Aria at 20 Months – Still Not Walking and Possible Hip Problems

Yesterday, at exactly 20 months old, Aria had a check up with the Health Visitor. I called in to clinic about two months ago to let them know that Aria still wasn’t walking, this appointment was as a result of that. We now think that she has hip problems, quite possibly Hip Dysplasia.

My daughter is twenty months old and she still isn't walking, a health visitors appointment confirmed that there may be issues with her hips. We are now waiting for a Physio and a GP appointment to find out more.

Let’s start with a bit of background information, Aria can bear her own weight, she has been pulling herself up onto furniture and other things for quite a while now, she moves around the furniture and has recently started to walk with an aid, or with us holding her hands. We have to hold both hands otherwise she will cry and refuse to walk. This has made us assume that the lack of walking is simply a confidence issue, which it may well be, hip problems can cause confidence issues when it comes to walking as they don’t feel steady.

A lot of people told me not to bother getting her checked, she will walk when she is ready and there is no need to rush her. I completely agree that there is no need to rush her, but would personally prefer to find out about any potential problems sooner rather than later. People said they would refer us to Physio which is just a waste of time. Although I wasn’t concerned I still wanted her checked out, if I was referred to Physio happy days, as far as I am concerned if it helps her development then it isn’t a waste of time.

The health visitor performed various checks at our review and as a result we have had to book an appointment to see the GP and are on the waiting list for Physio. Alarm bells rang as the creases in the backs of her legs aren’t even, one is lower than the other. This, coupled with the fact that her legs go out from the knees could mean that she has hip problems.

The health visitor mentioned that she may need a harness, but first things first we need an x-ray to identify if there are problems.

Since the health visitor left I’ve taken to Google, obviously. I have now convinced myself that she has Hip Dysplasia, I could be completely wrong and I really hope that I am, but a lot of the symptoms match up.

A harness won’t work for Aria as, at twenty months, she is too old. If Aria does have Hip Dysplasia she will likely need a spica and quite possibly, surgery. Right now I’m trying not to think about it all too much, but I’m also trying not to bury my head in the sand.

My head is awash with questions and fears, but also hope.

No.. My 17 Month Old Isn’t Behind – Marketing Emails Stop Telling Me She Is!

You may recall a few months ago I wrote a blog post asking if my baby was slow, I’d got carried away in the perfect world of social media and marketing emails. Marketing emails like the one below, telling me what my child is doing now, all just assuming that at this age they must be walking, talking, etc. Parents proudly sharing their babies first steps and conversations, and rightly so, I have absolutely nothing against parents sharing these things, I will myself, but I couldn’t help watch them and wonder if my baby was slow.

No... My 17 month old isn't behind - Marketing Emails Stop Telling Me So!

“Your toddler’s mobility has increased dramatically over the last few months; now she can walk unaided and can probably squat down to examine something on the floor and then stand back up again and move on without any help.”   :-Email from Emma’s Dairy. 

Almost two months have passed since I wrote the original blog post and Aria still isn’t walking, she will be seventeen months old in three days. Even though Aria still isn’t walking we have ticked off a few milestones since I published that post. She now pulls herself up on furniture, she can get up the first stair (then cry because she’s stuck), today we bought her first shoes, her feet are finally big enough and she has quite a few teeth. A lot of these milestones are achieved by other babies at a much younger baby, some even under twelve months, but that is fine. She is doing things in her own time.

We recently attended parents evening at Aria’s private nursery and found out that despite Aria not hitting the traditional milestones she is actually quite far advanced in some other areas. We were too busy concentrating on what she wasn’t doing to even realise. We had just assumed these other things were being done by all children her age, we aren’t seeing these things shared on social media, possibly because they are small things that people take for granted, or maybe because other children aren’t yet hitting those milestones.

Some of the things that nursery are impressed with is her ability to stack blocks into quite a tall tower, she grips objects that are placed in her hand, she can play hide and seek with toys and she is wary of new people.

I know that she does all of this and didn’t think much of it, but Aria’s key worker explained that being able to stack two blocks at her age is good, five is excellent and Aria is stacking more than five. A lot of children her age will just drop an item that is placed in their hand, whereas Aria scrunches her hand up to hold it and examines it. They partially cover toys with a tea towel and Aria finds them, a lot of children her age won’t. She knows who she knows and is happy around them, she is very wary of new people, both teachers and children, and will sit back and quietly observe them for a while before approaching them. She has been doing all of the above for quite some time now but we hadn’t realised that they were exceptional milestones.

