Self Care & Ageing Gracefully

This coming year sees me turning 33. People born in the year 2000 will turn 18. How is that even possible? Surely people born in 2000 are still babies!

My nan always used to say “you know you’re getting old when the Policemen are getting younger”. She was right. I now see Policemen and I’m convinced that they should still be in school, in reality they’re in their twenties.

I am officially old.

I’m hairier than I used to be. My metabolism definitely doesn’t work like it used to and I have no idea what songs are in the top ten. My idea of the perfect evening is a takeaway, pyjamas and an early night; I even considered adding a National Trust membership to my Christmas list!

It’s time to start looking after myself, in a bid to ensure that I age gracefully.

Self Care & Ageing Gracefully

The signs of ageing are slowly creeping up on me and my body is changing. The fine lines started to appear around my eyes a few years back and my body aches in places that I never knew could ache.

In a bid to delay the ageing process and age more gracefully I plan to take a few simple steps, a few preventative measures.

The addition of a dog to our family means that I am now more active than ever before. This combined with healthy eating will be beneficial for the whole family.

I’ve recently discovered that I have a Vitamin D deficiency, I am taking supplements for this and hoping to have it under control sooner rather than later. Weakened bones and growing older aren’t an ideal combination.

Maybe 2018 will be the year that I finally find a good skin care regime and dabble more in self care, more early nights and more me-time.

Let’s not forget the less talked about issues when it comes to ageing as a female. Many people see these changes as embarrassing and tend not to talk about them. Body changes such as vaginal dryness, an issue that is simple to treat yet comes with great stigma. Vaginal Dryness Treatment is readily available in the form of moisturising gel and a refreshing mousse, which can also be used as a preventative measure.

So, here is to 2018. To eating healthy and keeping fit. To taking care of my body and taking preventative measures to ensure that I age gracefully.

Have you put any changes in place to ensure that you age gracefully?

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My Bid To Get Fit

Spring has well and truly sprung and with it comes heaps of motivation and sunshine. This week I’ve gone on long walks. This week I’ve had a clear out and donated bags of clothing to charity. The sun makes me proactive and determined and I like it! I like it so much that I have decided it is time to get fit.

I don’t drive and so tend to catch the bus to get from A to B, but I have decided to save money, get fit and start walking everywhere (well, within reason!). I could learn to drive, but it is just so expensive, even once you’ve passed your test the cost of running a car is phenomenal, as is shown by research carried out by affordable car hire company Instead I’m going to turn my woeful lack of driving into fitness inspiration, don my new walking boots and get skinny for Summer (huge exaggeration, I lack the will power required to get this body skinny).

I have downloaded Strava onto my phone and am using it to track my walks and to push myself to walk faster and faster each time. I go to town twice a week when I have Aria and so am going to walk there and back both times, this is three miles all in. Assuming that Aria behaves and sits in the pushchair I can really push myself on these walks, yesterday I averaged 2.8MPH so the aim is to get quicker and quicker, when Aria plays ball of course. Today I have childcare and wouldn’t normally do anything, I work from home so just stay in the house all day. Not anymore. Today I am going to walk up the very steep wooden steps to my parents house. This is a tough walk and will likely kill me.

We have sold our house and will be moving to a lovely house at the top of the park shortly. My plan for when we’ve moved is to take a lunch break on my working days and use it to walk down to the park and back, while it is only a five/ten minute walk down the walk back up is very steep and is a killer. This walk two/three times a week combined with my more leisurely strolls with Aria should really improve my fitness.

While I’m not making huge changes I am hoping that just getting out walking and really pushing myself will make a huge impact on both my fitness and my weight, all while saving money and de-stressing.

If you’re still looking for motivation to ditch the car and get walking you should check out the fab infographic below. The road rage and rows with partner definitely ring true for time spent in Spencer’s car!

a lifetime of driving in numbers, infographic showing just how much money and time is spent in the car during your lifetime

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