Simple Easter Bunny Sweet Holder – Toddler Craft

We received this month’s Easter themed Bostik craft box* a little while ago, then someone wanted to view our house which resulted in me hiding it away in a drawer out of sight and swiftly forgetting about it. Panic kicked in yesterday when I realised that the craft was due today and I didn’t even have an idea in mind. Not a clue.

Toilet roll Easter bunny toddler craft sweet holder tutorial

Our bunny is far from perfect, in fact he looks quite angry and his whiskers are a little lopsided, but Aria had so much fun making him and she loves putting eggs in and out of him, which, as far as I am concerned, is a winner.

toilet roll tube easter mini egg holder tutorial

If you want to make your own, probably better, Easter bunny toilet roll sweet holder you will need :

  • A toilet roll tube
  • Pretty patterned paper, preferably different patterns for the feet, ears and nose (or you could use an egg sticker for the nose like I did if you have one)
  • Googly eyes (I had to improvise as mine, like everything else in my house right now, have disappeared and my local Tesco don’t stock them)
  • Pipe cleaner or similar for whiskers
  • Card
  • Glue/Blu Tac

I chose to use Blu Tac to stick everything onto the tube, firstly as it is way less messier than glue and secondly because it meant that I could slightly adjust things when Aria wasn’t looking, hard to believe but if it was left to her this thing would look even worse than it currently does!

simple toddler easter craft

This was so easy to make, you simply cover the tube in pretty paper, cut out feet and ear shapes and stick them in place, stick the eyes, nose and whiskers in place and then glue the completed tube onto a piece of card. As simple as that!

toilet roll easter mini egg holder toddler craft

Just don’t turn your back and leave your toddler within reach of a pencil as your bunny and table will be drawn on.

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*Disclosure – I am a Bostik Blogger, I receive a box of craft items each month in return for a tutorial*


Top Magical UK Easter Events to Explore

Easter should feel magical. There are loads of places that you can enjoy over the Easter break, but we’ve come up with three that’ll make for a truly unforgettable day out. Imagine getting the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Cadbury World, experience Charlie’s Chocolate Factory for real, or to jump into the world of Peter Rabbit. Well, believe it or not, now you can. All you need to do is to check the directions, collect your friends and family and drive to the magical Easter destination of your choice!

top easter events in the UK 2016

Cadbury World – Easter Eggstravaganza Linden Road, Bournville, Birmingham 25-28 March
Cadbury World easter eggstravaganza uk easter events 2016
Easter means chocolate, so what better way to celebrate it than with some proper egglicious Cream Eggs from Cadbury World? Enjoy an “eggstra” special Easter with an amazing Cadbury World tour, enter the egg-cellent Easter bonnet competition and dig into some handmade Easter eggs at the world’s biggest Cadbury shop. Don’t forget to take pictures with the Cadbury characters to make your experience truly unforgettable!

Charlie’s Chocolate Easter Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire 25-28 March
This is definitely “Oompa Loompa-tastic”! Drive to Tatton Park and make your Easter both utterly magical and seriously chocolatey. Here you’ll be spending your time in the crazy, adventurous universe of Roald Dahl. You’re invited to come along on the incredible journey of Danny the Champion of the World, Matilda and Fantastic Mr Fox Children. Do not forget to grab your golden ticket for your chance to win a properly special chocolate bar!

Where is Peter Rabbit Hunt The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction, Crag Brow, Cumbria 9 April
the enchanting world of Beatrix Potter statue at Beatrix Potter World advertorial for where is peter rabbit hunt Easter 2016

Known to be one of the best egg hunts in the world. This treasure trail is a famous version of the Peter Rabbit Egg Hunt. Located in the serene beauty of the Lake District, The World of Beatrix Potter hosts the biggest Easter egg hunt in the area. The 150 handcrafted limited-edition ceramic Beatrix Potter egg hunt starts on 10am on Saturday the 9th of April and continues until all eggs are found. So, be quick!

Will you be visiting any of these attractions this Easter? 
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Last Minute Easter Bonnet Crafts with a Thirteen Month Old Baby

I had no intention of making an Easter Bonnet this year, Aria is only thirteen months old and (obviously) not in school yet so it hadn’t crossed my mind. She goes to private nursery one day a week and it hadn’t even entered my head that they would ask us to make Easter bonnets.

last minute easter bonnet with a thirteen month old - baby on white wooden floor looking up at camera holding craft items ready to make a bonnet

As it was last minute the majority of Easter bonnet craft items had sold out, plus I was limited to what I could buy in my local town, which was pretty much Wilko and The Card Factory. I managed to buy a bunny & chic pom pom set, some pastel pom poms and some Easter felt shapes from Wilko and a Easter Crown set from the Card Factory. I really wanted a bonnet rather than a crown but bought the crowns as a back up, they were only 99p and came with some cute foam decorations that I could use on a bonnet. Thankfully I managed to get hold of a cute pink Easter bonnet from Asda at the weekend. Using these bits I’ve created something, it isn’t the most creative bonnet and certainly isn’t what I would have made if I’d had more time and supplies, but it isn’t bad.

pink Easter bonnet with bunny and chic sitting on top in bed of flowers and grass
I went for the theme of the bunny and chick sitting on top of the hat on a bed of grass and flowers. Unfortunately the green pom poms in the pack were very limited so I didn’t end up with much ‘grass’ and the theme isn’t really very obvious. I then stuck a few other pretty items around the sides.

