Teddy Bear’s Picnic with Aldi – #MamiaDaysOut Challenge
*Disclosure : This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia*

We were recently invited to take part in the #MamiaDaysOut challenge with Aldi, for the challenge we simply had to enjoy a day out using Mamia products, which was super easy for us as we swear by Aldi Mamia, we have always used their nappies & wipes and we always have a stock of their baby food and snacks in the cupboard.

teddy bear's picnic with Aldi - my entry to the Aldi #mamiadaysout challenge with Britmums - showcasing how Aldi Mamia products can be used on a family day out

Armed with a blanket, fairy lights, chairs, a picnic basket full of food and, of course, teddy bears, Aria and I decided to build a blanket fort to sit underneath to enjoy our Teddy Bear’s picnic. Aria and I have never built a blanket fort before (I know, bad mother) and to say she was excited is a massive understatement. And then she saw the food, she almost spontaniously combusted with excitement. 

aldi picnic hamper containing everything you need for a teddy bear's picnic with a toddler - snacks from the Mamia range, mamia wet wipes and a drink

The Mamia snack range is fab, the products are made using 100% organic ingredients, they have no hidden nasties, not even sugar, and they are very purse friendly. Buying the best for your children isn’t always easy when you are struggling to pay the bills, but with Aldi it is.

aldi mamia picnic hamper, baby gazing into hamper full of food and teddy bear's for teddy bear's picnic

Aria is a lot like her mother, in that she loves food. Her eyes lit up when I placed this hamper full of food in front of her. She quickly forgot about the magical blanket fort and thought only of her stomach. 

Aldi mamia fruit pouches

Of course the first items that little madam grabbed were the fruit pouches, these are a firm favourite of both mine and Aria’s. I love them because they are easy to pop into my bag for a snack while out and about, they are easy for Aria to eat, require no preparation and they are super healthy. Aria loves them because, well, they taste nice! 
Has your little one tried the Mamia range? If not, why not? With prices starting from just 59p it would be silly not to! 

Britmums Live 2016 – My Thoughts & Goody Bag Vlog

Yesterday I attended my first ever Britmums Live conference, the largest parenting blogger conference in the UK. I’ve wanted to go for a while now but could never justify the cost. This year I saved up a little money from sponsored posts and decided to bite the bullet and go. I am so glad that I did.

Britmums Live 2016 review and goody bag vlog

Luckily I was able to travel to London with Kerry and Sarah, and share a room with Kerry, if it wasn’t for this I probably would have bailed. Travelling to London scares me, everything is so big and fast paced, I would just freak out and get lost. We arrived quite late on the Friday so missed the Friday night event, instead meeting a few bloggers at a pub near the hotel.

We drank wine on the train and I drank lager at the pub which resulted in me being a little sick Saturday morning – great start to the day! I’m such a lightweight I really should have avoided the drink! Thankfully once I’m sick I tend to get over it quite quickly and the buzz of meeting up with fellow bloggers really helped. Within a few hours I was once again searching out the booze, which, unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of.

So, my Britmums experience. Did I learn a lot? No, apart from the fact that some bloggers earn 10k for one sponsored post which made my jaw drop, I didn’t learn much at all. I’ve been to other blog conferences and they all tell you pretty much the same – take good photos, promote your blog, engage and don’t be afraid to ask for things. Thankfully I didn’t go to learn, and I didn’t expect to learn, I went to meet and socialise with fellow bloggers, bloggers who I look up to and admire, bloggers who I have become friends with and wanted to meet in the flesh.

I didn’t get to speak to everyone that I wanted to, some of them I simply didn’t see, others were in large groups and I felt a little too intimidated to approach them, which is silly because I am sure the entire group would have been lovely and welcoming.

My favourite talk of the day was the small Snapchat talk with Aly, I liked the fact that it was an informal session with a few of us sat around a table discussing and helping each other. Aly gave me a fab tip which was that I could download my story of my time at Britmums and share it in my write up, unfortunately I ran out of storage on my phone so was unable to do that! You can still view some of my Britmums story if you add me now, username leannestundon.

