The Perfect Gift for Daddy

I’ve mentioned before that I find men extremely difficult to buy for, and that Spencer is particularly difficult. We don’t have a big budget and he doesn’t just want ‘things’. I love trinkets and pretty little things but if it isn’t functional Spencer isn’t interested, referring to my trinkets as tat. He has a tendency to think that money grows on trees and will purchase the things that he wants as and when throughout the year. Making gift buying extremely difficult.

personalised ruby port

I’ve now resorted to buying him edible gifts. He isn’t a big drinker but he loves his port at Christmas time, and in similar style to my own father, he will go through a whole bottle in one day. Which leaves me thinking that while it was an appreciated present, it was maybe a bit of a waste as it’s gone in a day, leaving him with no presents to show come Boxing Day.

personalised ruby port

I guess my conundrum was that I wanted a gift that he would appreciate, but I didn’t want to just buy any old throwaway present from Aria, I wanted something special, something personal. Eventually I discovered GiftsOnline4U, the home of a huge selection of personalised gifts and my problems were solved.

When I saw the personalised Port I knew that it was the one. The gift of all gifts. A gift that he will actually appreciate and enjoy. A personal, special gift. This special fine ruby port comes personalised with an exclusive pewter label in the shape of a shield with an embossed design and it looks fabulous! The message is engraved onto the pewter plaque using a diamond cutter and it is recommended that you have a maximum of 70 characters spread over five lines for best results.

Yes, it is port. Yes, he will drink it all in a day. But, he will really appreciate it (maybe he’ll even crack a smile!) and when he is done I can wash the bottle out, pop a candle in it and keep it forever more.

personalised ruby port

GiftsOnline4U stock a very wide range of bespoke gifts for every special occasion, specialising in personalised champagne gifts and other personalised alcohol options, they engrave in house meaning that they are able to offer engraved gifts such as their extensive engraved pocket watch selection.

Port is not the only perfect gift that they sell, I would personally love to receive the Taittinger Champagne Gift Set with Ferrero Rocher Heart, I would savour every single sip and every single bite! The personalised chocolate bars would make for the most perfect children’s stocking fillers as would their personalised pencil cases and crayons.

There is still plenty of time for Christmas delivery, you have right up until 1pm on Thursday 21st December, so if you are struggling for the perfect, personal gift this Christmas be sure to check out GiftsOnline4U, and while you’re there, pick up the engraved pendant twisting heart design for me!

*Disclosure – I received the port in exchange for a feature – as always, all opinions are my own 
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

I don’t know about you, but I always find men the hardest to buy for. I’m not a man, I don’t like ‘manly’ things and I don’t know much about being a man. I usually fall back on a mug and a pair of socks, but I’ve been super inspired this year and have found plenty more ideas!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - art of football welsh wizard rugby t-shirt

If he likes football, rugby or boxing, the chances are he is going to love Art of Football. Art of Football create hand crafted designs that emulate the energy, passion and euphoria that erupts from that one magical kick. They only produce a limited number of each design, so your t-shirts & prints, like any good piece of art, are exclusive and completely original.

The Welsh Wizard tee is available here for £25.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - amtech 65 piece assorted tool kit

Tools make Spencer’s Christmas list every year, despite receiving a set every year, the following year he usually wants more! This 65 piece assorted tool kit from ametch will hopefully keep him happy, for a little while at least!

Find your local stockist here.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - scratch map find me a gift

This scratch map is perfect for the well travelled man (or woman, but we’re talking about the men today!). Just pin the scratch map on your wall and scratch off the places that you’ve been.

The scratch map is available from Find Me a Gift for £11.99.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Men-u shower gel duo

Add a little luxury into his showers with this men-ü shower gel duo, the perfect addition to the male stocking.

The men-ü shower gel duo is available here for £11.95.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Zippo lighter

Perfect for collectors, I just know Aria’s grandad is going to love this Zippo windproof lighter.

View more from the Zippo range here.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - clothes peg clip light and cord holder

These two items are perfect for the stocking. Spencer is the reader in our relationship and I’m all for having the lights out early (when I’m not working that is). This clothes peg light clip is the perfect solution, it shines a super bright light onto his book that doesn’t bother me.

Spencer loves his gadgets and there is usually a jumbled mess of cords wherever he is, hopefully this cord holder will make his jumbled mess of cords a little less of a mess!

The clothes peg light clip is available here for £10.
The cord holder is available here for £4.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Chatham Marine Slippers crown fur lined moccasin slippers for men

If he has been extra good this year how about treating him to some luxurious slippers? These fur lined moccasin slippers from Chatham Life are the perfect comfortable gift.

The Crown fur lined moccasin slippers are available here for £79.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Gillette proglide styler

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler is a 3 in 1 shaver, trimmer and edger, allowing for precision styling whichever style they choose.

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide is available here for £17.18.

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