The Toddler’s Dream Garden

As mentioned in my bid to get fit, the sun has well and truly got it’s hat on and it’s making me all proactive. My to-do list has suddenly gone through the roof as a little bit of sunshine makes me want to take on the world. I’ve got plans to paint, de-clutter and organise, but most importantly I need to create the toddler’s dream garden, a safe haven for Aria to run around and play in.

We’ve been putting off work on our house for so long as the house as been on the market so we didn’t necessarily want to spend time and money on it. Now that the sale of our house has fallen through for the second time I think it’s time we gave in and gave this house some TLC. If we’re stuck here for a while we may as well enjoy it after all. It’s time to stop moaning and instead buy some tools and get working, I could even get Aria involved, how cool we should look in this fab children’s bib and brace!? I love that Engelbert Strauss stocks such a wide range of things from DIY tools to protective clothing meaning that we could just order everything from there and be done with it all.

So, what would my dream toddler garden contain? First off it needs to be pinterest friendly, because, well, why wouldn’t it? Within my, I mean Aria’s, perfect pinterest garden there would be a perfect pastel playhouse, a mud kitchen, a toadstool seating area and rubber flooring.

Ideally we wouldn’t want to spend too much money as hopefully we will sell our house at some point. My current thoughts are to buy a plain, cheap playhouse, similar to this, and decorate it ourselves, that way we can make it exactly how we want it and it will be one of a kind. With regard to the mud kitchen I have visions of us creating a beautiful master piece using the pallets that are sitting in our garden doing nothing, but in reality it would probably be a disaster so maybe I should buy one similar to Kelly’s from My Mud Kitchen. I don’t mind splashing out on the toadstools as they can quite easily come with us when we move, and I am absolutely in love with this beautiful set from The Range.

Have I missed anything from my dream toddler garden do you think? What do you think your toddler would like to see included in their dream garden?

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Simple Easter Bunny Sweet Holder – Toddler Craft

We received this month’s Easter themed Bostik craft box* a little while ago, then someone wanted to view our house which resulted in me hiding it away in a drawer out of sight and swiftly forgetting about it. Panic kicked in yesterday when I realised that the craft was due today and I didn’t even have an idea in mind. Not a clue.

Toilet roll Easter bunny toddler craft sweet holder tutorial

Our bunny is far from perfect, in fact he looks quite angry and his whiskers are a little lopsided, but Aria had so much fun making him and she loves putting eggs in and out of him, which, as far as I am concerned, is a winner.

toilet roll tube easter mini egg holder tutorial

If you want to make your own, probably better, Easter bunny toilet roll sweet holder you will need :

  • A toilet roll tube
  • Pretty patterned paper, preferably different patterns for the feet, ears and nose (or you could use an egg sticker for the nose like I did if you have one)
  • Googly eyes (I had to improvise as mine, like everything else in my house right now, have disappeared and my local Tesco don’t stock them)
  • Pipe cleaner or similar for whiskers
  • Card
  • Glue/Blu Tac

I chose to use Blu Tac to stick everything onto the tube, firstly as it is way less messier than glue and secondly because it meant that I could slightly adjust things when Aria wasn’t looking, hard to believe but if it was left to her this thing would look even worse than it currently does!

simple toddler easter craft

This was so easy to make, you simply cover the tube in pretty paper, cut out feet and ear shapes and stick them in place, stick the eyes, nose and whiskers in place and then glue the completed tube onto a piece of card. As simple as that!

toilet roll easter mini egg holder toddler craft

Just don’t turn your back and leave your toddler within reach of a pencil as your bunny and table will be drawn on.

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*Disclosure – I am a Bostik Blogger, I receive a box of craft items each month in return for a tutorial*


Tutorial & Giveaway : Multi-Colour Tie Dye Sleepsuit with Dylon
*I received the Dylon for the purpose of this post – however all opinions are my own*

I absolutely love buying unique and unusual baby clothing for Aria, but, those unique and unusual baby clothes often come at a price, which is why I decided to up-cycle some plain white sleepsuits and create my own unique clothing. Aria now has a set of super cute, one of a kind sleepsuits which I think is super cool. I filmed a tutorial showing exactly how I used the tie dye method to give a sleepsuit a new lease of life. If you fancy up-cycling your own garments with Dylon be sure to scroll right to the end of the post for a Dylon giveaway.

baby wearing a pink, purple and blue tie dye sleepsuit - video tutorial and a chance to win Dylon yourself

Please note, that as these dyes weren’t made up following the specific packet instructions you may not achieve an exact colour match to the packet. Each packet makes up a large amount of dye, it is worth dying several items at the same time to avoid waste. 
Dylon have been super generous and agreed to send one of my lucky followers 2x hand dyes and 2x machine dyes in their choice of FOUR colours! To be in with a chance of winning simply fill in the below Rafflecopter widget. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T&Cs : The winner will be contacted by email, if I receive no reply within one week I will draw another winner. The prize will be posted by Dylon, I will accept no responsibility for items that are lost/damaged in the post. UK only. Over 16 year olds only. If you claim to have submitted an entry which you haven’t all of your entries will be disqualified. 

Shop this tutorial :

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tutorial mutli-coloured tie dye sleepsuit

Home : #ShelfieTour

Living in a two bed terraced house means that we are always on the look out for new storage solutions, especially since the arrival of Aria and everything that comes with her. We have always had a shelving unit in the dining room alcove storing many things from books to booze. It didn’t fill the entire alcove which resulted in a lot of wasted space, so we decided that it was time for Spencer to install some DIY shelves to really utilise the space.

#shelfietour a collage showcasing photos of a diy shelving unit - white with teacups flowers and fairy lights.

