The Toddler’s Dream Garden

As mentioned in my bid to get fit, the sun has well and truly got it’s hat on and it’s making me all proactive. My to-do list has suddenly gone through the roof as a little bit of sunshine makes me want to take on the world. I’ve got plans to paint, de-clutter and organise, but most importantly I need to create the toddler’s dream garden, a safe haven for Aria to run around and play in.

We’ve been putting off work on our house for so long as the house as been on the market so we didn’t necessarily want to spend time and money on it. Now that the sale of our house has fallen through for the second time I think it’s time we gave in and gave this house some TLC. If we’re stuck here for a while we may as well enjoy it after all. It’s time to stop moaning and instead buy some tools and get working, I could even get Aria involved, how cool we should look in this fab children’s bib and brace!? I love that Engelbert Strauss stocks such a wide range of things from DIY tools to protective clothing meaning that we could just order everything from there and be done with it all.

So, what would my dream toddler garden contain? First off it needs to be pinterest friendly, because, well, why wouldn’t it? Within my, I mean Aria’s, perfect pinterest garden there would be a perfect pastel playhouse, a mud kitchen, a toadstool seating area and rubber flooring.

Ideally we wouldn’t want to spend too much money as hopefully we will sell our house at some point. My current thoughts are to buy a plain, cheap playhouse, similar to this, and decorate it ourselves, that way we can make it exactly how we want it and it will be one of a kind. With regard to the mud kitchen I have visions of us creating a beautiful master piece using the pallets that are sitting in our garden doing nothing, but in reality it would probably be a disaster so maybe I should buy one similar to Kelly‘s from My Mud Kitchen. I don’t mind splashing out on the toadstools as they can quite easily come with us when we move, and I am absolutely in love with this beautiful set from The Range.

Have I missed anything from my dream toddler garden do you think? What do you think your toddler would like to see included in their dream garden?

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Week in Photos #112
Naughty, naughty Dominos along with puddings. It was rather tasty.
I made Slimming World Chicken pizza, zero for presentation skills but it tasted amazing.
Chilled with a lager after a hard days work on Friday.
I ordered this Dymo label maker from eBay, I absolutely love it!
I also ordered loads of Nakd bars. My local Tesco sell them but they don’t have much choice and I really want to try all of the different flavours. They also including two free bars which was very kind.
We went to McArthur Glen yesterday. Obviously we had to stop for coffee and cake which was yummy.

We went to a local pub for a meal, I had the Somerset chicken which was delicious.
Yummy snack of Light Babybel, cherry tomatoes and ham.
I made Slimming World Babybel beef burgers, absolutely amazing!
We couldn’t be-bothered to cook after spending all day working in the garden today so we had a naughty KFC.

A trip to McArthur Glen has to involve buying some yummy tea or coffee from Whittards. This time we went for these three flavoured coffees which were on sale for just over £3 each. They are all absolutely delicious.
Aside from our McArthur Glen trip we’ve pretty much spent the whole weekend in the garden. We bought a paddling pool and had my sister & the kids over for a BBQ yesterday (first of the year!).
Today operation pretty garden commenced. Spencer has power washed practically everything in sight, we’ve given the shed the first coat before painting it pale blue, and I’ve done the below which I love so much! The top photo is before and the second is after. I’m not sure if the neighbours love it or hate it but it has certainly been a talking point.