Macmillan Coffee Morning with the South Wales Parent Bloggers

Yesterday I was invited along to Parc Play, Cardiff, with several other local parent bloggers for a Macmillan Coffee Morning. I’m a huge supporter of coffee mornings, what’s not to love about getting together with friends, eating cake and raising money for a great charity?

Macmillan coffee morning with the south wales parent bloggers

We’re very lucky as we have a fabulous blogging network in South Wales, we are all there to support each other and always welcome new bloggers into the mix with open arms. Unfortunately, not everyone could make the meet yesterday, but there were still seven of us in total. From left to right on the photo : Kate from Hippy Christian Mum, Cathryn from Cardiff Mummy Says, Sally from Teddy Bears and Cardigans, Alina from We Made This Life, Kerry from Kerry Louise Norris and me. Heledd from Yummy Blogger also came along a little after this photo was taken.

selection of Marks & Spencer cakes for Macmillan coffee morning

Marks & Spencer kindly provided us with a huge selection of cakes. I got a little lost on my way hence the photos of half eaten cakes! The cakes were delicious and I can see why everyone was eager to get their hands on them!

Parc play cardiff

The coffee morning, organised by Cathryn of Cardiff Mummy Says, was held at Parc Play, Cardiff. I don’t tend to take Aria to many soft play places as she isn’t walking yet so can’t really do a lot at them. She had a little go in the toddler area, she particularly enjoyed exploring the tunnels but quickly got bored, she much prefers to sit with the adults, especially when there is cake involved! She quickly made friends with Kerry’s youngest daughter, Ophelia.

two babies sat in high chairs

Thanks to Cathryn for organising, Parc Play for hosting and Marks & Spencer for the cakes – we raised a total of £30 which isn’t bad at all for just seven people.

If you are thinking of organising your own coffee morning register here for your free kit.

My Hair Donation To Little Princess Trust

I’m quite late posting this, life just gets in the way at times doesn’t it? I’ve been considering a drastic hair cut for quite a while now, since having Aria I always tend to slap it back in a messy bun to avoid her pulling at it, it seemed pretty pointless having long locks when they were always back. I’ve made a hair donation to Little Princess Trust before and decided that it was time to do it again. Danny tagged me to join in with the #HairToSpare challenge so obviously I had to go ahead and book a hairdressers appointment straight away.

#hairtospare a donation to the little princess trust

before and after photos following hair donation to the little princess trust charity

The Little Princess Trust is a fantastic charity, they work with suppliers throughout the UK and Ireland to provide real hair wigs for little girls and boys who have lost their hair through illness. They have recently extended their mission to include, where funds allow, the provision of financial assistance for research into the causes of childhood cancers and into minimising the effects of chemotherapy in children.

Do you have Hair To Spare? If so, why not join the challenge and donate it to The Little Princess Trust? Donating is simple, you just need to have at least 7 inches cut off (no split ends) and pop it in the post, click here for the full details and address. If you can’t spare any hair why not make a one off donation to this fantastic charity? Click here for details on how to donate.

Would you be willing to cut off 7 inches for charity? What is the most dramatic hair cut you have ever had?


Recycling The Christmas Waste

That is it, Christmas is over for another year and we are left with a tonne of rubbish to clear up. With more and more of us turning to recycling nowadays and most Council’s giving out smaller bins or collecting rubbish less often it can be quite a struggle to dispose of the excess rubbish that Christmas brings with it, which is why I have put together this handy guide detailing what can be recycled where.

recycling the christmas waste handy guide for what can be recycled where

Local Council – First up, check your local Council’s website to find out exactly what can be recycled with them. We are fortunate that our local Council recycle food, cardboard, foil, paper, certain plastics and much more at the kerbside, this meant that the majority of our Christmas waste, including wrapping paper, packaging, Christmas cards and foil from cooking could all be recycled from outside our house.

Shops – There are quite a few shops that offer various recycling schemes. M&S are planting one tree for every 1,000 Christmas cards recycled in store between 2nd – 31st January, in an effort to help them hit their target to plant 6,000 new trees in the UK I will personally be taking my cards to them despite being able to recycle them in my normal kerbside collection.

Batteries should never be put into general household waste or recycling, there are quite a few shops who will take these including Argos, Tesco and Asda.

Mobile phones can often be recycled and a lot of the time you can get paid for it, I’ve previously recycled old phones with Envirofone, the process was quick and easy and they also accept damaged phones.

Charities – People often receive unwanted gifts for Christmas. Instead of wasting space storing them why not donate them to charity? You could simply take them to a local charity shop or possibly donate them to a local children’s hospice or Women’s Aid hospice depending on what it is.

Metal Recycling – When we’ve had new appliances such as fridges in the past we’ve generally been lucky enough to be able to pass them onto someone else meaning that we haven’t had to worry about disposing of it. If you don’t have anyone to pass your old metal appliances onto and they aren’t in good enough condition to donate to charity I would recommend contacting your local scrap yard, some may even pay you for the metal.

Christmas Tree Recycling – You will need to check this one locally, for those who are local to me Greenmeadow Community Farm are taking trees from 5th – 30th January.

*Post written in collaboration with CJ Metals*