Back to School Photo Frame Craft Tutorial

I’ve already shared a back to school photo frame craft with you, but I wanted to do another, more simple craft too, one that Aria could get involved with. My all time favourite toddler craft is decoupage, it is simple, Aria loves it and can do the majority of it by herself, and it doesn’t matter if she makes a mess.

For this craft you will need assorted colourful/patterned paper of your choice, a blank photo frame, clear glue and stickers to decorate (optional).

back to school photo frame craft

Cut your paper up into small, toddler friendly pieces, there is absolutely no need to keep the size and shape uniform.

back to school photo frame craft

Coat the plain frame with clear glue and leave your toddler to stick the paper onto the frame, the messier the better.

back to school photo frame craft

Once they have finished sticking (if you can tear them away!) coat the frame with more clear glue.

back to school photo frame craft

At this point you can either leave your frame to dry or add a few more embellishments on such as number stickers, stars, and buttons.

back to school photo frame craft

Set your frame to the side and leave to dry (much to your toddler’s disappointment). Once the frame has dried trim the edges and pop a photo into your finished frame.

Like it? Pin it for later! 

Set your frame to the side and leave to dry (much to your toddler's disappointment).

*Disclosure – I am a Bostik Blogger and receive a small box of crafts each month in exchange for a themed tutorial – the theme this month is Back to School*

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DIY : IKEA Helmer Hack with Decoupage – 2014 Organisation
before picture in DIY tutorial for shabby chic IKEA helmer hack
after picture in tutorial for shabby chic floral ikea helmer hack
Carry on reading to find out just how I transformed this simple IKEA Helmer into a thing of beauty…

Quite a while back I decided to decoupage my IKEA Helmer. I made it look all pretty with floral paper and then just left it. I hadn’t labelled it and I hadn’t filled it. As part of organised 2014 I decided that I needed to finish this project. 

ikea helmer drawers with floral paper decoupage
The decoupaging was easy enough, I just removed the handles, glued the paper on, left it to dry and then screwed the handles back on. You can see what I use for my decoupaging projects here
ikea helmer drawers with floral decoupage and labels
I then used my Dymo Junior from eBay to label the drawers, yes, the cats do have their own drawer. 
floral white ikea helmer tutorial
This was such an easy ‘hack’ and I think the end result looks great. When I originally posted the photo on facebook I actually had friends asking me how much I would charge to do one for them!

DIY : Upcycled Mirror with Decoupage
Spencer’s parents kindly gave us their old mirror when we first moved into our house five years ago, it was a little dated but we figured it would look good enough until we managed to replace it. We pretty much forgot about it until we came to re-decorate our living room. We were going to buy a replacement, something a little more funky, but I thought I’d try upcycling the old one first in an attempt to save some pennies.
I decided to use a mix of all of the papers that I received in past Crafty Creatives boxes to create a patchwork look. I cut the paper to size, painted the frame with my Decopatch glue, pressed the paper on and then painted a layer of Decopatch glue on top. 
I am so pleased with the result and best of all it cost absolutely nothing at all as I used items that I already had sitting in the house.
Bob enjoyed helping me too. The drawer that you can see in the corner is another decoupage project that I will be posting about soon.
Have you ever tried decoupage?

DIY : Simple Upcycled Chair
I’ve been busy upcycling another chair. This time I opted for decoupage and upholstery, I didn’t bother re-painting it as the paint work already on the chair was fine, I just wanted to pretty it up a little.
I picked up a few decoupaging items in Hobbycraft a while ago, including the glue and this gorgeous Decomache paper, the paper is currently on offer for 3 for 2. Despite being on offer the paper is quite expensive, I’m pretty sure I could have used any old pretty paper but as it was my first time decoupaging I wanted to use the proper stuff.
The paper is the Blue Roses one, though I would describe it as more of a green colour.
I applied glue to the chair and then stuck the paper on, cutting the edges off once dried. Some people prefer to cut to size first, I personally don’t. The way you do this is all about how you feel comfortable. Once I’d covered the whole of the area I left it to dry over night, it didn’t require the whole night as it dried really quickly. I then painted over the top of the area with the glue again to give it a protective coat.
For the seat I simply used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the underside. This is so simple to do and gives any furniture a new lease of life.
The most tricky thing about this upcycle was getting up close to the edges with the decoupaging, that being said it really wasn’t all that difficult. If I can do it anyone can. 
Fabric bought from local Inn Shops.