We bought some white wood and shelf brackets from B&Q, we bought these very basic brackets as we were doing this as cheap as possible, I really wanted these copper shelf brackets but our house is still on the market so we don’t want to unnecessarily spend too much on it.

Spencer measured the wood out, sawed it to size, drilled the brackets into the wall and placed the shelves on top of it. I then went to town decorating the shelves with pretty and practical items. We started the shelves at windowsill height so that there is room underneath for some of Aria’s things, such as her walker/pushchair/trike/toy boxes, we can’t fit it all under at once but it is a great space to store some of it.

We bought some storage boxes from IKEA to contain all our booze, we previously had this out on the shelf and it took up a lot of room and looked quite cluttered.

If you have a space like this I highly recommend installing your own DIY shelving, these shelves are deeper and wider than our stand alone unit and so really use the space wisely. It was easy to build and cheaper than buying a shelving unit. Due to the bigger shelves we have gone from six shelves to four which has meant extra storage space underneath, and who doesn’t love extra storage?

DIY shelving unit filling alcove
cups and saucers on shelf unit with fairy lights sign and washi tape
shelving unit details recipe file books plant and holga camera

Life With Munchers

Aria’s Mad Hatter’s Themed First Birthday Party

Aria turned one on Friday. We started the celebrations early with a Mad Hatter’s Themed birthday party last Saturday. I picked this theme simply because it is pretty and anything goes. Despite only having half an hour to set up at the venue I am really pleased with how it turned out.

mad hatter's tea party first birthday party theme

personalised first birthday vest and pink tutu

Obviously the birthday girl had to have an amazing outfit. I bought this personalised first birthday vest from Etsy here and I’m really pleased with it. The tutu is from Angel’s Face*, it is beautiful and has a lot of give in it, it is designed to fit 0-1 years but I think it will last Aria a lot longer. The hair clip is from Little Sparkles Boutique*, Aria is a brand rep for this lovely firm on instagram. If you are wondering why she has two bows it is because she likes to pull them out, so I trick her by putting two in, she pulls the bottom one out and leaves the first one in, sometimes!

mad hatter tea party first birthday one derland party invites un birthday

Our One-Derland invites came from Etsy here, I was so pleased with these. They cost just under £15 and were designed with all of our personal information. They were emailed to me as a PDF which was great as it meant that I had the choice of printing them onto card, emailing them or sending them to people via facebook.

Mad Hatter themed first birthday party decor

As mentioned above I love the theme because anything goes. I had a mixture of different colour polka dot prints, happy birthday prints and various Alice In Wonderland themed pieces. The Happy Birthday table cloth came from Party Bags & Supplies*, we ordered the Sweet Stuff party pack which included a tablecloth, cups, plates, napkins and pre-filled party bags. These would be fab for the busy mum who doesn’t have the time to shop around for party decor and party bag fillers.

pre filled children's party bags

mad hatter themed party food sandwiches playing cards

I’m so pleased with my sandwiches. I bought a cheap set of mini card shape cookie cutters from eBay here and sliced them through the bread, these were so easy to do and looked so good, we had a lot of comments on them. I only decorated a few sandwiches like this for decor purposes, the rest were cut into fingers.

mad hatter's themed party cheshire cat birthday cake

I was so pleased with our cake! It was made by a local cake maker after I’d seen something similar while browsing Google images and fell in love. She did an amazing job and it tasted beautiful.

big wheel cupcake stand on fake grass at mad hatter birthday party

This cupcake stand was another very popular item, it came from Wilko, I knew I had to have it when I saw it in store. The fake grass came from Amazon here.

mad hatter's themed party food

We had cupcakes made by the same person who made the cake. I bought them to go in the cupcake wheel from Wilko but unfortunately most of them were too big to fit in the small spaces! They looked great on the stands with my marshmallows. For these I melted white chocolate, added food colouring, dolloped onto the top of a Mega Marshmallow* and sprinkled hundreds and thousands over the top, simple yet effective.

alice in wonderland themed party tableware

Most of the tableware came from What! though I did buy a few Alice in Wonderland pieces from Amazon here, I also couldn’t resist the flamingo napkins from Tiger.

personalised alice in wonderland chocolate wrappers mad hatter's party bag

I decided to give the children a personalised Kit Kat and a helium balloon, I had a lot of ages to cater for so this was an easy option, they also doubled up as table decorations. What I didn’t consider was that the kids would try and eat the Kit Kats during the party leaving the balloons with no weights. There were a lot of balloons on the ceiling by the time we left! Next time I will hand them out when people are leaving. The personalised Alice in Wonderland chocolate wrappers were from eBay here.

drink me drinks dispenser with pink lemonade alice in wonderland

I decided to fill a drinks dispenser up with pink lemonade and let everyone help their selves, kids loved this, constantly running back and fore filling their cups up. I’m not sure if it was because they felt independent or if they just really liked pink lemonade! The dispenser came from Tiger.

mad hatter themed party giant card bunting teacups and drinks dispenser

I bought a selection of paper straws in pastel colours and coloured hearts which were placed in the cups. I added little drink me signs to some of them which looked fab if I do say so myself! The little paper teacups came in the Alice in Wonderland party pack from Amazon here. I bought giant cards from Tiger to made this simple bunting.

mad hatter's themed first party decorations

Despite only having half an hour to set up I think we did a great job, I received a lot of compliments on the decor and am very happy with how it all looked.

DIY mad hatter's alice in wonderland this way sign for tea party

I also did a little DIY Alice in Wonderland sign, this was simple to make using an old wrapping paper tube and coloured card. I glued it onto a piece of cardboard from an old box to stand it up.

What is your favourite decoration? Is this the style party that you would throw?

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mad hatter's tea party theme ideas