Dog Christmas Outfits – My Top Picks

photo credit – Jenny Giles Photography

As a family we tend to wear a lot of festive clothing throughout December, Aria and I like to wear twinning Christmas dresses and we all like to wear an array of Christmas jumpers, even the dog likes to get involved! Now, I got a little excited when I first became a dog owner and bought a lot of Christmas outfits early on, not considering the fact that my puppy would grow before December. As a result I am once again searching the internet for the very best dog Christmas outfits, and so I thought I would compile a few of my favourites here!

Every dog wants to be an Elf at Christmas time, especially dogs called Dobby! This cute little outfit comes with a hat and can be seen modelled by Dobby in his festive photo above.

Dog Christmas outfits

If your dog isn’t one for all out festivities how about keeping it plain and simple with this quirky jumper from Not On The High Street? Be sure to check for the best Not On The High Street voucher codes and sign up to Quidco to get 5% cashback.

I’m not sure if the dogs are going to like this one to be fair, but I love it!

Dog Christmas outfits

If comfort and warmth is your dogs thing, how about this lovely dog’s Rudolph jumper from World Stores. Be sure to sign up to KidStart to collect cashback on your order and check out voucher codes for World Stores here.

Why wouldn’t your dog want to wear a light up Christmas jumper? I mean it looks amazing and you won’t lose them when you take them for walks in the dark evenings. Everyone is a winner.

Dog Christmas outfits

Why not get the whole family twinning, including the dog? There are lots of Christmas jumpers available featuring this quote, even this one from Debenhams for your dog! Remember to search for voucher codes for Debenhams to save a few bob before ordering.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

Foodie gifts are some of my favourite gifts to both give and receive. I love both compiling a hamper of food related treats or picking up the perfect foodie gift set that I know will bring a smile to the receivers face.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies raw chocolate gift set

The chocolate gift making set from Indigo Herbs includes everything that you need to make 20-25 natural and pure small chocolates. Foodies will love making their own beautiful creations with this kit and will appreciate the delicious taste of the raw chocolate.

The Indigo chocolate making kit gift set is available here for £19.99.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies chocolate cookbook

Another one for the chocolate lovers who want to eat chocolate without all the guilt, The Ultimate Chocolate Cookbook is a sugar free cookbook with recipes for delicious treats for any occasion, from special breakfasts to show-stopping sugar-free cakes and bakes.

The Ultimate Chocolate Cookbook is available here for £8.94.

If you would prefer to go down the DIY hamper route, these would make the perfect additions.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies selection of Welsh cheeses

A selection of cheese is essential isn’t it? This delicious Welsh selection of cheeses came from Dragon, a farmer owned Welsh dairy co-operative that produces a wide selection of cheese and traditional Welsh butter. The range includes Cheddar (from young mild varieties to something more vintage which can be matured for up to 2 years). As well as this, they make traditional Welsh Caerphilly, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester and, my personal favourite, Vintage Cheddar with Leek – how very Welsh!

Dragon Cheese is available from a variety of retailers, including Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Lidl, local independent stores and cheese shops.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies Opies pickled walnuts

Pickled Walnuts, some may say the ultimate cheese accompaniment. These are available from most supermarkets and the long date makes them the perfect addition to a food hamper.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies hottest chilli sauce

Carolina Reaper Chilli, the hottest chilli sauce from Encona. Not for the faint hearted but a great offering for those who like to put their taste buds to the test!

Encona sauces are available in a range of UK supermarkets.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies wakers shortbread hamper

The Christmas range from Walkers ticks most boxes, traditional shortbread, chocolates, pretty tins (one even plays music), tarts and mince pies. There is something for every food lover in their selection which is available online via

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

I don’t know about you, but I always find men the hardest to buy for. I’m not a man, I don’t like ‘manly’ things and I don’t know much about being a man. I usually fall back on a mug and a pair of socks, but I’ve been super inspired this year and have found plenty more ideas!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - art of football welsh wizard rugby t-shirt

If he likes football, rugby or boxing, the chances are he is going to love Art of Football. Art of Football create hand crafted designs that emulate the energy, passion and euphoria that erupts from that one magical kick. They only produce a limited number of each design, so your t-shirts & prints, like any good piece of art, are exclusive and completely original.

