How to Create the Ultimate Seaside Themed Bedroom for your Child

There are so many options out there when it comes to decorating children’s rooms, it can be hard to know which route to go down. Sometimes the best way to create a bedroom that stands out amongst all the pink princess decor and football wallpaper is to choose a specific theme, and if your little one loves going to the beach, why not bring that element into their everyday life? If you want to know how to transform their room into a seaside themed sanctuary, then take a look at these easy tips!

Start with the walls

Making the walls look as summery as possible is a good first step in this makeover. For this, you have the choice of either painting the walls in a dreamy blue shade and getting creative with some DIY clouds, or take the simpler route and find a blue sky patterned wallpaper. Another idea is to find a patterned wallpaper with imagery of starfish or simple nautical patterns to set the tone of the room.

Create some sea and sand

The most distinctive part of a seaside theme is the sea and sand itself, and there’s lots of ways you can bring this into your child’s bedroom. If the room features wooden flooring, consider painting it with blue and yellow shades. Or if you’re looking for an easier (and less permanent!) solution, look for blue rugs and choose the one that you feel best represents the sea.

Find nautical bedding

Beach balls, anchors and sea creatures all make for great patterns when choosing the right bedding for a seaside room. Alternatively, if you can’t get your hands on any bed sets in this style, simply using bedding in blue or yellow shades will also fit the beachy feel. Also consider materials when looking for the right bedding, such as a blue throw with a silky finish for a perfect ocean feel.

Add the final touches

Now that you have the majority of the room sorted, add your finishing touches with some seaside accessories. A simple yellow light shade that mimics the sun can really bring the theme together, as can details like treasure chests and nautical patterned bean bag chairs. If you want to add some DIY magic to the space, there are lots of beach themed crafts you can try out with the help of some old household bits and bobs!

Do you have any other ideas on how to create a beachy children’s bedroom? Let me know in the comments below!

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Where I Blog – A Desk Tour

I’m lucky enough to have a lovely blogging space, we have a converted attic which is home to my blogging area, Spencer’s gaming area and a crap loads of clothes horses! I love sitting on my desk on days like today, with the sun pouring in through the VELUX windows while I type away.

Where I blog a desk tour - blog post header image - imac and stationery with writing over

converted attic office velux window and space invaders wall art sticker

I had planned to give the attic a new lease of life a little while back, but we put the house on the market so I never bothered. Now that it is still on the market I really wish that I had and am still quite tempted to do it. I would love to get rid of the awful yellow walls and paint them white, and also remove Spencer’s Space Invaders wall sticker. I would also quite like some new light fixtures. Now that I’m typing this I am so tempted to get the paint out! If I did I could post an updated office tour – before and after.

a bloggers desk tour - imac with skullcandy headphones, white ikea desk and motivational quotes on the wall

My set up is quite basic but I like it. On the wall behind my computer I have motivational quotes, photos from photo booths at blogging events, with some added prettiness of course! My favourite notebooks tend to sit on or around my desk at all times, these include my Blogger Journal, my Lush Things To Blog About notebook and my Dream Big notebook.

skull candy headphones over imac with motivational quotes on wall - blogger desk tour

I use the headphones when I have a YouTube session, Spencer is often sat at his desk gaming while I am blogging and he doesn’t want to listen to, in his words, that crap. The coffee, blog, sleep, repeat sign is one that I knocked up myself in Word. I have plans to cover the word blog in glitter, but over a year since I printed it out I still haven’t and probably never will. I’m useless like that.
I hope that you enjoyed taking a peek at my blogging area, you never know, maybe I will make it over and post another one soon!
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where I blog a desk tour - a bloggers office based in a converted attic - desk tour includes motivational quotes, blogger journal and notebooks, fake foliage, imac and much more
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Keeping Your Home Beautiful*
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Your Beautiful Home

Beauty is an asset. There is no doubt about that. The fact that billions are spent every year on beauty treatments proves this beyond a doubt. So a person spends a lot of time and care on creating the perfect outer beauty for business or pleasure. Then, they glance around their home and suddenly all the work and expense of personal beauty seems to lose value. Your home should be part of your beauty regime. It speaks volumes of a person who is ultra meticulous about personal beauty and neglects the beauty a home should have.

simple tips to keeping your home beautiful - regularly de clutter and repaint and more

Keep Your Home Beautiful

Getting a home to look beautiful when everything is brand new is relatively simple. However, furnishings and the interior and exterior gradually lose that “new” look as the home begins to age. Still, there is always the opportunity to keep your home beautiful. There are several ways to do this:

. Replace furnishings as they begin to show signs of soil or wear
. Change the interior decor as seasons change
. Keep the exterior and landscape of the home well maintained

Many individuals notice that when their home begins to look shabby, their attitude toward their personal beauty decreases. For example, when the interior of a home is cluttered, part of the beauty of the decor is diminished. To remedy this situation perform spring and autumn clean to get rid of clutter. This is a good way to keep the indoors and outdoors looking fresh.

Note that painted walls and ceilings should be repainted at least once every three to five years. Of course, accessories like draperies, blinds and curtains also need a bit of refreshing.

Beauty in the Home

A beautiful home is one that looks impeccably maintained and yet, offers family and guests a welcome. While picture book homes may be worthy of a magazine spread in a top home and garden magazine, it should give the appearance that it is a home “people” live in and enjoy.

