Is it just me who constantly finds themselves dreaming about their perfect family home? I often find myself on RightMove searching for houses that I can’t afford. One of my favourite ways to waste time is to search price high to low and browse through the beautiful homes that will never be mine.

blog post all about the dream family home - header image with text over - imac viewing rightmove

What do I class as the dream home? My dream home is large and set in several acres of land. It has a huge kitchen which obviously has an island in the middle. There is an informal dining table in the kitchen and also a separate, formal dining area. There is a games room full of the greatest and latest toys, most of which are made from wood or tucked away in stylish storage.

The living room is comfy with big bay windows and a beautifully presented log burner. There will of course be ample space in the living room for a gigantic real Christmas tree. The entrance and hallway will be spacious, with eye catching Victorian tiles lining the floor and plenty of room to store the pushchair, shoes and coats.

There will be French doors leading to the patio and veranda area, much like these beauties from 123v, there will be fairy lights twinkling away under the veranda, where quite possibly a hot tub sits. The veranda would mean that we could still use the outdoor hot tub in the rain and snow without worrying too much about battling the elements. Beyond the veranda there will be a stunning, scenic garden complete with outdoor swimming pool of course.

Back inside, we will have sweeping stairs leading upstairs to reveal a minimum of three bedrooms, all with ensuite. The master bedroom would be large enough to fit a dressing table and a small sofa. All bedrooms would come complete with high quality fitted wardrobes.

I will have an office somewhere, I’m not quite sure where, I do like my current office in the converted attic so I may well go down that route again. Obviously this house will be a lot bigger meaning that I can have a huge desk and massive windows which allow the light to come flooding in. The view will be stunning and really quite inspirational.

For now, and likely forever, this is all a dream, but it is so good to dream – even if it is from my two bedroom terraced house.

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I’m lucky enough to have a lovely blogging space, we have a converted attic which is home to my blogging area, Spencer’s gaming area and a crap loads of clothes horses! I love sitting on my desk on days like today, with the sun pouring in through the VELUX windows while I type away.

Where I blog a desk tour - blog post header image - imac and stationery with writing over

converted attic office velux window and space invaders wall art sticker

I had planned to give the attic a new lease of life a little while back, but we put the house on the market so I never bothered. Now that it is still on the market I really wish that I had and am still quite tempted to do it. I would love to get rid of the awful yellow walls and paint them white, and also remove Spencer’s Space Invaders wall sticker. I would also quite like some new light fixtures. Now that I’m typing this I am so tempted to get the paint out! If I did I could post an updated office tour – before and after.

a bloggers desk tour - imac with skullcandy headphones, white ikea desk and motivational quotes on the wall

My set up is quite basic but I like it. On the wall behind my computer I have motivational quotes, photos from photo booths at blogging events, with some added prettiness of course! My favourite notebooks tend to sit on or around my desk at all times, these include my Blogger Journal, my Lush Things To Blog About notebook and my Dream Big notebook.

skull candy headphones over imac with motivational quotes on wall - blogger desk tour

I use the headphones when I have a YouTube session, Spencer is often sat at his desk gaming while I am blogging and he doesn’t want to listen to, in his words, that crap. The coffee, blog, sleep, repeat sign is one that I knocked up myself in Word. I have plans to cover the word blog in glitter, but over a year since I printed it out I still haven’t and probably never will. I’m useless like that.
I hope that you enjoyed taking a peek at my blogging area, you never know, maybe I will make it over and post another one soon!
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where I blog a desk tour - a bloggers office based in a converted attic - desk tour includes motivational quotes, blogger journal and notebooks, fake foliage, imac and much more
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Aria has recently made the move from her cot to a big girls bed (aka, a single bed). We decided that a big girl’s bed needs to live in a big girl’s nursery, so, emotions ignored we decided to transform the nursery that we lovingly decorated while Aria was a bump in my bedroom into a bedroom fit for a little Princess. Peppa Pig accessories begrudgingly included.

Peppa Pig themed grey, white and pink toddler girls bedroom makeover

The move to a single bed is quite a big one, so with that in mind we wanted to make the bedroom into a place that Aria would want to be in, hence begrudgingly adding a few Peppa Pig accessories. The bedroom isn’t yet 100% complete but I am really happy with the progress so far and wanted to share it. There isn’t much left to do to finish it off, I just need some kind of book storage on the back wall beneath the clouds, along with pretty accessories. I also have a hoop and a net to put above the bed but I need to find the perfect fairy lights before that goes up.