My least enjoyable part of the weekend was being evacuated from our hotel at 5am in the morning due to the fire alarm going off. We stayed in the Travelodge on City Road and were appalled by how the situation was handled. The whole evacuation process seemed very disjointed, we were taken to three different places for the fire assembly point, the first being directly outside the building which clearly wasn’t right. Complaints were made and we were refunded for one night’s stay. I really do hope that Travelodge learn from this and do some serious fire safety training. As far as I am aware there wasn’t an actual fire, but if there was the lack of knowledge could have been extremely dangerous, even life threatening.

Standing in the streets of London at 5am wearing PJs and no bra was definitely not on my list of things to do this weekend. At least I wore pretty PJs and I think I managed to keep my arms crossed to hide my saggy boobies the whole time!

Anyway, to end on a high, I have decided to do my first EVER vlog! Aria loved going through my goody bags from the event so I thought I would film it. When watching it please bear in mind that I had been disturbed in the night from the fire alarm and was very tired. I do refer to Slimfast as Slimming World at one point and am so sorry about that, also, Aria was supposed to be hiding my big fat belly, I would have worn something much more flattering if I knew she wasn’t going to stick around! I hope that you enjoy my vlog and if you do please subscribe to my channel as I am hoping to gradually introduce more and more vlogs to A Slice of My Life Wales – most blogging conferences will tell you that vlogging really is the way forward.


I’m feeling very overwhelmed and shocked by the amount of people that knew me through my blog, some of who I didn’t know which made me feel both guilt and pride. If you came up and spoke to me thank you so, so much – you really made my day!

I’m Going To #BML16

I’m pretty excited that I’ve just bought myself tickets to attend Britmums. It has always been something that I have wanted to do but could never justify the expense of, but this year I’m throwing caution to the wind and using some of my blogging income to live a little and go. I’m crying inside as this means that my new camera and tattoo are being put on hold, again, and also really hoping that I can find a last minute sponsor (pretty please), but, for now at least, I have decided to sod it and pay for it myself.

I'm going to Britmums live 2016 #BML16 header image keyboard and flowers with text

I’m going along with friend and fellow Welsh family blogger Kerry which is a huge relief, as to be honest, London scares me. I get lost and it is just too busy and too confusing. Travelling and staying with Kerry has put me at ease and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have bothered booking tickets if it wasn’t for finding a travel/room buddy. Kerry and I have attended several events together, including the fantastic Traverse Conference held in Cardiff earlier this year which is where the below photo was taken.

Welsh bloggers at Cardiff Traverse
L-R : Laura of Cardboard Cities, Cathryn of Cardiff Mummy Says, me, Alana of Baby Holiday and Kerry of Kerry Louise Norris.

I’ve decided to join in with the Britmums linky and answer the suggested questions below :

My name: Leanne

My blog: A Slice Of My Life Wales

Find me on social media at: The main platforms I use are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (username leannestundon)
How I look: I have a teething one year old so probably tired. I have short silver hair and black glasses, you’re better off just looking at my image in the sidebar, I updated it last week so it is a good portrayal of how I currently look, but add some red cheeks as I’ll no doubt be very flustered.
Is this my first blogging event? Nope, I’ve been lucky enough to attend several blogging events over my years of blogging – it doesn’t make me any less nervous though.
I will be wearing: I’m a last minute type of person, I only bought my ticket today and there is absolutely no way that I am organised enough to have an outfit planned already.
What I hope to gain from #BML16: My main reason for attending is to meet like minded bloggers and people who have become friends through the blogging scene. I’m also hoping to come away feeling inspired and full of ideas and top tips – and new friends!
My tips for a great conference:

  • Relax and enjoy it – easier said than done – is there a bar??
  • Take a portable phone charger, there is nothing worse than your battery dying when there is so much instagram-ing to be done, or even worse when there is a tweet to order bar, this happened to me at Traverse!
  • Take business cards – if you don’t have any get some printed.
  • Take a notebook and make notes throughout the day, you may think you’ll remember everything but you probably won’t.
If you are a brand reading this and are interested in sponsoring me in full or part please send an email to leannestundon@hotmail.com – there is the potential of sponsoring just me or maybe even myself and Kerry, two bloggers on the ground working together is better than one after all!
Are you going to #BML16? If so, please say hi!