Embracing Plus Size Clothing

I’ve never worn plus size clothing, I’ve always been afraid of it, wearing plus size clothing is giving in and admitting that I am plus size, which I have never wanted to do. I’ve had several companies approach me throughout the years to offer me plus size clothing for a feature on the blog, my reply has always been something along the lines of “no thank you, I’m on a diet and won’t be plus size much longer, therefore I don’t want to associate my blog with plus size clothing”. The diets have always failed, and even when they have worked I’ve never gotten below a size 14, and therefore have remained plus size. Recently I have decided to admit defeat and embrace the fact that I am plus size.

I am fed up of going into high street shops and purchasing a top that, while not designed to be a crop top, when challenged with my larger than average mum tum, appears to be just that. I get depressed when I see beautiful dresses on tiny mannequins and know that I would resemble a hippopotamus in it, if I managed to get it over my big toe that is.

In 2016 I decided that enough was enough, I am never going to be slim and so I should just embrace plus size clothing. I stepped into Yours Clothing and spent around £100 on a couple of tops, and I love them. They are long, they are floaty and they hide my lumps and bumps perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, there are one or two things that I have had to take back as it doesn’t suit me, not all plus size women are the same shape after all, but the stuff that does suit me? It’s a revelation.
plus size clothing outfit for night out from YoursClothing

Take this outfit from YoursClothing*, it is perfect for a night out. The top covers my arms enough to hide the fact that they are HUGE, but shows them off enough that I don’t look hidden away. The high waisted jeans tuck me in while allowing me to breath and the wide fit boots make wearing heels perfectly comfortable. This outfit means that I can go out and not worry about breathing in to hide my tummy, it means that I can just enjoy myself and even treat myself to a lager or ten without worrying, hell, I deserve it!

black ankle boots with statement silver chunky zip

Yes, I am cutting down and do hope to lose weight, but for now I am embracing plus size clothing and loving it.

*Disclosure – YoursClothing outfit received for inclusion in blog post*

Mamma Style with JD Williams*
*Disclosure : all items of clothing from JD Williams were gifted in exchange for an honest feature – all thoughts are my own*

I’ve always liked wearing comfy clothes, way before I became a mam my main priority was comfort, I’m a firm believer that comfort is key to a nice outfit. Now that I am a mam this has become even more important. Despite wanting to look nice I also need an outfit that doesn’t restrict.

mamma style with JD williams - autumnal fashion post for a busy mother of a toddler - dress and leggings with brown boots - comfy clothing that doesn't restrict

autumnal outfit post purple floral dress with black leggings and brown boots - mother style-fashion

As  a mother another thing that I have to consider when re-stocking my wardrobe is budget. I’m a typical mother who spends all of her hard earnings on clothing and toys for my daughter, when it comes to me I have to make things last which is why I almost always pick dresses. Dresses are the perfect wardrobe staple for all seasons. In the Summer they can be worn dressed up with bare legs and heels or dressed down with flats. Come Autumn/Winter season throw on a pair of thick black tights or leggings with a nice pair of ankle boots and you have the perfect seasonal outfit. One wardrobe item for all seasons is always a winner.

This particular dress is perfect for me as the elasticated waist line shows off my small waist and the flared skirt hides my mummy tummy, or at least it tries to!

brown-tan-suede boots with tassle and low heels

I will be honest and admit that I don’t do heels, ever. I thought I would be okay with these small heels but I couldn’t wait to chuck my Vans back on!

Do you have a ‘go to’ mamma style?