baby Number Two – Finding Out, Announcements & Symptoms

I have a confession to make. I completely forgot to announce my pregnancy on my blog. I announced it on YouTube and plastered it all over social media, but I completely forgot this here blog. What can I say other than baby brain! For those of you that haven’t seen it, here is our announcement video :

According to the date that we were given at our early scan I am nine weeks pregnant today. The date may well change at our twelve week scan but for now, I’m running with it.

My symptoms started very early on and seem to be getting stronger and stronger. I’m trying to keep positive by telling myself that strong symptoms means a strong baby, but it is so draining and I can’t help but worry that I will be ill all the way through, as I was when pregnant with Aria.

My last period was due on 25 December (Christmas day!). I felt nauseous for two weeks and so decided to take a pregnancy test on 23 December, I didn’t think there was any chance of it being positive as, even though we were trying, both Spencer and Aria were suffering with a sickness bug around my ovulation period, and we only managed to try once in December! We had a faint positive test on the morning of 23 December, which we confirmed on Christmas Eve with a Clearblue Digital test.

On Christmas morning Aria facetimed both sets of grandparents, when they asked the inevitable “what did Santa get you for Christmas?” she replied with “a baba in mummy’s tummy.”

The nausea subsided for a week or two, but the sickness started around the first week of January. The thought of eating made me sick, going hungry made me sick. I’ve now realised that food is definitely my friend. I’ve been sick at least once every morning without fail since the sickness started. I’m usually sick as soon as I wake up and then again when I brush my teeth. On particularly bad days I’m sick again several times throughout the day. I’m struggling to get Aria to playschool on time and have started skipping brushing my teeth until I get home from dropping her off, otherwise I’m spending at least thirty minutes of the morning being sick and I just don’t have the time.

I seem to be suffering from reflux, which was the exact same problem when pregnant with Aria. I constantly feel like I have a ball of phlegm in my throat and clearing my throat makes me ill. I also feel like my food gets stuck in my throat quite often. The sickness has come with a realisation that I really need to work on strengthening my pelvic floor!

I can’t be entirely accurate on my weight as the last time I weighed was in November, I’m guessing I probably put a little bit of weight on after that as that was the last time I went to Slimming World. I am currently one pound lighter than I was then, though I am sure it is probably more like half a stone by the time I take into account the Christmas weight gain.

Other symptoms included lightheadedness in the very early days, which is also when I was very hormonal and grumpy!

My hips, back and feet are all really sore and achey, I think the sore feet is due to leaning over the toilet in awkward positions to be sick, and I guess the rest is just general pregnancy aches and pains.

I’ve been extremely exhausted and forgetful. I’m struggling to go about the day to day jobs in the house, I’m struggling to meet work deadlines, I’m in bed by around 8pm most evenings and very often napping during the day. Most of the household tasks are left to Spencer and I’m feeling pretty useless. I’ve already decided that this is definitely our last baby, if we want any more we will have to adopt!

I’m starting to show already, I’m assuming that its mostly bloating, but I am definitely looking bumpy!

With regard to cravings I don’t think I’m really craving anything yet, although I am enjoying ready salted Walkers, Haribo (I never eat sweets usually!), mint aeros, Ribena and carbs. I’ve also bought a Slush Puppy machine as slushes make me feel a lot better.