My Top Welsh Fairytale Destinations

Wales is full of fairytale destinations, we have castles in abundance, pretty scenery a-plenty and many gorgeous woodland settings. Inspired by Netflights, I decided to track down my own, local, fairytale destinations.

Castell Coch, Tongwynlais, CardiffCastell Coch, Tongwynlais, Cardiffimage credit

Known by locals as the fairytale castle and the Princess castle, Castell Coch is without a doubt my number one fairy tale destination in South Wales. This beautiful castle can be spotted from the motorway, and every time we passed it on our Summer trips to Barry Island as children we would excitedly announce that we had spotted the ‘fairy tale castle’. It’s a beautiful castle both outside and in and will alway feel magical to me.

The American Gardens, Pontypool, Torfaen
The American Gardens Pontypool Torfaen

Another trip back to my childhood with The American Gardens in Pontypool. I went for a lot of walks through these gardens in my younger days, and while they aren’t a ‘tourist attraction’ the gardens are well known to the locals. As children we loved to walk through the gardens and discover the ‘alligator swamp’, the ‘troll bridge’ and, of course, the fairytale cottage.

Mountain View Ranch, Caerphilly
Mountain View Ranch, Caerphilly

This particular fairytale destination is new to us, it’s one that Spencer and I have had the pleasure of introducing our own daughter to. A place where we saw her eyes come alive with magic as we took a walk through the fairy forest and spotted fairies a plenty dancing amongst the trees.

I look back now and I know that none of these places really are magical, but thanks to my parents imagination I will always see them as fairytale destinations. All it takes is a little imagination and a large sprinkling of fairy dust and you to can find fairytales right on your doorstep.

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Peppa Pig World Through The Eyes of a Two Year Old

For Aria’s second birthday I decided that we absolutely needed to visit Peppa Pig World in Paulton’s Park and I am so glad that we did! She absolutely loved it, seeing her so happy and confident was just amazing. Even Spencer wants to go back and that is high praise indeed!

Aria is a very quiet and shy girl, she doesn’t like crowds and she doesn’t venture far from me, always looking to me for encouragement before proceeding with anything. Peppa Pig World changed all of this, as we walked in and we heard the music her excitement peeked, and then it happened, she saw the yellow ducks swimming and heard them quacking; and she ran, she let go of her daddy’s hand and she ran. We Were amazed, emotional and surprised. We instantly knew that we were going to have an amazing day.

Yellow quacking ducks at Peppa Pig World - Blog review of Peppa Pig World with a two year old

Aria’s birthday is in February and we specifically wanted to go around her Birthday, which resulted in us going along on a wet and miserable day. At first we moaned about this, until we realised that it was complete and utter genius. We didn’t have to queue for any rides, unless you count waiting for the two families in front to get belted up as a queue, and Aria could happily run around without us worrying about losing her.

Peppa Pig World is perfect for little human’s, Aria is a very petite two year old, currently wearing size 12-18 month clothing, and she was tall enough for all rides bar George’s Dinosaur Adventure, which I was selfishly disappointed about as I had been looking forward to that ride, but I wasn’t brave/stupid enough to go on there without Aria, I’m pretty sure a melt down would have commenced if I had!

All of the rides were very tame which was perfect for Aria. They also had a little park and an indoor soft play area.

The Peppa Pig theme is continued perfectly throughout the park, with theme music playing everywhere and no detail is forgotten, even the construction work is being carried out by Mr Bull (they are in the middle of extending the park, currently due to be completed in 2018).

We had an amazing day and made some fantastic memories. Two weeks on and Aria still loves to watch the vlog from the day which gets her super excited! Take a peek at the vlog to see Peppa Pig World through the eyes of a two year old…

Find out more and book your tickets here.

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