The Welsh Wizard tee is available here for £25.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - amtech 65 piece assorted tool kit

Tools make Spencer’s Christmas list every year, despite receiving a set every year, the following year he usually wants more! This 65 piece assorted tool kit from ametch will hopefully keep him happy, for a little while at least!

Find your local stockist here.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - scratch map find me a gift

This scratch map is perfect for the well travelled man (or woman, but we’re talking about the men today!). Just pin the scratch map on your wall and scratch off the places that you’ve been.

The scratch map is available from Find Me a Gift for £11.99.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Men-u shower gel duo

Add a little luxury into his showers with this men-ü shower gel duo, the perfect addition to the male stocking.

The men-ü shower gel duo is available here for £11.95.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Zippo lighter

Perfect for collectors, I just know Aria’s grandad is going to love this Zippo windproof lighter.

View more from the Zippo range here.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - clothes peg clip light and cord holder

These two items are perfect for the stocking. Spencer is the reader in our relationship and I’m all for having the lights out early (when I’m not working that is). This clothes peg light clip is the perfect solution, it shines a super bright light onto his book that doesn’t bother me.

Spencer loves his gadgets and there is usually a jumbled mess of cords wherever he is, hopefully this cord holder will make his jumbled mess of cords a little less of a mess!

The clothes peg light clip is available here for £10.
The cord holder is available here for £4.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Chatham Marine Slippers crown fur lined moccasin slippers for men

If he has been extra good this year how about treating him to some luxurious slippers? These fur lined moccasin slippers from Chatham Life are the perfect comfortable gift.

The Crown fur lined moccasin slippers are available here for £79.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Christmas is fast approaching and the burning question on most people’s lips is “just what do I buy *insert name* for Christmas?”. Buying presents is so much fun when you know what to buy, but it can be SUCH a chore when you are clueless. I’m going to be publishing several Christmas gift guides over the next week, which will hopefully Christmas shopping a little easier for you! I’m starting by sharing some of my favourite Christmas gift ideas for kids.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids Jungle Jam books

The Jungle Jam book series is perfect for the younger children aged 0-6, a series of captivating rhyming books, introducing children to new sounds, cultures and musical instruments.

The Jungle Jam books are available from the Jungle Jam shop and Amazon, priced at £5.99 each or £25 for the series.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids children's DVDs

Perfect for pre-schoolers these CBeebies DVDs mean that they can watch their favourite shows whenever they want!

The CBeebies DVDs are available from all good retailers, including Amazon. Prices vary.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids ready steady dough

I don’t think I’ve ever met a kid who doesn’t love playing with dough and they can never have too much of it, making this the perfect gift.

Nick Jr. Ready Steady Dough is available at The Entertainer and is currently reduced to just £2.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids unicorn soft toy

Doesn’t everyone love unicorns nowadays? I know me and my daughter do! This Snuggle Buddies unicorn is beautiful and also, as the name suggests, very snuggly!

Snuggle Buddies Super Soft Unicorn is available from The Entertainer and is currently half price at £7.50.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids dusty the garbage truck

Not only is Dusty the Garbage Truck a fun toy, but it is a toy that tidies up, both parents and child will love you for buying this!

Read my review of Dusty The Garbage Truck here, includes a video of Dusty in action.

Dusty the Garbage Truck is available from all good retailers including Symths for £39.99.

Christmas gift ideas for kids Cat machine maker junior operator

The Cat Machine Maker Junior Operator is part of a line of build it yourself construction sets. It comes equipped with all the pieces you need to make your own Cat machine. It also includes a figure which will fit into the driving seat once built and a chunky screwdriver.

