The Story of the Car Sick Dog – Travall Guard Review

There once was a car sick dog named Dobby. Dobby’s parents loved travelling and so this really wasn’t an ideal situation. Dobby’s parents didn’t want them and the car covered in sick. Dobby’s parents were smart, Dobby’s parents got the Travall transport pack.

Travall dog guard review - dog car guard

Not only did the Travall guard keep everyone safe and secure, but the boot mat liner also meant that any sick could be easily wiped up.

Travall dog guard review - dog car guard

The Travall transport pack includes a guard rail which is used to separate your boot from the rest of the car, giving your four legged friend a comfortable, secure place of their own and also providing extra security for your passengers, particularly children in rear facing seats, protecting them from the hazards of loose items in the boot should you need to brake suddenly. The guard is vehicle specific and as a result it won’t rattle in transit and little paws won’t be able to squeeze in through the edges.

Travall dog guard review - dog car guard

This pack also includes a boot mat liner, a tough and flexible mat providing protection against sick, claws and any other little accidents. The mat also reduces road noises and improves comfort for your pet, as well as smelling delicious with it’s long lasting vanilla scent.

Travall dog guard review - dog car guard

Hopefully one day Dobby will get over his anxiety and resulting car sickness, or we will find tablets that actually work for him, but in the mean time the Travall boot mat liner is keeping our car clean and saving our sanity.

Once he gets over the anxiety and resulting car sickness we really hope that the comfortable mat and secure guard will be a relaxing space where he can travel in comfort.

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Cockapoos and Children – The Reality of Life with a Puppy & a Toddler

We must be crazy, last week we bought a dog, a cockapoo puppy to be precise. We read up on them, they require an average amount of exercise, they are intelligent and supposedly easy to train, they are good with kids and good with cats. They seemed like the perfect dog for us, how hard could it be?

Very is the answer to that! I’m quite sure that the puppy stage is approximately one million times harder than the newborn stage. Especially if the majority of your family come down with illnesses one week after you introduce said pup to your home. I feel like my main purpose in life at the moment is to clean up poop. Kids poo and dogs poo. Just call me the poo lady. At this point I’m sure I’ve earned that title.

cockapoos and children

Dobby follows me everywhere, as does Aria. I can’t go to the toilet without a pup and a toddler in tow. I can’t go into the kitchen without a pup and a toddler in tow. He follows me up the stairs and then cries because he can’t get back down the stairs. If I don’t have a pup and a toddler in tow I worry about where said pup and toddler are, and more to the point, what mischief they are causing.

As for being child friendly, if you count terrorising her and bringing her to tears approximately 50 times a day as child friendly then we’re bang on track!

cockapoos and children

Sometimes Aria loves Dobby, she sits down and chats with him and she especially loves lying next to him when he falls asleep (probably because he won’t jump over her when he’s sleeping, or at least she hopes that is the case), other times Aria hates Dobby.

Sometimes Dobby follows Aria around chewing on her nappy (apparently it’s because it’s a similar scent to puppy training pads), jumps up at her and chews her hair, making her cry, not because he hurts her, but because she is fed up of him.

children and cockapoos

I’m sure that we will eventually be a big happy family, and even the cats will come to love Dobby, but for now I’m you’ll find me researching puppy training classes and googling how the hell do I stop my puppy harassing my toddler, and me.