We also learnt that Aria is an absolute pleasure to teach, they really love having her there because she is so pleasant, hardly ever cries and is very affectionate. We’re always proud of our little girl but we came away feeling extremely proud.

Aria’s key worker told us not to worry about the fact that she isn’t yet walking, it is completely normal, in fact they’ve had children as old as two who aren’t yet walking. She is right, we really shouldn’t worry, I mean it isn’t like Aria is going to be twenty years old and still bum shuffling around the place! The problem is, that while we may not worry others will. People will receive these marketing emails informing them of what their child is doing and panic because, actually, no, their child isn’t doing that yet.

I really think that these companies need to stop telling us what our child is doing and maybe instead tell us what our child may be doing, and that we needn’t worry if they aren’t. Emma’s Diary aren’t the only ones doing this, I’ve had similar emails from a few other firms including Cow & Gate recently and a fair few others, this is just the one that happened to arrive and prompt this blog post.

Please marketing companies, stop making us think that our children are behind.

Is My Baby Slow? It Isn’t A Competition, It Is A Journey

Aria is a little behind in comparision to a lot of children her age. People say that you shouldn’t compare children, they are all different in their own ways, and they are right, but it is very difficult not to compare in this day and age when social media means that you can’t switch your phone on without seeing that another baby of a similar age has just ticked off another massive milestone.

baby laughing - header image for blog post about a fifteen month old developing slowly.

Aria is fifteen months old, she has no teeth and she doesn’t walk, she doesn’t even crawl, just happily bum shuffles around. She isn’t cruising around the furniture or crawling up the stairs. She has a very limited vocabulary.

Aria has been sleeping through the night since she was two months old, she says quack quack when she sees a duck (or a squirrel but we will just focus on the ducks for now!) and hiya when we pass someone on the street. She shouts Aria when she sees a photo of herself, waves goodbye and pouts to let us know when she wants a kiss.

Aria points to let us know what she wants, she is good at throwing, especially when it comes to food. She loves to hold her feet out for me to put her socks on and is fascinated by trying to put shoes on her feet.

Logging on to facebook can sometimes be difficult and frustrating, seeing status updates from a mum whose baby has ‘finally’ taken their first steps, watching videos of babies of a similar age happily walking around and holding a conversation, especially when these babies are younger than mine.

99% of the time I am happy with Aria’s progress and confident that she will do things in her own time, 1% of the time I can’t help but wonder why she isn’t doing what other children her age, and even younger than her, are already doing.

I really don’t think that Aria is slow. She is just taking everything in and doing things in her own time, if anything she is actually really clever because she realises that there is no need to walk because everyone will just do everything for her!

My baby may not be as quick as other babies, but she is happy. It isn’t a competition, it is a journey. 

Aria’s Twelve Month Update

My baby is one, how? Is she even a baby anymore, when do they go from being a baby to a child? She isn’t toddling yet so I assume that means she can’t be classed as a toddler? In fact, despite being one Aria still isn’t crawling, walking or doesn’t have any teeth yet, which to me means that she is still a baby, right?

baby 12 month update one year old

personalised glitter number one vest for baby girl's first birthday cake smash
I’m pretty sure that every update I’ve written since Aria started nursery has mentioned that she has been ill. This time she has had a sickness bug and the flu. Always great fun, I actually wrote a blog post about dealing with illnesses at eleven months as I feel like a pro now! Thankfully almost all of the illnesses have passed (for now), she still has a bad chesty cough but I am hoping that will shift soon.

Aria hasn’t been weighed properly for a while, but I did weigh her myself on her birthday and she came up as roughly 16.7 pounds with a nappy on. She is still wearing 6-9 month clothing, I tried her in some 9-12 month and it was huge on her. We decided to go get her first pair of shoes from Clarks for her first birthday but her feet are so small they don’t do shoes small enough for her.

We’re 99% sure that Aria will have her bottom teeth very soon, I certainly hope so as I hope there was a reason she only allowed me to sleep for five hours last night! The teeth are really visible below the gum now, I think/hope they will push through any day now.

Aria is now on cows milk instead of formula, we used the stage one milk from the beginning and haven’t switched, there really is no need for these follow on milks at all so we haven’t bothered with them. We actually ran out of formula on the day of her first birthday which was very good timing! The only milk she has now is the milk on her cereal in the morning and her bedtime bottle, occasionally she will have a bottle during the day, this is only when she has a breakdown as milk is the only thing that will calm her down, and it has to be warm which isn’t always ideal when we’re out.

