Review : Electric Jukebox

I never listen to music anymore, or at least I didn’t. I stopped listening to music because it got too confusing. Spencer is into all his latest tech, we have a Sonos speaker in almost every room of the house. In theory it is great. We can control the music from our phones and computers and play it wherever we like, we no longer have a CD player or CD’s (apart from a few ‘classics’ boxed up gathering dust). Unfortunately, in reality I find it very complicated and it has resulted in me longer listening to music. Or at least that was the case before I discovered Electric Jukebox*.

Review : Electric Jukebox - a subscription free music streaming service, simple and easy to use - just plug into your TV and go

Electric Jukebox is a simple piece of kit, you just plug into your TV and hey presto! You have one year’s access to a subscription free music database containing over 29 million songs. Once your first year is up, rather than losing the whole service, it simply reverts to a basic package. You then have the option of running it this way forever at no extra cost, or paying £52 for a one year premium music pass.

As well as being exceptionally easy to set up the Electric Jukebox is also extremely user friendly. It comes with a remote which resembles a microphone which has four simple buttons on it and that is it! You have ‘OK’ to select and play, back, pause and a speaker button. You can search for your favourite music by clicking the on screen icons with the ‘OK’ button or by activating the voice search using the speaker button. There are several variations of playlists including era, genre and charts.

I have so far been very impressed with the music selection. I regularly tune into the 90s playlist and shimmy away to a bit of Britney and Hanson’s Mmm Bop, and just yesterday I decided to introduce myself to some new music in the form of Ed Sheeran’s latest album. Unfortunately, whilst most music is on the Jukebox some iconic artists, such as The Spice Girls, aren’t.

As with all good products there are some downsides to this one, nothing is perfect after all. The main two draw backs for me are that it isn’t portable due to the fact that you need a TV and wifi to use it, and, there is no denying that £169 is a big layout. For me, personally, I think the simplicity and ease of use make the cost worthwhile. Spencer on the other hand thinks that it is a great product but that it is overpriced. The difference is that Spencer doesn’t necessarily need a product that is easy to use and I do.

The Electric Jukebox comes in a choice of black, red and blue and is available to purchase from various retailers nationwide, click here to find out more.

*Disclosure – I received the Electric Jukebox in exchange for an honest review*

A Few of My Favourite Things… July

Happy August 🙂

I’ve decided to start a new monthly feature showcasing my favourite things from the previous month. This will cover a wide range of things from shopping, other people’s blog posts, food, anything goes – if I loved it it will be here!
My best friend got Married and I was Bridesmaid, obviously my most favourite moment of the whole entire year let alone month. Congratulations Sarah and Shaun.
Jo has me super tempted by the new box on the block, Flavourly. The popcorn with caramel honey & hazelnuts left me drooling.
I was lucky enough to win two giveaways, a lovely bag from Victoria and a bundle of goodies that are winging their way to me from Sarah. Thanks both! While we’re on the subject of Victoria, happy belated Birthday! Your flowers were gorgeous.
Shell kindly passed the Sunshine Award on to me – thank you! I won’t be doing the seven random facts because I’m boring and don’t have that many random facts to share!

I adore Lucy’s new jewellery storage, with beauts like this in her home you can see why she has been nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award!

I’ve seen quite a few Home Improvement Hero posts floating around and have really enjoyed them all, Gemma‘s really stood out to me. I can’t believe how well she did with the £50 budget.

I’m still proud of my upcycled chair.
I’ve been using a lot of Benefit’s Hello Flawless, it is perfect in this heat, you can read my original review here.

I’ll leave you with my favourite song of the month – Taylor Swift ft Ed Sheeran – Everything Has Changed.

What were your favourite things in July? Do you like this type of post? I only decided to do this part way through the month so next month I should have even more favourite things to share.


I’ve seen this floating around on a few blogs as part of the Money Supermarket competition. Unfortunately they’ve filled the maximum entries now but I thought it was a fun post so am doing it anyway.
Music isn’t something that I really mention on my blog, but I really do love it. I love how simply hearing a song on the radio can completely change your mood and trigger so many memories, taking you right back to a certain time/place. These are just a few of my favourite Summer time songs.
Stereophonics – Have a Nice Day
I am a massive Stereophonics fan and will one day marry Kelly Jones. Have a nice day isn’t my all time favourite Stereophonics song, I’d struggle to choose just one but I do know that it would be something from either the Word Gets Around or Perfomance and Cocktails album. Have a Nice Day isn’t on either of those albums so you may be wondering why I’ve included it here. The simple reason is the memories. I always remember driving around in my best friend’s green Peugeot (we went everywhere in that car back in the day!), the sun had come out for the first time that year so we decided to go and buy an ice cream to celebrate. This song then came on the radio. We turned the volume up, wound down the windows and sung our little hearts out before enjoying our ice creams. It was such a feel good moment and this song now takes me right back to that feeling.
DJ Sammy – Boys of the Summer
An oldie but a goodie. I always used to play this song in the Summer when I lived at home with my mam & dad, I’ve loved it ever since. Another feel good Summer song.
Joe ft G-Unit – Ride Wit U
Another song, another memory. This takes me right back to my first girls holiday in Kavos. We checked into our hotel to discover that we were next door to a load of boys from the Rhonda, us Welshies like to stick together so this pleased us no end. That week we spent a lot of time with those guys dancing to this song wearing straw hats. I always have a little giggle when I hear this as it reminds me of us sunburnt Welsh teenagers dancing around like idiots, we must have looked so stupid!
Sandi Thom – I wish I was a Punk Rocker
This song takes me right back to another girls holiday, this time Magaluf. I compiled a mix CD for us to listen to in the apartments before going out, this was one of the many songs on there. This particular one sticks out because everytime it came on we would stop what we were doing, pick up our hairbrushes and stand on the beds/sofa singing our little hearts out. It made the whole group come together as one and everyone of us loved it.
Oasis – Cigarettes and Alcohol
Me and two of my besties went to see Oasis in the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff. It was a last minute decision to go, we booked the tickets on the Thursday and rushed down after work on the Friday to pick the tickets up and watch the gig. We missed the support acts which was a shame as we would of liked to have seen Kasabian. Oasis split up not long after this which made us so glad that we spontaneously booked those tickets, we ended up seeing one of their last ever gigs. You could sense the atmosphere between Liam & Noel on stage but it was still a blast. We sang our eyes out to all of their songs but this particular one made us go wild in our drunken state.
These are by no means my all time favourite songs, just my all time feel good songs due to the memories they trigger. No matter how down I am these songs will always turn that frown upside down!
What are your favourite feel good songs? Do you tend to associate memories to songs?