Aria’s Unicorn Bedroom Makeover & The Dream Toddler Bed

We’ve been in this house for a while now and you may well be wondering where all the progress is. Truth be told we haven’t really progressed very much, and all progress is very slow. You see we didn’t fall in love with this house for the interior, far from it, textured wallpaper covered in layer upon layer of paint really isn’t our thing. Pretty much every room needs to be torn apart and re-built from scratch. It takes time and money, neither of which we have!

unicorn bedroom makeover - upcycled IKEA dolls house

Aria’s room is finally complete. We painstakingly removed the yellow woodchip wallpaper, the ceiling was carefully scraped and protection worn due to the asbestos. The walls and ceilings were covered in plasterboard, re-plastered and then painted. A new carpet went down and we were finally ready to move Aria and her dream toddler bed into her unicorn bedroom.

unicorn bedroom makeover

We painted three of the walls with Valspar’s Morning Song*, a beautiful, pale grey. The fourth wall was papered in the most gorgeous unicorn wallpaper that I have ever set eyes on, the Laura Ashley unicorns wallpaper. The room is perfectly finished off with Cormar Highland Saxony carpet in chrome*.

unicorn bedroom makeover

The dream toddler bed comes in the form of this gorgeous tipi bed from Cuckooland*. It really is perfect. Aria loves that she can hang blankets from it, she calls it her ‘castle bed’, I know, strange child. I love that it is on the floor so I needn’t worry about Aria falling out of bed. I have every intention of making this bed perfect by simply dangling some lights from it, but I’m yet to find the perfect set. We’ve also created a little chill out nook at the bottom end of the bed which Aria loves.

unicorn bedroom makeover

Typically now that we’ve finished Aria’s room we’ve decided to swap the bedrooms around. Spencer’s office is currently in the larger of the three bedrooms, and with baby number two on the way Aria and ‘baba’ will need to share the larger room until we manage to convert the attic. Spencer will have a very pretty office though…

unicorn bedroom makeover

The room really has come a long way!

yellow bedroom with painted tree


*Disclosure – items marked ‘*’ were gifted to us* 

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Stepping Back Onto Carpet with Cormar Highland Saxony

In my old house I craved all wooden floors; wooden floors were nice and modern, they looked the part and were easy to clean. By the time we sold the house we had wooden floors in every room bar the tiled kitchen; the only carpet in the house was on the stairs. Several years and a new home later and I am now seeking the comfort that only carpet can bring.

Wooden floors may look the part, but I much prefer to step out of bed onto a soft, comfortable carpet than onto a cold, wooden floor.

Cormar Highland Saxony carpet

We peeled the carpets back in our new home to reveal the original flooring, we could have restored this, and we did consider it, but instead we decided to cover it up with a luxury carpet. No longer do we step out of bed onto cold, hard flooring. We now step out of bed and allow our feet to sink into luxurious, cosy carpet.

Cormar Highland Saxony carpet

I had previously been naive in my thinking that I needed wooden floor as, assuming that you pick the right one, carpets too can look the part and be easy to clean. We opted for Cormar Highland Saxony carpet in chrome for our and Aria’s bedrooms. It’s a luxury heavyweight, stain resistant carpet in the most beautiful of colours. Not only does it look the part but it also feels the part, providing comfort, cosiness and warmth.

Cormar Highland Saxony carpetCormar Highland Saxony carpet

Being the owners of a toddler, two cats and a puppy we were hesitant about carpet, especially such a light carpet, but we needn’t worry as Cormar Highland Saxony carpet is stain resistant and easy clean.

Cormar Highland Saxony carpet

The carpet has definitely been a winner for us, Aria and Dobby like to sleep on it, roll on it and play on it, it has withstood a lot of puppy potty training related stains, and even the carpet fitter mentioned that it is one of his favourite carpets to work with.

*Disclosure – we received the carpet in exchange for an honest review*