My New Year Plans for Our House

I don’t tend to make new years resolutions, but I always make plans for the new year. The fresh new year just seems like a good time to get things done, full of motivation and eager to go. A time to finish jobs started in 2017 and start jobs dreamt about in 2017.

There is so much that we want to do to our house, but time and funds aren’t our friends so it is taking a lot longer than I would like it to. In 2018 I would love to transform the living & dining rooms, spruce up the existing kitchen & toilet and finally finish decorating Aria’s bedroom.

Aria’s bedroom has to be the longest bedroom makeover in history. It was a big job. We started by tearing off the yellow painted wallpaper and ripping up that nasty green carpet. The ceiling had to be chipped away. The walls needed to be plasterboarded and bonded and all kinds of stuff that I didn’t really understand. It took quite a while. We eventually wallpapered and painted the room in readiness for having the carpet fitted. There were bits that needed patching up but we got the main bulk of it done.

Fast forward several months and those bits that were waiting to be patched up are still waiting. There is stuff everywhere because I haven’t put the shelves on the wall yet and it’s a big disorganised mess. In 2018 I will sort this out.

I’ve been searching for bedroom inspiration, as although the main bulk and decor comes easily to me, I struggle to seek out all of those little decorative pieces that finish off a room. I’ve found this list of places to find bedroom decor inspiration super useful, how cool does the build your dream bed tool sound! I’ll definitely be checking all of these places out.

Where do you find inspiration for bedroom decor?

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Six Fun Ways to Update Your Child’s Bedroom

It can be a bit of a bother attempting to come up with different ways to shake up the look of your child’s bedroom, but both of you are sure of one thing: the room is stale and something needs to be done with it! Redecorating can be a pain when nobody in your home has the necessary skills to carry it out, but don’t worry, you won’t have to splash paint all over the room to get it to feel a bit more ‘new’ – though we’re not stopping you if that’s what you want!

Here are a few ways you can bring the fun back into shaking up your child’s bedroom; or even for your own, who are we to judge?

Jazz Up Their Bed

The centre point of any bedroom – the clue is in the name – you can do a lot by replacing your child’s bed with something a bit more adventurous than four posts and a headboard. Turning their resting place into a princess carriage or a race car is certainly one way to do it, but what child wouldn’t love the idea of bringing a playground into their bedroom? Achieve just that by purchasing a Steens bed with slide.

DIY Upholstery

Sick of staring at the same old pillows? Throw them out and create your own. This is a fantastic craft activity to take part in with your child, let them make all the decisions on what fabric to use and how the design should be. Everyone loves an arts and crafts day and they’ll be incredibly proud to be sleeping next to upholstery they’ve helped to stitch themselves.

Create Their Own Personal Art Space

Going off the last point, if your child is already the creative type and absolutely loves to draw – why not hang their artwork in their own room as a decorative piece? Frames for their artwork are cheap enough to buy and they can even personalise them if they want to – art knows no bounds!

Reinvent Common Furniture

Repurposing your child’s old furniture into something completely new or multifunctional can be a great way to shake up their room – you can either turn this into a short-term or long-term project depending on how dedicated you are. For example, adding a mirror to the back of a fold-out table can make your very own nightstand. We recycle stuff all the time, let’s not stop at furniture.

Be Bedding Beautiful

You’d be surprised how much new bedding can completely change the appearance of a room and for fairly cheap in most cases, too. It’s important to get your child to have a say in what they want their bedding to be like considering they’re the one who’ll have to see it the most. Reversible bedsheets that has two completely different patterns are a popular choice – different designs for different moods!

Waste Not, Want Not!

If you’re looking to find new furniture pieces for the room, in keeping with a colour scheme you’re looking to adopt and you don’t want to pay over the odds, I have two words for you: garage sale. You’ll find a treasure trove of hidden gems in places like this and for a fraction of the price you’d pay on the high-street. Same applies to if you want to get rid of any old kid’s furniture, sell it instead of sending it to the scrap yard and let another family have their fun with it.

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Aria’s Toddler Girl Bedroom Makeover Part 1
Aria has recently made the move from her cot to a big girls bed (aka, a single bed). We decided that a big girl’s bed needs to live in a big girl’s nursery, so, emotions ignored we decided to transform the nursery that we lovingly decorated while Aria was a bump in my bedroom into a bedroom fit for a little Princess. Peppa Pig accessories begrudgingly included.

The move to a single bed is quite a big one, so with that in mind we wanted to make the bedroom into a place that Aria would want to be in, hence begrudgingly adding a few Peppa Pig accessories. The bedroom isn’t yet 100% complete but I am really happy with the progress so far and wanted to share it. There isn’t much left to do to finish it off, I just need some kind of book storage on the back wall beneath the clouds, along with pretty accessories. I also have a hoop and a net to put above the bed but I need to find the perfect fairy lights before that goes up.