Since making the switch to cows milk Aria has slept through every night (apart from last night!). Her routine has changed slightly and I assume it is due to the milk not keeping her full for as long as the formula. Previously she would sleep through until 8-9am, have her breakfast and play for an hour or two before needing a nap. She now seems to wake up around 7-7.30, have a very small breakfast (two fingers of toast this morning!) and then go back to bed for an hour or two. Some days she has been having three naps a day as she still wants her mid morning and mid afternoon nap on top of this additional nap. Tomorrow morning I think I’ll try to give her a bottle in bed when she wakes up and see if she settles back down, then give her a ‘proper’ breakfast when she wakes up a bit later.

As mentioned above Aria still isn’t crawling or walking. She loves to be held on her feet, especially if she is wearing slippers or her pram shoes, she stares at the shoes in fascination and looks very proud of herself. Despite the lack of crawling she is certainly getting about. She has now started bum shuffling forwards as well as backwards and in circles. I have to watch her like a hawk.

Aria loves to dance, we attend Happy Hands classes when we can and she loves them. She also does little jigs to the music on her toys and the music on her favourite TV programme, Bubble Guppies. She loves to wave at people, always waving and saying hiya, waving bye and trying to give her food to strangers when we are out, this leads to a lot of confused little children when their parents tell them not to take the babies food! She loves cwtching and giving kisses, if I say ‘Aria give mummy a kiss’ she leans forward to kiss me, she isn’t fussy and will pretty much kiss anyone that I tell her to. She occasionally gives me spontaneous kisses without any prompting from me, they are the best.

She is happier since I’ve started my new job and am at home with her more. She laughs more and is just generally happier. Though she is also more stroppy when I tell her no or don’t do something that she wants me to do. She has developed a cheeky personality and never fails to make everyone around her laugh.

Despite mainly enjoying her food she can be a little bugger, often throwing the majority of her food on the floor, holding her hands up and saying ‘gone’. This is especially amusing if the cats are in the house. She is also lazy with food, depending on what I give her she wants me to feed her rather than feed herself, last week she was actually picking up her sandwiches to give to me for me to put them in her mouth! Such a madam.

As for Spencer and I, we survived the first year – yay!


Aria’s Eleven Month Update

How is it possible that Aria, my little baby, will be one year old next month? One whole year? Where has the time gone? We’ve had another hard month, a ten, almost eleven month old baby with tonsillitis is hard going! But, as always, we’ve also had an amazing month watching Aria learn and develop more and more.


As if chicken pox at 9-10 months wasn’t bad enough poor Aria has now suffered with tonsilitis at 10-11 months. Thankfully she is now almost recovered, though the past week or so has been very hard with sleepless nights, a crying baby and a very stressed mummy and daddy. Thankfully we are now on the other side and smiling. I’ll write another more detailed post about the tonsilitis shortly.

No weigh in again this month. Aria is still wearing 6-9 month clothing but the trousers are getting a little short on her. They fit her perfectly in the waist so we’re currently at the awkward stage of the next size up being way too big for her and this size being slightly too small.

baby milestone cards

Aria still has no teeth but has been chewing on her finger a lot, though this could be due to the pain from her tonsils rather than pain from teething. I have applied Dentinox teething gel to her gums some evenings and this seems to soothe her a little.

Until the tonsillitis struck Aria slept through most nights, the addition of gripe water before her bed time bottle seems to be working well for her.

Aria is still not crawling but she is now a pro at bum shuffling. She likes to sit down and move around in a complete circle. She had a lot of fun doing that when I was trying to take her eleven month milestone photo!

baby holding today I am 11 months old milestone card

Aria is getting more and more vocal and also learning a lot more. She loves to say hiya and wave at people, and her reflection. She now screams at the crocodile part of row, row your boat. She often claps her hands when I say clever girl. She knows the word no and knows that she isn’t supposed to touch certain things, she often tests me by reaching for ornaments and looking at me to see my reaction. When I say no she stops, then tries again while looking at me.

Her favourite toys are her Fisher Price Beat Bo and her Little Tikes Stacking Stars. She has been ill most of the month with one thing or another so we have been watching a lot of films too, she really enjoys the Toy Story films.

Aria has several ‘cwtchies‘ now and doesn’t like to go to bed without them, so much so that we had to give one to the in-laws as they look after her while I’m at work and she wouldn’t nap without one, she is now very happy to have her own cwtchy in her bed at their house!