My Pet Story

From as far back as I can remember I’ve always had cats. When I was a lot younger we had a ginger cat called Cat, original I know, but Cat adopted us, he was never really ours but we all fell in love with him. My mam & dad loved cats; so naturally I loved cats too. I didn’t like dogs, dogs were scary. Growing up there seemed to be a lot of stray dogs hanging around, one of whom bit one of my cousin’s and that was that. Dogs were bad and scary. Dogs weren’t friends. I would never have a dog.

cockapoo puppy Autumnal dog walks my pet story

Fast forward a lot more years than I care to mention, I am now the owner of two cats and a dog. While I will admit that Dobby the Cockapoo absolutely is a pain in the bum, he is definitely not big and definitely not scary.

Pain in the bum or not, we do love all our pets. I love chilling out with the cats, relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day. I love that Dobby gets Aria and I out walking, and I love watching Aria and Dobby run around together enjoying the fresh air. I love that Aria and Dobby will grow up together and become the best of friends.

black and white friendly cat my pet story

Bum pains aside, we love our pets and want nothing but the best for them, which is why Petplan Pet Insurance is absolutely essential, after all, we all know how crazy expensive those unexpected vets bills can be.

I’ll be completely honest, I think I’ll always be a crazy cat lady deep at heart. Cats are easy, loving and low maintenance. Dogs demand attention, they need walking, grooming, they want to play and they are always up to no good, or at least that is the case with Dobby! It really is like having another child, another child who Aria plays with and loves.

red cockapoo pup with toddler my pet story

*Disclosure – This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own*

FURminator – Review & Giveaway

Some days it seems like we have a house full of animals, or, more affectionately, fur babies. We love our fur babies most of the time but sometimes their fur gets a bit too much; causing guests to sneeze and adding a whole new layer to our outfits.

We really are not fans of the malting from both cats. One of the many reasons that we opted for a Cockapoo when deciding on a dog breed was the fact that they don’t malt. We couldn’t deal with adding even more hair into the mixture.

Not only is their malting annoying, it can also cause our feline friends discomfort. Cats are self groomers and they end up swallowing portions of their loose hair, which results in messy, stressful hairballs.

FURminator - Review & Giveaway - easy pet grooming

We have decided to nip this in the bud using the FURminator deShedding tool from the FURflex range, a grooming tool with interchangeable heads which makes grooming a breeze, FURmLock technology lets you easily swap heads, from de-Shedding tool to grooming brush to comb depending on your grooming needs leaving you with a fabulously fur-free home.

The deShedding tool collects so much hair, I’m shocked that the cats haven’t halved in size! I’m only slightly exaggerating when I say that Spencer would usually be left with a lap full of hair the size of the sheddling pictured below after smoothing the cats. Instead he collected it all up in this super handy deShedding tool.

FURminator - Review & Giveaway - easy pet grooming

Even Dobby loves a bit of FURminator action!

FURminator - Review & Giveaway - easy pet grooming

If you would love to solve your hairy woes enter the competition below for the chance to win your very own tool.

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Vlog : A Day In The Life – A Clingy Toddler

This week’s day in the life video was quite a disastrous day, okay that is a slight exaggeration but it wasn’t a good day! It was hammering down with rain so we stayed inside all day. Aria was very clingy and whinging about everything. She said no to absolutely everything, including her yoghurt while she was eating it!

a day in the life vlog, follow our day with life with a toddler and a kitten

I eventually gave up and stayed in my pyjamas all day while binge watching Christmas films on Netflix! Sometimes a clingy toddler really isn’t such a bad thing… My house was a tip the entire day as a result but housework can wait, cwtches are more important, right?

On a side note, I must be crazy but this year I am attempting to join in with Vlogmas. The idea behind vlogmas is that you vlog everyday in December right up to Christmas. I will probably fail, but I figure that it is worth a go, if nothing else it will give me a lot of filming and editing experience.

