Preparing to Move Home – Top Tips

The sale of our home seems to be going through quite smoothly this time around and we really are hoping that it is a case of third time lucky *touches wood*. Contracts have been signed but not yet exchanged, and, while we won’t be making solid plans until contracts have been exchanged we have started preparing to move home. Hopefully this will minimise the risk of living in a cardboard city and make moving home with a toddler and two cats as stress free as possible, if that is even possible.

  • Consider hiring out storage –  While we don’t want to pack everything up just yet we do have a lot of crap taking up room that we don’t use. For example, all of Aria’s bits and pieces from when she was a newborn that we are holding on to in readiness for when Spencer ever agrees to have another baby (you know what they say – new home, new baby, wink, wink!). A lot of these items are bulky, in the way and gathering dust. These could be sorted and shipped off to LOVESPACE for storage now and then retrieved at a more suitable date, after the move or maybe even longer term when/if baby number two eventually comes along. I specifically mention LOVESPACE because they are cheap and actually quite fantastic. As a busy mam I struggle for time, we also can’t fit too much in the car if Aria is with us, for someone so small she takes up a lot of space in that back seat! LOVESPACE take this hassle away and collect your items from your door, and will return them to you the following day after you request them. As well as being reasonably priced and convenient they are actually quite lovely and are giving my readers £20 off with the code LOVELEANNE, which expires on 31 December 2017.
  • Consider childcare before agreeing on a completion date – When you are eager to move it can be super tempting to say yes to the earliest completion date available, but don’t just snap it up for the sake of it. Before agreeing to any date check if that there is someone available to look after your children for you – preferably over night the night before. This will save multiple stresses including accidentally packing your toddler in with the Tupperware.
  • Consider placing any pets into a shelter – Not too dissimilar to the childcare situation, I also don’t want to pack my cats in with the tupperware, or even worse, be ready to move and realise that they’ve gone out for a long stroll chasing mice and are no where to be seen. Likewise we don’t want them at the new property when the doors are open and people are back and forth moving things. It will freak them out and they are quite likely to bolt it, which wouldn’t be good in a new area. We are considering local cateries or staying with a relative.
  • Start decluttering now – Decluttering is hard work, both emotionally and physically, and also very time consuming, especially with a curious toddler around. As soon as we agreed a sale I started decluttering one drawer a week and taking a bag of clothes to the charity shop on my weekly trip to town. Ideally you should start doing this as soon as you put your house on the market, or even before. If you don’t want to part with anything it is still a good idea to declutter ahead of the move, maybe consider sending your less used items away to LOVESPACE ahead of the move for temporary storage.

If you aren’t able to make it to a charity shop yourself you will be glad to know about LOVESPACE‘s partnership with Oxfam, you simply order a donation box from their website, they send you the boxes, collect the boxes and send them to Oxfam for you. 

  • Start collecting boxes & packaging – Whenever we receive something that comes in a nice sturdy box we flat pack the box, likewise if something comes wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap, we put the bubble wrap to the side. While most removal firms will provide boxes and pack things for you we are trying to do this on as much of a budget as possible and will be packing our own things to save costs.
  • Start making lists of where you will need to update your address – Whenever you receive something important in the post make a note of the companies name and phone number. You will need to change your address at a lot of places and will probably forget some of them. Start jotting them down now and you are less likely to miss anyone out.
  • Plan the layout of your new home – Take measurements of your new home and plan where your large items of furniture will go, they can be placed straight into that room to save you the hassle of moving things around later. You may realise that some furniture is too large/redundant so now is a good time to get rid of that. List it on a facebook buying group or Gumtree if you want to make money, otherwise a lot of charities will collect furniture for free, but they often have long waiting lists.

Preparing to move home - top tips

This is how we will be preparing to move home, do you have anything to add to the list? Don’t forget to let LOVESPACE take the hassle of storage away from you – enter code LOVELEANNE to receive a £20 discount which expires on 31 December 2017.

