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My trendy tot is currently loving her comfy yet adorable Blade & Rose Clothing*. Now that the sun is shining and we aren’t hiding our clothing away under layers and big coats it is the perfect time to wear a unicorn on your bum, don’t you think?

Unicorn bum print striped toddler leggings from Blade & Rose - Blog review

rainbow stripe colourful toddler leggings with cloud and colourful rain from Blade & Rose

If unicorns aren’t your thing then how about these amazing colourful rainbow leggings and matching tee? Perfect for both little boys and girls, with the only flaw being that the cloud is slightly see through, just pop a pair of white pants/knickers/plain white vest on and they are perfect. Do not pop a pink polka dot vest on underneath like someone did…

My trendy tot aside, let’s have a look at what the other trendy tots have been wearing over on Instagram.

I’m loving the bright colours and prints here, and the photo is adorable too! See more of Alana’s perfect clothing and photos on Baby Holiday.

Prancing with the daffodils. #lookoutdaffodils

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Aren’t this hat and coat just the cutest? Beauty all around on this one with this very trendy tot and the daffodils! Check out mummy’s blog – Baked By Mummy Iris.

That hair is just amazing!

How adorable is this nine month old bum shuffler? I am loving this capture from Bex of Mummy Adventure.

Check out #MyTrendyTot round up number five over on Chantele’s blog. Don’t forget to link up using the hashtag on instagram for your chance to be featured.

*Disclosure – Items marked ‘*’ were sent to us in exchange for promotion*

#MyTrendyTot an instagram community linky for fashionable tots - blog post round up

I’m a little late sharing my picks for the fourth #MyTrendyTot round up, which, to be completely honest, should be expected! Better late than never is my motto. You can check out the third round up on Chantele’s blog here.

As always it was a struggle to pick, seriously those insta tots are so well dressed! It puts my wardrobe to shame that’s for sure. I decided to go for a Spring theme, bright colours make everyone happy right?


Obviously Lily’s amazing bright yellow dungarees from Little Green Radicals had to be included, they are amazing and I must get some for Aria.

Visit Lily’s fabulous mama Lucy on her blog Hello Beautiful Bear.

Isn’t Lucas the coolest little dude? This little outfit is just too cute.

‘Never Grow Up’ – how cute is that for a kids tee? LOVE it!

Last but by no means least sweet little Frankie won me over with her daffodil. I accept bribes by the way, preferably in the form of flowers orΒ chocolates (or both), just FYI. Check out Frankie’s lovely mama’s blog all about her two AnkleBiters.


My trendy tot has been wearing her posh birthday dress from Next (January sale bargain!).

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Embracing plus size clothing - girl wears blue top from YoursClothing

I’ve never worn plus size clothing, I’ve always been afraid of it, wearing plus size clothing is giving in and admitting that I am plus size, which I have never wanted to do. I’ve had several companies approach me throughout the yearsΒ to offer me plus size clothing for a feature on the blog, my reply has always been something along the lines of “no thank you, I’m on a diet and won’t be plus size much longer, therefore I don’t want to associate my blog with plus size clothing”. The diets have always failed, and even when they have worked I’ve never gotten below a size 14, and therefore have remained plus size. Recently I have decided to admit defeat and embrace the fact that I am plus size.

I am fed up of going into high street shops and purchasing a top that, while not designed to be a crop top, when challenged with my larger than average mum tum, appears to be just that. I get depressed when I see beautiful dresses on tiny mannequins and know that I would resemble a hippopotamus in it, if I managed to get it over my big toe that is.

In 2016 I decided that enough was enough, I am never going to be slim and so I should just embrace plus size clothing. I stepped into Yours Clothing and spent around Β£100 on a couple of tops, and I love them. They are long, they are floaty and they hide my lumps and bumps perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, there are one or two things that I have had to take back as it doesn’t suit me, not all plus size women are the same shape after all, but the stuff that does suit me? It’s a revelation.
plus size clothing outfit for night out from YoursClothing

Take this outfit from YoursClothing*, it is perfect for a night out. The top covers my arms enough to hide the fact that they are HUGE, but shows them off enough that I don’t look hidden away. The high waisted jeans tuck me in while allowing me to breath and the wide fit boots make wearing heels perfectly comfortable. This outfit means that I can go out and not worry about breathing in to hide my tummy, it means that I can just enjoy myself and even treat myself to a lager or ten without worrying, hell, I deserve it!

black ankle boots with statement silver chunky zip

Yes, I am cutting down and do hope to lose weight, but for now I am embracing plus size clothing and loving it.

*Disclosure – YoursClothing outfit received for inclusion in blog post*

I’m so pleased with how the #MyTrendyTot Instagram link up is going, it has only been running for twenty days and already we’ve had so many gorgeous photos linked up. Picking my favourites for the past two weeks was a real challenge, the tots of instagram sure are trendy!

#mytrendytot instagram hashtag round up for fashionably dressed kids

How amazing is this little outfit? I would actually wear everything here myself. The sass matches the outfit perfectly. One seriously trendy tot!

I am a huge fan of anything with rainbows and splashes of colours so I obviously had to pick this one. This top is so fun and colourful, it would be great to brighten up a dull, grey day like today.

You can also find Lucy blogging at Hello Beautiful Bear.

Obviously I just had to include the birthday girl, as Kate says, who can resist a tutu? Not me that’s for sure!

You can also find Kate blogging at Counting To Ten.

What can I say about this one, not only is she pretty damn stylish, she also dresses herself, a little fashionista in the making!

You can also find Beth blogging at Twinderelmo.

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Obviously I had to include a photo from my very own trendy tot who recently decided that it is all about the red lipstick, and lots of it! Watch my latest YouTube video to find out exactly what happened here.

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I have an exciting announcement! I have teamed up with the lovely Chantele, photographer and fellow Welsh blogger from Two Hearts One Roof, to bring you a new kids fashion linky over on my favourite social media platform, Instagram.

#MyTrendyTot a new kids fashion community linking on instagram .- share pictures of your fashionable toddler for a chance to be featured

Each fortnight we will be inviting people to link up, simply by using #MyTrendyTot on any Instagram photos that showcase your tots trendy outfit. Chantele and I will then take it in turns to share our favourites.

Our favourite images will be shared on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. These we will be shared on Instagram and on our blogs, linking back to the instagram accounts and the blog (assuming that this information is easily available in your profile). For this month Chantele will be posting on the 15th and I will be posting on the 29th. 

You can find Chantele on Instagram as TwoHeartsOneRoof and me as CorneliusBlog and follow the #MyTrendyTot Hashtag here.

#MyTrendyTot starts today so please support us and get involved.