Peppa Pig bedding and wall stickers in pretty pink toddler girls room with unicorn head on wall, floral and bunting

I will be posting about Aria’s bed in more detail in an upcoming post all about transitioning from cot to single bed. At £33.99 the pink single bed was a complete bargain from The Range. The reversible Peppa Pig bedding and Peppa Pig wall sticker were bought as a way to encourage Aria to sleep in the bed. The wall mounted unicorn head came from Home Bargains and is available with either a silver or gold glittery horn.

Peppa pig bedding and wall mounted unicorn head in pretty girls bedroom makeover
Peppa Pig cloud wall stickers monochrome height chart H&M grey white and pink girls bedroom tour

I decided to add these Peppa Pig cloud wall stickers to the back wall to break up the grey a little. The monochrome height chart came from H&M. I do have plans of adding some shelving to the back wall to house books and other pretty little things, but for now this will do have funds have run out.

cluster of three floral lamp shades from Litecraft

When I saw the three light floral cluster shade on Litecraft* I had to have it, it is like a little girls mini version of the large cluster shade that we have in our bedroom. They add a perfectly girly charm to the bedroom.

I hope that you enjoyed Aria’s bedroom makeover, keep your eyes peeled for part two!

little girls bedroom IKEA shelving ledge with books and fairy wingslimited edition beanie boo owl called Araitoddler girls bedroom tour little touches mermaids plaque from new lookvintage shabby chic floral light cluster

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pretty pink grey and white themed child's bedroom with unicorn, shabby chic, floral and Peppa Pig touches.

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Home : The Busy Mum’s Dream Bedroom

Now that I’m a mum I seem to cherish my bedroom even more, my bedroom is mine (and Spencer’s, begrudgingly), it is my place to relax and be left alone. Aria will come into our bedroom occasionally but not very often, usually the only time it is used is for sleeping and relaxing. Now that I’m appreciating the ‘me time’ in my bedroom I would like to update it a little, I want to turn it into the ideal mummy retreat, somewhere calming for me to escape to at the end of a busy day.

the busy mum's dream bedroom wishlist

I would like to introduce some quality items into my bedroom, don’t get me wrong IKEA bedding is cheap and pretty, but it never fits right and it just doesn’t have that same luxurious look or feel as the items from Julian Charles.

julian charles blue and white elegant floral bedroom wishlist

I’m finding myself drawn to blue and white, the colours are calming and it looks super stylish, making the bedroom the perfect place to escape after a busy day being mum. I’ve also added a Fresh Linen candle into my wishlsit, this is one of my favourite scents, the candles are currently on offer, not only are they reduced by 50% but there is also an offer on to buy one and get the second half price, meaning you can get two candles for just £16.

Spencer hates cushions on the bed, he says that they just get in the way, which I agree with, they do, but they also look very pretty when no one is in the bed. If I had my own way the bed would be neatly made out everyday with an array of beautiful cushions. We would also have a new bed, but one step at a time!

Which room is your favourite place to escape to? What colours do you like in the bedroom? Are you a fan of cushions or do they annoy you?

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Dressing Table Tour
My dressing table is looking pretty much how I want it to look nowadays, so as the sun was shining at the weekend I decided that it was about time I took some photos of it to share here.
Like most other bloggers I have the famous acrylic drawers, though I have jazzed mine up a little with washi tape, I think that the washi tape softens up the look and just makes it generally prettier. The Cath Kidston tin holds my bobbles and hair grips.
For make-up brush holders I use an old curry sauce jar wrapped in lace with a bit of jute string tied around the top and this pen holder from Dunelm. I also keep my pretty vintage bottles in this section along with a fake flower from IKEA.
On top of the drawer on the right side I keep my memorabilia, aka, tat. I have the badges from mine and my friends hen parties, a badge from my Wedding, a glittery lamp that I bought on Honeymoon along with two lucky stones, one in the shape of a Scarab that was given to me as a gift and the other is literally a lump of stone that we were given on honeymoon, a special type of stone though, I’m not that random. 
This Beauty Box from Dunelm comes in very handy, if I didn’t have this my dressing table would be a constant mess with items left all over it, now I just throw them in here instead!
You may have noticed the pretty flowers around my mirror, the pink flower garland, this always used to be wrapped around my headboard but our new bed has a solid headboard so there is nothing to wrap them around, and when they are just placed there Bob steals them! The yellow and multi-coloured flower hairbands came from Rewind Festival last year and the white crown from Prairie Charms. 
My Helmer sits next to my dressing table and houses some of my prettier looking perfumes along with a message in a jar that I received from Spencer for our first Wedding anniversary, a decorative bottle and the tin from the Benefit Christmas gift set that I treated myself to in the January sales.
I am planning on decoupaging this Helmer soon like I did my other one but this time with a chevron print. (my version of soon can be months so don’t expect any posts just yet!).
My dressing table is probably the part of my house that I am most proud of, which part of your house do you take the most pride in?