Cat Machine Maker Junior Operator is available from Smyths for £9.99, RRP £11.99, and it suitable for ages 3+.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids light box

How about getting them some cute decor for their bedroom? The A4 Light Box and the beautiful A3 Yay A Day print both come from This Modern Life. If you’re looking for beautiful, cutesy bedroom accessories this is the place. I want it all.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids print

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids illumi-mates

While we are on the subject of pretty bedroom decor, these illumi-mates are perfect. There is a wide selection available, pretty much everyone will be able to find their favourite character!

Illumi-mates are available from various retailers including Amazon, prices vary.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids woofy whoops

Kids will love this game, especially if the adults are the ones getting covered in ‘wee’! Woofy Whoops is a game of chance, you hook it up to an app and the app decides who gets squirted at random, while recording the moment in slow motion!

Woofy Whoops is available from various retailers including Amazon.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids itty bittys

Hallmark Itty Bitty’s are the perfect stocking filler for all ages. Available in a wide selection of your favourite characters, including Star Wars, DC Comics, Frozen and so much more.

Itty Bitty’s are available from Amazon for £6.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids snuggly rascals unicorn headphone

These unicorn headphones from Snuggly Rascals are perfect for children who love listening to music and/or watching YouTube. The snuggly fleece band contains a pair of flat speakers, perfect for delicate ears and for keeping them warm! They are available in a range of designs including a pig, a penguin, a cat and much more. The headphones are size adjustable and suitable for children of all ages.

Snuggly Rascals Headphones are available to purchase here for £14.99.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids satchel cool bag

This satchel cool bag provides the perfect, cool solution for packed lunches and looks pretty awesome too.

The Spearmark Satchel Cool Bag is available from Amazon, prices vary dependant on design.

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The Mummy Blogger’s Christmas Wishlist

I always struggle when it comes to thinking up gift ideas for myself, I’m not very good with money and if I want something, I tend to buy it. This year has seen us moving into a new house and me (attempting) to restrain myself when it comes to spending money, which has resulted in me building up quite a nice wishlist!

I’m not even slightly organised and I am always looking for things to help combat that, they really never work but a good planner and a to-do list always make me feel slightly more relaxed. There is something so very satisfying about crossing things off a list. As always, the prettier the stationery the better.

A pretty desk is an essential part of blogging right? As a blogger I spend a lot of time at my desk area so I want it to look good, and of course I may want to take photos of my blogging area in which case it needs to look especially good!

I genuinely really need both of these. I’m always multi-tasking between my phone and computer when working so the phone stand is the perfect hands free solution, with a charger, and it looks pretty. All boxes ticked. As for the mug, I like coffee, strike that, I need coffee.

This may seem boring for the non-blogger/photography lovers amongst us, but believe me, these are hot stuff, the stuff of bloggers dreams in fact. Taking photos in this dark, horrible Winter is hard work. Even in the Summer a lot of us are left with no choice but to take our photos when the kids are in bed and the lighting just isn’t good. I am hoping that this light will answer both my photography and filming woes.

My ultimate, ultimate present which I know I’m not going to get but I can always dream, is a GoPro. I’ve wanted a GoPro for so long but I haven’t been able to justify the expense, a DSLR upgrade, new lenses and a vlogging camera all took priority. I also really want one of these to go with my GoPro.

mummy bloggers Christmas list

Let’s be honest, most camera bags are ugly, practical they may be but kind on the eye they are not. I rarely go out without my DSLR and so I spent many hours trawling the internet in search of a nice looking camera bag. I was thrilled when I stumbled across Shutter Totes and ordered a bag straight away, a bag which I love and is used a lot. I love my bag so much that I am now fancying another bag from the same person, in the form of this lovely DSLR backpack (beware that if you are nice enough to buy me this you probably will incur a customs charge if ordering to the UK).

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