House Tour – Our Forever Home

As I’m sure you are well aware we’ve recently moved home, we have moved into our family home, our forever home (well, assuming we don’t come into loads of money!). While the interior of the house is far from perfect, the house is perfect for us. It is going to take us a long time to get the house exactly where we want it, but we are already settled and very happy here. We have a lot to do (starting with new windows in a few weeks) and are currently living in a tip. I did consider putting off the house tour until we had it at least looking a little tidier, but I figured before, progress and after posts would be lovely to share and for us to look back on.

House Tour our forever home - the living room with kitchen serving hatch, patio doors and toddler play area

The living room is one of my favourite places. I love the patio doors looking out onto our lovely garden and the amazing views further back. We have a serving hatch between the living room and kitchen, I wasn’t sure about this on our first viewing but I have now fallen in love. We plan to buy a new sofa with a chaise lounge on one end and then two seats, which is why we have our sofas arranged in this way to get a feel for it. Behind the sofa we will have a little play area for Aria, the TV will go onto the wall above the fire place and we have a fancy dresser and bookcase coming on Saturday for the alcoves. We will eventually re-decorate and change the flooring, we currently have one carpet placed on top of another which is quite bizarre!

House Tour our forever home - the dining room and office

The dining room and living room have been knocked through into one big room. The dining room is currently a dumping ground, as you can see! This will be our dining room and my office. The white cupboard is where the fish tank will sit and the other alcove will be shelved out. Again this will be re-decorated and have new flooring. The furniture that is arriving on the weekend will allow us to clear some of the boxes out.

House Tour our forever home white IKEA kitchen copper pans on hanging rail with hanging plants

Here we have another dumping ground in the form of our kitchen. We quite like the kitchen and don’t intend to change much in here, not for a while at least. I would eventually like a new kitchen that is more ‘me’ but there is absolutely no rush for that. We recently added a hanging rail for our copper pans along with some draping plants from IKEA which I am loving, we are waiting for more hooks so that we can add the rest of the pans. The door that you can see in this photo is home to our downstairs toilet, another room that will do for now but I do eventually want to change. Behind the photo is our utility room which hosts our huge fridge freezer, the boiler, washing machine and dishwasher, and currently the cats litter tray. I cannot wait to get the cat flap installed so that we can get rid of the smelly litter tray!

House Tour our forever home - the office

Spencer regularly works from home and has a lot of equipment, so one of our three bedrooms is currently being used as his office. We plan to eventually convert the attic for office use but for now, this will do. This room will eventually be decorated in a monochrome scheme.

House Tour our forever home the family bathroom

We only had one toilet in our old house which was downstairs. It is so nice to have a downstairs toilet and an upstairs bathroom. No more fighting over who gets to use the toilet first! This is one of the nicer, more finished rooms in the house, although the bath is quite stained and I would like a sink with a fitted cabinet, but again, they can wait.

House Tour our forever home - the toddler bedroom

Aria’s bedroom is the first room that I plan to decorate. We are waiting for a new bed hence her mattress sitting on the floor. The green carpets, yellow walls and huge tree just aren’t me. As with all three bedrooms we need to strip the wallpaper and re-plaster this room before we can do any work. My plan is to then have a fitted wardrobe along the back wall (where the tree is), her bed in the middle of the room and I also have my eyes on a cute kids armchair to replace the broken old chair in the corner.

House Tour our forever home - the master bedroom

The downside of coming from a two bedroom house to a three bedroom house is that the bedrooms are smaller. Our king size bed takes up the majority of the room in our bedroom. I quite liked the idea of having a fitted wardrobe where the draws and boxes currently are, but a radiator runs along that wall so I don’t think we can. Instead we plan to have a wardrobe in each alcove and a tall set of draws to replace the existing draws. I love the original fireplace in this room and will be leaving that in, but the rest will change. The heart garland and stickers were left behind by the previous owner, they will eventually be removed and the walls plastered and painted.

House Tour our forever home - the garden and view

Everyone’s favourite part of our forever home is most definitely the garden and the stunning views. Aria loves playing ball out here, we love relaxing out here and discovering the mounds of fruit and veg that is growing in the garden, while taking in the amazing smells from the various flowers.

As you can see, it certainly isn’t perfect, but it is our forever home.


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