Quick & Healthy Family Meals with Pizza Express Leggera at Home

Trying to juggle working all the hours, family life and healthy eating is hard work. The temptation to just throw something in the oven is overwhelming. Simple food that the whole family will enjoy, that doesn’t take hours to prepare. This usually results in un-healthy which isn’t at all helpful with my eternal pursuit to lose weight. Or at least that was the case, before the Pizza Express Leggera at home was a thing.

Pizza Express Leggera at Home

We love eating at Pizza Express and I tend to order the Leggera when we do, it doesn’t compromise on flavour but is lighter and healthier making it a win win for me. The addition of the Leggera to the Pizza Express at home range is fantastic news for pizza lovers who don’t love the calories! The Leggera at home pizzas are under four hundred calories for the whole pizza! I’m a bit excited by this. The best thing? These pizzas cook in just 6-8 minutes from fresh or 9-11 from frozen! Quick, convenient and healthy (and pizza!).

Pizza Express Leggera at Home

The Pizza Express Leggera at home pizzas are the perfect size for one person. We’re greedy and so cooked four to go between the three of us. We ended up with one and half pizzas left over (Aria isn’t a huge eater). This meant guilt free cold pizza for lunch the next day!

Pizza Express Leggera at Home

The Leggera at home is currently available in two flavours, chicken & vegetable and squash, kale & goat’s cheese. Now, Spencer is one of these whose mindset is that if it doesn’t have meat on it, it’s pointless. He rolls his eyes at me if I order a vegetarian meal when we go out and is never pleased when I cook vegetarian food at home, which is why I was surprised to see him reaching for more and more of the kale, squash & goats cheese Leggera. I pulled him up on this (and also mocked him, quite a bit) and he admitted that on this occasion the meat free pizza was actually quite delicious.

Pizza Express Leggera at Home

The Pizza Express Leggera at home are currently available in Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury’s.

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The Ten Stages of Dieting

We’ve all been there, and by all I mean all of us serial dieters. Us yo yo dieters. Those of us who like to experiment with the latest fad diets. Those of us who are never happy with our weight and are always planning to do something about it. I know the ten stages of dieting well. I go through them on every single diet, and am currently on point number ten .



1. I can do this. This diet sounds really easy and manageable. I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before!

2. One little treat here and there won’t hurt, I’ve changed my eating habits so drastically, I deserve it, plus my body needs time to adjust.

3. I can’t do it. I’m starving. And snapping at everyone. I’m hangry.

4. Meltdown over, that was a blip, I can do this.

5. We’ve been invited out for food. Panic stations. I know, I’ll calorie count the meal and also take my own low calorie food just in case. That was actually quite easy, I’m proud.

6. I’ve lost 10lbs woohoo!

7. That means I deserve a treat right? Just a small one, maybe a takeaway…

8. I’ve spiralled out of control, I’m crying into my pot of melted Nutella and shortbread biscuits. I will never be skinny.

9. Regret.

10. I CAN do this, I just needed to get that out of my system…

Breakfast The Naturopathic Way with Primrose’s Kitchen

I’m all for healthy eating, I really am, I just don’t have the time or the inclination to stick to it, and I get hungry, really hungry. When I find foods that claim to be easy to prepare, healthy and filling I can’t resist giving them a go, which is why when I was asked if I would like to try some of the naturopathic cereals from Primrose’s Kitchen* I couldn’t resist.

Breakfast The Naturopathic Way with Primrose's Kitchen blog review header image

Primrose’s Kitchen was born following Primrose’s health issues and the realisation that a naturopathic diet would help, her favourite meal of the day was breakfast but the choice was lacking, so Primrose decided to create her own exciting gluten free, vegan and nutritious cereals.

I received the orange & cashew granola, oatmeal & chia and porridge oats, all of which are 100% organic, gluten free and vegan. Some are also suitable for those following the Paleo diet and others are wheat free.

My favourite of the three cereals is the granola, I’ve never tasted a cereal like this before, the orange flavour really comes through to make it unusual and delicious. I like a big bowl of cereal in the morning and was a little sceptical about the granola as it comes in such a small box, I worried that I would only get two or three servings out of it. I decided to put it to the test and try a small bowl and see how it went. I was pleasantly surprised at how full I felt and how long I felt full, from eating a bowl of cereal about half the size of what I normally would.

a review of Primrose's kitchen cereals suitable for naturopathic diets, wheat free, gluten free, paleo and vegan orange & cashew granola, oatmeal & chia and porridge oats

I’ve never tried Chia seeds before but have seen A LOT of people raving about them, they seem to be the breakfast of a stereotypical Instagrammer! I was quite keen to discover what all the fuss was about when trying the Oatmeal & Chia. Unfortunately I was disappointed, this isn’t anything to do with the actual cereal, the oatmeal was lovely and came out a nice texture and, as with the granola, was very filling. Chia seed just isn’t for me, it is quite bitter and despite putting a lot of honey in that bitterness still crept through.

Porridge is my staple breakfast, I love a big bowl of porridge made with milk and honey, you really can’t beat it. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this porridge as much as my usual as it is gluten free, wheat free and suitable for vegans, I was pleasantly surprised as it tasted just as delicious as my normal morning breakfast, yet healthier.

The Primrose’s Kitchen range is available in Waitrose, Ocado, Planet Organic, Wholefoods, a range of independent food stores across the country and from www.primroseskitchen.com.