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Exterior Design Trends For 2017

Think of all the time, money, and effort you have spent creating a beautiful indoor space within your home. Interior design is a passion of mine, and of course it is important that you love the place where you live! However, more often than not, a home’s outdoor space finds itself a little neglected. However, now is the time to update your garden and create a space that you can be proud of! Here are some of this year’s hottest exterior design trends to keep your eye on!

Bringing the Indoors Outside

Using the same layout of your living room in your back garden is an excellent way to elevate the space and make it a haven for you and your family. Gone are the days of hard, metal, or wooden garden benches, and in are the more comfortable and modern outdoor sofas like the ones you can find on this website for example, transforming your garden into and extension of your home.


Colour is one of the most evocative aspects of any setting. The palette of a particular place has the ability to impact the mood and actual experience of the people within that setting. This year’s colour trends are nothing to scoff at when deciding what will match your new and improved outdoor garden. Island getaways and lush countryside’s are the colours of the season. The vibrancy of the colours is everything your back yard needs to thrive in this summer.

Bohemian or Minimalist?

It’s difficult deciding between two opposing styles, especially when both are so absolutely chic. Bohemian and minimalist are both trends that 2017 gleans. If you are a millennial that has a keen interest in travel, interesting and unique textiles and doesn’t discriminate against any colours, Bohemian, in all it’s flowy, breezy beauty, is for you. On the other hand, if you are more modern and chic, I would go with minimalism. It is a sleek, clean, and ultimately very comfortable style.

Eco Friendly and Sustainable

Sustainability is definitely an important aspect to consider within the home and garden. As society progresses, it is necessary to look out for the future. In 2017, it is popular to make sure your garden has native plants and is built with sustainable materials like rammed earth, and recycled materials instead of concrete additives.

Small Details

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to the details of a garden. The cushions you choose for your sofa, and your decorative baskets lining the porch say everything about the space you want to create. It is important to spend some time thinking about what you want to say. Some popular trends include outdoor fires, and floral pillow prints.

*Written In collaboration with Mary J*

How to Create the Ultimate Seaside Themed Bedroom for your Child

There are so many options out there when it comes to decorating children’s rooms, it can be hard to know which route to go down. Sometimes the best way to create a bedroom that stands out amongst all the pink princess decor and football wallpaper is to choose a specific theme, and if your little one loves going to the beach, why not bring that element into their everyday life? If you want to know how to transform their room into a seaside themed sanctuary, then take a look at these easy tips!

Start with the walls

Making the walls look as summery as possible is a good first step in this makeover. For this, you have the choice of either painting the walls in a dreamy blue shade and getting creative with some DIY clouds, or take the simpler route and find a blue sky patterned wallpaper. Another idea is to find a patterned wallpaper with imagery of starfish or simple nautical patterns to set the tone of the room.

Create some sea and sand

The most distinctive part of a seaside theme is the sea and sand itself, and there’s lots of ways you can bring this into your child’s bedroom. If the room features wooden flooring, consider painting it with blue and yellow shades. Or if you’re looking for an easier (and less permanent!) solution, look for blue rugs and choose the one that you feel best represents the sea.

Find nautical bedding

Beach balls, anchors and sea creatures all make for great patterns when choosing the right bedding for a seaside room. Alternatively, if you can’t get your hands on any bed sets in this style, simply using bedding in blue or yellow shades will also fit the beachy feel. Also consider materials when looking for the right bedding, such as a blue throw with a silky finish for a perfect ocean feel.

Add the final touches

Now that you have the majority of the room sorted, add your finishing touches with some seaside accessories. A simple yellow light shade that mimics the sun can really bring the theme together, as can details like treasure chests and nautical patterned bean bag chairs. If you want to add some DIY magic to the space, there are lots of beach themed crafts you can try out with the help of some old household bits and bobs!

Do you have any other ideas on how to create a beachy children’s bedroom? Let me know in the comments below!

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We’re Moving Home – Third Time Lucky?

