Homeware Haul : September/October 2016

I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous homeware pieces pop up lately and I haven’t been able to resist purchasing a few bits here and there. A lot of shops really seem to have uppped their homeware game lately, even shops that I wouldn’t usually consider visiting for homeware such as New Look are stocking gorgeous little pieces at the moment.

UK Homeware Haul September and October 2016 including a glitter wall unicorn from Home Bargains

As  I’ve bought quite a few new bits I thought I would film a little homeware haul for you guys. I’ve been shopping in Primark, New Look and Home Bargains, we’ve even bought a new bed from IKEA!

Most of these items unfortunately aren’t available on line, but the most amazing one is! The Unicorn Head can be purchased from Home Bargains for the bargain price of £6.99 here.

What We Wore : Couples Night Out

I’m wearing : Blouse, dress (old, as in very old), boots and bracelets – all Primark
Nails Orly Colour Blast Silver Chrome Foil*
Spencer is wearing : Primark shirt || H&M Chinos Clarks shoes

As mentioned in my week in photos we went out on Saturday night with some friends, our taxi was late which meant that we had plenty of time to photograph each others outfits. I’ve been trying to smarten my darling hubby up for quite a while now and am slowly but surely succeeding, so much so that I am now happy to feature the odd outfit of his on my blog.

I curled my hair using my Enrapture on the setting 2, 2, 2. I love my Enrapture as it is so easy to use, I can curl my hair in less than half an hour and I have a lot of hair. Home Bargains are currently selling them for £17.99 which is a fantastic bargain, they are out of stock on-line but may still be available in stores.

My dress is very old, so old that it is a size 12, I haven’t bought a size 12 for a very long time. Thanks to the style of the dress despite being several sizes larger it still fits nicely

I painted my nails with two coats Orly’s Colour Blast in silver chrome foil*, I love how shiny this is and it applies nice and evenly

I picked this shirt up for Spencer while on one of my many Primark spending sprees, it has cute little sky blue swallows printed on it which don’t photograph very well but look really nice ‘in the flesh’.

Monthly Treats : The Confessions of a Financially Unstable Female #10
I couldn’t resist picking these up while shopping in Asda, they are all flavours that I haven’t yet tried and they all smell amazing.
I searched high and low for a decent black dress to wear for a Funeral, I could not find any that looked nice on me at all. I eventually went into Dorothy Perkins, which is not a shop that I think to go in very often, and found this lovely dress for a bargain price. It is actually really pretty, it has a Broderie pattern on the top part which was very difficult to pick up in the photo.
I don’t go in Home Bargains very often because it is at the different end of town so I just forget about it. When I do go in there I always manage to find quite a few items that I want. I love these mugs, my friend told me about them so I made a trip especially to get them. We had the last three. Annoyingly I came home to find one smashed on the floor today, stupid cats. I couldn’t resist grabbing the owl cushion and cute cupcake cases when I was in there. I also needed shampoo.
I had Primark vouchers for my Birthday so have bought quite a few different bits from there. The denim look floral dress has been all over the blogosphere, and for the bargain price of £10 I’m not really surprised. The sleeveless denim shirt will be nice for the Rewind Festival, weather dependent. I couldn’t resist these cute little friendship bracelets, they can be so over priced in other shops so I was super pleased to see them so well priced in Primark. I used to have a pair of glitter jelly sandals when I was younger, they even had a little heel, I was so cool. I saw these sandals and could not resist them, they took me right back to my childhood!

Monthly treats : The confessions of a financially unstable female #4
I bought this pretty Cath Kidston mug as a toothbrush holder 🙂 It was their birthday so I had a free canvas bag, I actually already have this bag from a blogger meet, but one side of the bag is upside down so its nice to have a replacement that has both sides the right way up!
My amazing new Cath Kidston bag. It is love.
The Burt’s Bees set is a Birthday present for a colleague from Debenhams. The shave gel is from Body Care.
I saw this tee on Laura’s blog and knew that I had to have it. I am a little disappointed with it as it feels quite cheap, definitely not worth £25. It is cool though and the packaging is adorable.
Face wipes from Wilkinson’s, nose strips from Home bargains.
I love the two skirts that I picked up in the Peacocks sale – such bargains! We are doing Where’s Wally fancy dress on my hen night hence the red & white striped tee!
Primark have some beautiful jewellery in at the mo, I couldn’t resist these bits and I did want loads more! Is it just me or have their prices shot up? (just realised I haven’t put the price of the spike necklace on, I think it was around the £5 mark.)
I found a New Look gift card in my purse that I forgot about so decided to buy some pretty jewellery with it.  All of their own jewellery is buy one get one free at the moment which is great. The skeleton bracelets aren’t New Look’s own brand so they weren’t included in the offer.


Monthly treats : The confessions of a financially unstable female #3
I didn’t realise quite how naughty I’d been this month until just now when compiling this post. I now know why I’m struggling with two weeks to go until payday – whoops!!
My last pair of flat black shoes were trashed at the Blaenavon Heritage festival, suede shoes and mud do not work well together! I like my black flats for work so had to replace them promptly. I was quite pleased with these for a bargain £7!
I had some Amazon vouchers burning a hole in my virtual pocket. I decided to use them to finally try Seche Vite, I’ll let you know what I think of that soon, I’m still deciding. I also decided that I should branch out on my M&Ms knowledge and try this variety pack. I absolutely love them all!
We have various different bookmen coming in to my workplace. They also seem to improve this time of the year, ready for Christmas I guess. The Philadelphia book is from The Book People who also have an on-line shop. The bargain Hunger Games trilogy is from a local bookman who doesn’t have an on-line store. I can’t wait to get stuck into this trilogy when I finish the True Blood books.
I finally found it, the Bojouris magic nail varnish remover dupe! I’m already in love with this and its such a bargain at 85p! I ran out of eye cream so decided to try this Boots Time Delay one while its on offer for £3.64.
I’ve been after a black body con skirt for a while, although I hate them on me as my bum is so big I do need one to wear under certain dresses. I was quite pleased when I saw this one for a bargain £2! My umbrella broke so this was a very essential purchase, especially the way our summers are! I was actually looking for a brooch when I purchased the earings, I couldn’t find one anywhere so decided these would fit the purpose!
Slippers were an essential, the rest fell in my bag!!


What have you been spending your hard earned cash on this month? Have you had any sale bargains?