‘Feline’ The Need for Me-Time

Just lately the cats and I have been ‘feline’ the need for me-time. I’ve previously written about how all consuming life with a puppy and a toddler is, but I hadn’t mentioned how difficult it is for my poor feline friends, Kitty and Earl Grey. You see the thing is everyone wants to give them attention, everyone wants to be their friends and play with them, but all they want is to be left alone. I mean you can’t blame them can you, an over excited toddler and a yappy puppy are hardly their ideal playmates.

As for me? Between being a parent (of the toddler and animal variety), working from home, housework and everything else, me-time just doesn’t present itself very often. Instead I listen to the constant drone of mooommmmm (where did she pick up that American twang?) while shouting at the dog for chasing the cats and chopping onions.

So, when Whiskas® got in touch about their Kitten Kollege School’s Out themed campaign the cats and I decided to get involved and make the most of unwinding and having fun, whilst enjoying our delicious treats of course! We sent Aria, daddy and Dobby packing, cracked out the cucumber slices, treats and toys and just chilled out. Pure bliss.

'Feline' The Need for Me-Time'Feline' The Need for Me-Time

My cats have very different ideas on how to relax. Kitty is older and more relaxed, she loves a fuss, rubbing her head in mine and willingly providing kisses; Earl on the other hand, he is still a baby and prefers to unwind by going a little crazy; maybe it’s all the Whiskas kitten food we feed him. One thing all three of us have in common is that treats make us very happy. Kitty and Earl’s favourites are Whiskas Temptations, while I prefer a good old cup of coffee along with a bar of chocolate.

'Feline' The Need for Me-Time

As difficult as it can be, we really should prioritise me-time more often, for both us and our feline friends, the kittens in the below video sure know how to unwind!

*This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.*

Vlog : A Day In The Life – A Clingy Toddler

This week’s day in the life video was quite a disastrous day, okay that is a slight exaggeration but it wasn’t a good day! It was hammering down with rain so we stayed inside all day. Aria was very clingy and whinging about everything. She said no to absolutely everything, including her yoghurt while she was eating it!

a day in the life vlog, follow our day with life with a toddler and a kitten

I eventually gave up and stayed in my pyjamas all day while binge watching Christmas films on Netflix! Sometimes a clingy toddler really isn’t such a bad thing… My house was a tip the entire day as a result but housework can wait, cwtches are more important, right?

On a side note, I must be crazy but this year I am attempting to join in with Vlogmas. The idea behind vlogmas is that you vlog everyday in December right up to Christmas. I will probably fail, but I figure that it is worth a go, if nothing else it will give me a lot of filming and editing experience.

I won’t be publishing all of the videos on the blog, so if you don’t want to miss them please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

As always I’m being completely disorganised and winging the whole thing. I have a few vague ideas which include day in the life videos, festive toddler finger foods, Christmas money saving tips, weekly found ups sharing the contents of Aria’s Wow Toys Advent Calendar and more! You can watch my Vlogmas trailer for a sneak peek of what to expect :

I’ll be kicking it off tomorrow by showing you my sentimental Christmas tree decorations.

Vlog : A Day In The Life – Never Work with Children & Animals

You may have noticed that I have been trying my hand at YouTube for a little while now. I’ve been slowly building myself up by filming unboxing videos and chatty videos to get myself used to the camera. My main aim was to gain enough confidence to start filming day in the life videos – and I have finally done it!

Vlog - a day in the life video - toddler and kittens - mummy daughter day - never work with children and animals

Every Monday Aria and I have the day to ourselves, so I am going to be posting a weekly day in the life vlog. They will undoubtedly feature kittens, toddler tantrums, tears, smiles and laughter.

In the first weekly vlog you can watch how cheeky Earl, the kitten, is at breakfast time, come to the hospital with us, come to the park with us and watch me re-create a delicious Piccolo pouch for a meal that is suitable for the whole family.

As I’m new at this whole vlogging business I really would appreciate any feedback, good or bad, I *think* I can handle it!