We’ve sold our house… again! Our house has been up for sale for what seems like forever now. We originally sold it straight away, within a couple of days of it going on the market. Unfortunately the buyer withdrew and it has been up for sale ever since. Until recently, when we sold it again last month. We had an offer accepted on a lovely house and were super excited, until our buyer pulled out. Thankfully no less than a week later we received another offer and were able to offer on the lovely three bedroom house again.

We can’t help but worry about office space in the new property, we currently have a converted attic which is used as an office. We don’t have that luxury in the new property and would eventually like to use bedroom number three for an eventual baby number two. We are thinking about possibly converting the attic in the new property, making a man cave for Spencer. We’ve been looking for modern staircases UK based have found a fantastic Italian design staircase manufacturer who sells modern designed spiral stairs in various dimensions and materials. The designs are lovely and I really like the fact that you can buy staircases online. Of course I am now swooning over a (completely not even in the slightest bit baby friendly) spiral staircase for my new home.

I’ll have an alcove office in the dining room, I have plans to get some funky wallpaper for my little corner of the room and make it all pretty and nice. It makes more sense for me to be downstairs than in the attic. It is a nuisance when I need to check things quickly and all my notebooks are up in the office, on the days that I have no childcare venturing into the attic to quickly check something can be a nuisance and usually result in Aria crying from the baby gate because the space saver stairs are simply too dangerous for her.

The issue is Spencer (typically!). Spencer occasionally works from home, plus he needs somewhere to play his computer games. He can’t share my alcove office space, for one he will ruin how pretty it is going to look and for two I use Mac, he uses Windows. Neither of us are willing to change that. He has decided that the third bedroom is his office, but this is only a temporary fix. At some point there will be a baby number two who will need that room.

I’m trying not to think too far ahead and get too excited, but it is hard not to. The new house is almost perfect for us, and when we’ve made it our own it will be perfect. Things seem to be progressing well so far. My viewing candle ran out on the day that the couple who are buying our house came to view it – that has to be a sign?! I’ve lit this candle at every viewing that we’ve had, we receive a lot of compliments about how nice the house smells and I’ve joked that we must buy the candle as a gift for our buyer. No word of a lie, the candle ran out following our current buyers viewing. This is really happening, isn’t it?

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The Toddler’s Dream Garden

As mentioned in my bid to get fit, the sun has well and truly got it’s hat on and it’s making me all proactive. My to-do list has suddenly gone through the roof as a little bit of sunshine makes me want to take on the world. I’ve got plans to paint, de-clutter and organise, but most importantly I need to create the toddler’s dream garden, a safe haven for Aria to run around and play in.

We’ve been putting off work on our house for so long as the house as been on the market so we didn’t necessarily want to spend time and money on it. Now that the sale of our house has fallen through for the second time I think it’s time we gave in and gave this house some TLC. If we’re stuck here for a while we may as well enjoy it after all. It’s time to stop moaning and instead buy some tools and get working, I could even get Aria involved, how cool we should look in this fab children’s bib and brace!? I love that Engelbert Strauss stocks such a wide range of things from DIY tools to protective clothing meaning that we could just order everything from there and be done with it all.

So, what would my dream toddler garden contain? First off it needs to be pinterest friendly, because, well, why wouldn’t it? Within my, I mean Aria’s, perfect pinterest garden there would be a perfect pastel playhouse, a mud kitchen, a toadstool seating area and rubber flooring.

Ideally we wouldn’t want to spend too much money as hopefully we will sell our house at some point. My current thoughts are to buy a plain, cheap playhouse, similar to this, and decorate it ourselves, that way we can make it exactly how we want it and it will be one of a kind. With regard to the mud kitchen I have visions of us creating a beautiful master piece using the pallets that are sitting in our garden doing nothing, but in reality it would probably be a disaster so maybe I should buy one similar to Kelly‘s from My Mud Kitchen. I don’t mind splashing out on the toadstools as they can quite easily come with us when we move, and I am absolutely in love with this beautiful set from The Range.

Have I missed anything from my dream toddler garden do you think? What do you think your toddler would like to see included in their dream garden?

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