To achieve the goal of a beautiful home that brings comfort and enjoyment, share the duties of maintenance, if applicable, with other occupants of the home. When domestic duties are shared, the work involved in keeping the home beautiful is relegated to a single person or becomes an unpleasant drudgery. Think of home maintenance the same way you think of personal beauty. Good attitude carries over from personal beauty regimes to home maintenance. And if you’re still struggling, maybe you consider a home cleaning service?

New Home Dreams – Windows and Doors
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You may be aware that we are currently trying to sell our house, we sold it but unfortunately it all fell through, and we haven’t had much interest in it since, which is very disheartening but it doesn’t stop me constantly updating RightMove and dreaming about my one day home. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the appearance of the house from the front, the windows and doors can make a huge difference. I have just spotted that South Wales based Falcon Installations have 20% off so it would be the perfect time to invest in some new windows and doors – if only I had a new house to put them in!

new home dreams - windows and doors. Home sweet home sign in window with header text over.

Windows can make a big different to the look and feel of a house, both inside and out. You can really show your personality off in your design style, and also heat and protect the house if you choose wisely!

When choosing windows the first thing you need to think about is the practicality, long term money and energy saving aspects, for example, double glazing is one of the most effective ways to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of your home, however triple glazing helps to keep the property warmer for longer, without using any extra energy, as it uses the insulating space between two panes of 4mm thick glass, separated by a strengthened central pane, to slow the escape of heat from a building.

Doors can also make a huge impact on the property. Getting the door right is so important for many reasons including cosmetics, security and energy efficiency. I think that a composite door would be best for us, but I’m not keen on the white uPVC style so am looking to get a wood effect one either in a bold colour or a pretty pastel colour with decorative glass. And of course there will be floral decorations all around it!

What is your favourite style window and door?

Our decision to take our house off the market and why

Regular readers may remember that, a little while ago, we put our house up for sale. Those of you who don’t follow me on social media may be wondering whether or not we sold our house as I’ve written absolutely no updates since that initial post. The reason being is that we have taken our house off the market.

our decision to take our house off the market and why - blog header photo with flowers in background and text over

We couldn’t believe our luck when our house first went onto Rightmove, the first day of it going live we booked in two viewings, both of whom made an offer. We don’t know how much the second people offered because we had already accepted the first offer by the time they made theirs. We were more than happy with the first offer, it was £4,000 under the asking price but £1,000 more than what we paid for the house. Yes we have spent a lot of money on the house since we bought it but we bought it literally just before the credit crunch and paid top whack for it.

pastel decor living room white fireplace and decoupaged upcycled mirror

After accepting the offer everything started to go wrong. I called to make an offer on the house that we wanted, but an offer had been accepted on the house just five minutes before I called. We couldn’t find any other houses that we liked within our price range. We were really starting to panic and viewed countless houses but they all had something wrong that we couldn’t afford to fix. We panicked and put an offer in on an absolutely horrible house that needed a ridiculous amount of work and wasn’t liveable. Common sense prevailed and we called back up a few hours later to withdraw the offer.

pastel theme decor with built in shelves and white copper light

A little while after accepting the offer I received a voicemail to arrange for the buyers surveyors to come out to our house. I made the phone call a day or two later and was told that the buyers had un-instructed the surveyor and to call our Estate Agent. I called and they were as shocked as I was. They would call the buyers and get back to me. It turns out that the buyers had decided not to proceed, they had instructed their mortgage company but no one else. We were very relieved as, even though we didn’t want to lose the sale because they were paying a decent price, we had no where to go.

nautical themed bathroom accessories

The house stayed on the market for a few months, Christmas had passed and houses were coming back up onto the market. We had a few more viewings but none of them came to anything. I was then offered an exciting new job in a photography studio, photography is something that I love and while the job wasn’t doing photography I just knew I would love working in that environment. The job was self employed which made a massive impact on how much we could afford to borrow. I accepted the job and we decided to stay put in our house for a while longer and take it off the market.

shabby chic style bedroom white dressing table with pink roses over and Cath Kidston accessories

Where does that leave us now? Our house is a two bedroom terraced house with an attic conversion, it is big enough for the three of us, we have a lot of stuff so could do with more space but we don’t necessarily need it. We have an office, a fitted kitchen and a big garden, it is more than enough.

There are a lot of things that I don’t like about our house, for example the textured ceilings downstairs, the stained flooring in the bathroom, the yellow walls in the attic, I could go on. We have done quite a lot of work since taking the house off the market, we have painted all of the internal doors white, we have bought new furniture for the attic (ignore Spencer’s desk, it is a mess and I don’t touch it!) but we want to do more and have run out of money.

We’re not really sure what to do now, do we take out a guarantor loan? There are companies who offer loans for as little as 12 months and as small as £1,000, this would be just right to tide us over and tidy the house up.

Or, do we just leave the house as it is and hope that my job leads to something more sooner rather than later? Do we really want to spend money on the house if I’m potentially going to get taken on as an employee in a couple of months time meaning that we will once again be in a position to move?

converted attic used as office for two people him and her husband and wife

Realistically we could move now, there are currently two houses on the market that we like the look of and could afford. But that is it, two. If those two are gone when we come to sell our house we may not be able to afford anything else and will be back in that horrible position again.

baby girl's bedroom nursery pink and grey theme with tepee, tutu and bunting

What would you do in this position? Stay put and do work, stay put and leave it as it is or risk it and re-market it?

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Since drafting this post last week I am now in talks about training as a photographer and being taken on as an employee in my current work place. Our house may be going back on the market sooner than we thought. I spent ages drafting this post so wanted to publish it despite it now not being 100% accurate!