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Kitten Kollege Yearbook

Hopefully by now you’ve met our new kitten, Earl Grey, well Earl is quite naughty so when WHISKAS® got in touch and mentioned sending him to Kitten Kollege I just had to get involved! You see Kitty is an older, more sensible cat, she has fully graduated Kitten Kollege and is a real role model, she earned her cap and gown along with a load of respect and biscuits a long time ago.

Earl on the other hand, he thinks that he deserves his cap and gown and he spends a lot of time on the books in an attempt to earn them…

Cat posing on dictionary and thesaurus

but unfortunately for Earl he just isn’t clever enough yet, I mean come on, he hasn’t even worked out that he is a kitten yet, he is convinced that he is a lion parading around with his mane and bullying everyone in sight…

grey and white kitten with white moustache wearing lion mane photo booth prop

thankfully when it comes to dealing with Aria he is more of a gentle kitten than a fearsome lion, but that doesn’t stop him making sure that she knows when he wants to play with her…

#catshaming kitten with cat shaming sign i scram my toddler's feet when i want someone to play with me

In  fairness to Earl, he is only giving as good as he gets, and he takes it all in his stride…

#babyshamming photobooth prop i pulled my kitten's tail and laughed when he meowed

Earl Grey, it is going to be a little while before you are ready to graduate from Kitten Kollege, in the meantime please just stop climbing up my curtains!

Does your cat/kitten need to go back to Kitten Kollege? If so, why? I would love to see some photos! Feel free to tweet me and @whiskas_uk with your funny stories.

*This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos*

Introducing Earl Grey – Our New Rescue Kitten

On 15th September we introduced a fluffy new family member into our household, it really is about time that I formally introduce him over here. We weren’t planning on getting another kitten so soon after loosing our cat, Bob, but then Blue Cross shared the most adorable kitten pictures on facebook in a plea for people to come forward and rescue them. How could we resist?

Introducing Earl Grey - a blog post introducing our new rescue kitten from Blue Cross. Grey kitten with a white moustache and white paws.

Earl was approximately 8 weeks old when we collected him and he was just so cute and fluffy and to be fair he still is. We were a little anxious about how Kitty would react to this crazy new kitten coming into her home. She had seemed a little lonely since Bob went so we decided just to go for it and hope for the best and I am so glad that we did.

Blue Cross rescue were fab, we went to visit the kittens and pick the one that we wanted, we paid a deposit and were given a collection date. We donated £50 in order to rescue him, but in return we had a gorgeous new kitten who had had his first set of jabs and an appointment booked and ready paid for his second set of jabs.

Earl annoys Kitty, he follows her around, he wants to play with her, he wants to cwtch up with her, he wants to be by her side all the time. Kitty gets annoyed by him, I think she likes her privacy, but, now and again you capture a moment, a beautiful moment where they will be sleeping cwtched up together or even rub noses for a kiss.

As for Aria, I loved the idea of getting a kitten for her to grow up with, but again I was a little worried about looking after a toddler and a kitten, I was right to worry, it is hard work! Our house was a little crazy at first but it has settled back down now. Aria absolutely loves Earl and Earl loves her.

They annoy each other too, sometimes Aria gets a little jealous when Earl gets the attention, sometimes she gets a little annoyed when he wants to play with her toys, especially when he runs away with the toy that she is currently playing with! Sometimes Aria is too much for Earl, she doesn’t want him to leave her side and will try keeping him there by force at times, occasionally she pulls him back by his tail (obviously we stop this straight away) or picks him up when he really doesn’t want to be picked up. The laughter and the joy that they bring to each other makes it all worthwhile.

As for me and Spencer? He is a pain in our butts. But he is also very cute and gives nice cwtches. He climbs up us, literally digging his claws into our skin and clawing his way up us. He attacks my fingers when I’m trying to get work done on the computer, his prime position is in the photo above. He jumps on to the table when we are eating and tries to steal our food. We are counting down the weeks until he can have a little op in the hop that having those male hormones taken away will calm him down a little! We wouldn’t change him though, he is lovely, just excitable.

I filmed a short vlog on the day that we collected Earl Grey and bought him home, sharing his first meeting with Kitty and his first explore around his new house. I hope that you enjoy it.