I won’t be publishing all of the videos on the blog, so if you don’t want to miss them please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

As always I’m being completely disorganised and winging the whole thing. I have a few vague ideas which include day in the life videos, festive toddler finger foods, Christmas money saving tips, weekly found ups sharing the contents of Aria’s Wow Toys Advent Calendar and more! You can watch my Vlogmas trailer for a sneak peek of what to expect :

I’ll be kicking it off tomorrow by showing you my sentimental Christmas tree decorations.

Two Cats & A Baby – Four Months On
Despite Kitty & Bob both being very well behaved and placid cats we couldn’t help but worry about how they would react when we introduced a baby into our home. Now that they have all lived together for four months I feel it is time to write about how they are getting along.
cat and baby lying on bed together

cat watching over baby
First up, Bob. Bob doesn’t get too close to Aria, but he is often found within an arms reach of her. He tends to watch over her, if he goes out and comes back in when Aria is napping he walks around meowing and looking for her. If she is lying on the bed or the play mat he will often go and sit with her.
He will even tolerate her kicking him when she gets excited, she doesn’t kick very hard at the moment so this may change as she gets bigger and stronger.
Bob and Aria are forming a bond and I am enjoying watching it develop, it is very one sided at the moment as Aria really isn’t bothered by the cats, but Bob is a fan. Either that or he wants to keep close to keep an eye on her!
cat and baby who are friends lying on a play mat together
cat jealous of baby trying to steal attention by pushing baby out of the way
Kitty is a very needy, loving cat who requires and gives a lot of affection, she has always been treated, and acted, like a baby. Now that Aria has arrived Kitty still gets this attention, but no where near as much, as a result she can get quite jealous. She is never nasty to Aria and I don’t think she ever will be, but she does try and push her out. The above picture was taken while I was trying to feed Aria, Kitty likes to try and steal the attention! If Aria is on one of our laps Kitty will often jump up and try to steal the attention.
Kitty also loves Aria’s things, if we leave anything out Kitty will be in it, she has tried to sleep in the Moses basket, the pram, the cushion under the jumperoo, the play mat, the car seat – basically anything that we leave out!
Unlike Bob Kitty will only ever approach Aria if she is on one of our laps, she never just goes and chills out with her like Bob does!
Cat sleeping on babies things
We never leave Aria alone with the cats and always close her bedroom door when she is in there alone to prevent them getting in, even though I trust both of them you can never be too sure.

Cool Cat Collars
I actually get quite excited when it comes to new collar time, though I’m pretty sure my poor cats hate me. I wasn’t sure what to get for them this time around so just googled quirky cat collars. I came across Cool Cat Collars and well, there were plenty of ohs, ahs and squeals.
I bought the smiley face bow tie for the man of the house, Bob, for £6.99.
I opted for the star bow tie for the ladette of the house, Kitty, for £6.99.
Last but not least pretty little Flick had the gingham heart, again priced at £6.99.
Bob’s collar is difficult to see under his masses of fur, but it looks so cute poking out. The bell is really quite loud and this is his first collar so he wasn’t so keen on it at first, but he seems to be okay with it now.
Ignore hubby’s feet here, lazy sod! Kitty’s looks absolutely fab on her, it suits her so well.
No matter how much I like ridiculous cat collars even I have to admit that Flick’s is just too over the top. The heart was too big and stiff, I tried it at the front, side and back but bless her she was so uncomfortable and really freaked out, growling when I went near her.
The great thing about these collars is that the novelty part is actually attached to a pretty decent collar, which is nice in its own right. As a result Flick is now wearing a pretty, yet simple, gingham collar.
Kitty and Bob’s bow ties are already a little worse for wear after just two days, but cats have claws and scratch a lot, especially when they have large items dangling from their necks! I’ll probably take the bows off in a week or two and just leave the cool collar behind.


My poor, my poor cats hey…