Pink pastel easter bonnet with pink bunny and chick, flowers, eggs.

This was so easy to make, everything was just stuck together and onto the hat using the sticky back tape that was provided in the packs. I can’t fault the packs that I bought, they came with everything that I needed and it probably would have cost me more to buy all of the individual items and make the shapes myself.

thirteen month old baby with easter bonnet craft packs
I started off allowing Aria to help me, I thought it would be fun. Aria thought it was great fun, especially when she started to pull all of the discarded bits of rubbish out of the bin and hand them to me. I ended up getting all of Aria’s other toys out to distract her and making the bonnet all by myself.

While making this I learned that I HATE sticky back tape and that you should never, ever do any crafts with a thirteen month old. The worse thing about all of this? They wanted the bonnets everyday this week. Aria only goes to nursery on a Friday so isn’t even in this week as it’s good Friday. All this for nothing. I will be taking a trip to nursery tomorrow especially to drop her bonnet off!

Did you make a bonnet this year? How did yours turn out?

Easter Gifts For The Whole Family

I buy for a variety of ages for Easter, ranging from one right up to thirty three, me being me I like to find gifts that are a little bit different, whether it be an unusual egg or a chocolate flavour beer. I’ve already shared Aria’s Easter basket so in this post I will be sharing what I’ve bought for the rest of the family.

blog post easter gift guide easter gifts for the whole family - chocolate beer, hello kitty easter egg easter basket bunny egg with carrot hot cross bun popcorn

Easter gift guide marks & spencer kids eggs and luxury adults eggs chocolate beer and hot cross bun popcorn books and clothing for baby
I started my Easter shopping quite a while ago, I worked in Marks & Spencer as a Christmas temp, I finished at the end of January which was when their Easter stock came out so I made the most of my staff discount and bought a few bits in readiness.

I bought the Alfie bunny for my four year old nephew and the Hello Kitty egg for my eight year old niece, the small bunny and chick chocolate lollipops are also for them. M&S have since released a Frozen and dinosaur egg, even though I’m sure my niece and nephew will love these part of me does wish I had held off and bought those instead.

For Spencer I’ve bought this pretty delicious looking coffee lovers egg from Marks & Spencer along with their Cheshire Chocolate Porter beer, I couldn’t resist the beer when I saw it, I thought it was a fab twist on the traditional Easter present. I just hope he lets me try a sip, and also lets me help him eat his egg.

I’ve also got the Butterkist Hot Cross Bun popcorn* for us both to have a nibble on, as much as I love chocolate it will be nice to have a change at Easter time, I’m really looking forward to trying this.

What have you bought your family for Christmas? Are you tempted by any of these treats?

Easter with HEMA

Every year I plan to decorate my house for Easter. Every year Spencer tells me not to be ridiculous and that it is a waste of money. This year, thanks to HEMA* I am happily injecting the Easter spirit into my house.

Easter with HEMA easter chocolates, decorations, marshmallows and egg decals from HEMA

pretty pastel Easter decorations including patterned egg decals, patterned egg decorations, clip on chicks, easter duck marshmallows and chocolate eggs

HEMA sent me everything that I needed to get into the Easter spirit including sweet treats, pretty decorations and even egg decals. The Easter marshmallows are adorable and taste delicious too, my niece loves marshmallows and I know she will really like these little chick shaped marshmallows so I am trying my best to leave some for her! The chocolate eggs were delicious and have all been eaten by Spencer and me, of course.

Easter decorated white and pastel fireplace with hanging egg decorations, Easter cards and little chicks

I’m trying to convince Spencer that I need some white twigs to hang my Easter eggs on but he isn’t have any of it, for now, I like how they look on my fireplace with the very handy clip on chicks.

These decorations are so pretty, and with prices starting at just £1.50 almost everyone can afford to inject a bit of Easter cheer into their homes.

pastel hanging heart easter decorations hanging from white fireplace

See the full range at or visit one of their UK stores in Kingston, Bromley, London Victoria, Birmingham and London Stansted Airport.

Do you decorate your house for Easter or do you agree with Spencer?