Peppa Pig bedding and wall stickers in pretty pink toddler girls room with unicorn head on wall, floral and bunting

I will be posting about Aria’s bed in more detail in an upcoming post all about transitioning from cot to single bed. At £33.99 the pink single bed was a complete bargain from The Range. The reversible Peppa Pig bedding and Peppa Pig wall sticker were bought as a way to encourage Aria to sleep in the bed. The wall mounted unicorn head came from Home Bargains and is available with either a silver or gold glittery horn.

Peppa pig bedding and wall mounted unicorn head in pretty girls bedroom makeover
Peppa Pig cloud wall stickers monochrome height chart H&M grey white and pink girls bedroom tour

I decided to add these Peppa Pig cloud wall stickers to the back wall to break up the grey a little. The monochrome height chart came from H&M. I do have plans of adding some shelving to the back wall to house books and other pretty little things, but for now this will do have funds have run out.

cluster of three floral lamp shades from Litecraft

When I saw the three light floral cluster shade on Litecraft* I had to have it, it is like a little girls mini version of the large cluster shade that we have in our bedroom. They add a perfectly girly charm to the bedroom.

I hope that you enjoyed Aria’s bedroom makeover, keep your eyes peeled for part two!

little girls bedroom IKEA shelving ledge with books and fairy wingslimited edition beanie boo owl called Araitoddler girls bedroom tour little touches mermaids plaque from new lookvintage shabby chic floral light cluster

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pretty pink grey and white themed child's bedroom with unicorn, shabby chic, floral and Peppa Pig touches.

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Well, actually, I’d prefer a mac *insert crying laughing face here, because I’m that funny*, but, in all seriousness, wouldn’t aluminium bifolds be lovely? I’ll be working from home in January and absolutely love the idea of a light, bright office with loads of natural light, so could really use some bifolds from local firm, The Monmouthshire Window Company.

Aluminium bifold doors from Welsh firm The Monmouthshire Window Company

I have a lot of plans for when I finish work in January and concentrate on my blogging. I’m going to be Superwoman and quite possibly dominate the entire world. I’m going to cook home made meals every day, make my own bread, keep a tidy house and my blog and social media channels are going to ace.

In order to do all of this I need a nice, light house. My house needs to be Instagram perfect. As any serial instagram-er and blogger knows natural light is something that we prey upon, we crave it and will crawl into corners in order to capture that last glimpse of natural light.

The all coveted natural light would flood into my house if only I could have some bifold doors. My office would be based right by the doors, obviously. The walls would be white. I would have a white desk where my Mac and a cacti or two sat, probably with a few copper stationery pieces and accessories. Above my desk there would be motivational quotes on the wall in white frames. I would calmly, and happily, sit here and blog the day away.

So you see, I really do need some Bifold doors for Christmas, they would help with my productivity, my photography, my blog and my Instagram game. Also, they would look very pretty as they come in a range of colour and finish options so I could ensure that they were very ‘me’ and on brand.

Spencer, if you’re reading – they are super energy efficient meaning decreased energy expenditure – everyone is a winner!

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Our house has been on the market for over a year now, and this has got me wondering – is this our unintentional forever home? Are we stuck in this small, terraced house until we are grey and old? Everyone tells you when you start out you should buy a cheap starter house, get your foot on the property ladder they say – I’m not really sure that this is sound advice, re-selling is hard! If we really are stuck here forever we have a lot of work to do, this house is not fit for the elderly!

Is this our unintentional forever home? - Blog post about adapting your home to suit mobility issues with walk in bathrooms and showers from Premier Bathrooms.

I always imagined my forever home to be a cosy three bedroom house with a driveway and a front garden, maybe even a conservatory, it would have nice big landings and corridors, with plenty of room to get about, even in a wheelchair, it certainly wasn’t going to be a two up, two down terraced house with a kitchen and bathroom slapped onto the back as an afterthought.

If we really are stuck here forever we need to make A LOT of changes. This little old house is not mobility friendly, not in the slightest. We have a converted attic with space saver stairs, we would probably just have to write that room off altogether, just let it go dusty and into disrepair.

We have steep steps down into the garden, they would need a ramp in their place, we also have stepping stones going down the grass to the decking which would need to be replaced with a nice, sturdy path instead.

The bathroom is the easiest to change, Premier Bathrooms see to that. Their range of walk in baths and showers do just the job without compromising on style. Style is very important to me now and I like to think that it will still be high up on the agenda even when I am old and grey. Their assisted bathing options look amazing, I quite fancy a bath with door as they are really deep meaning that the water may even go high enough to cover my jelly belly! Bathing is not only relaxing, but it helps with all sorts of ailments from a stressful day to aches and pains and chronic pain, which is why a walk in bath is high on my agenda.

So, that’s inside the bathroom sorted, now I just have to consider how I would get up into my bathroom if I had mobility issues, those two steps leading up to it are very steep indeed…