Our DIY Pumpkin Picking Adventures

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the pumpkin picking craze dominating social media and blogs (if you haven’t, where have you been hiding?). For those of us who can’t get pumpkin picking, for whatever reason, these photos are actually quite depressing. We too want whimsical, lusty orange photos of our cute toddlers. After several failed attempts at nagging Spencer to take time away from DIY work and pop along to a pumpkin patch I decided that enough was enough and I would make my own ‘DIY pumpkin patch’ in my back garden, complete with pumpkin dog, of course.

DIY Pumpkin patch photos

I dressed Aria in her gorgeous new outfit from Mayoral, a Spanish based company who stock a fab selection of beautiful kids dresses and so much more. The yellow leatherette jacket is mine and Aria’s new favourite, I’m seriously tempted to go buy it in all the sizes so that she can wear it forever. The jacket gives off a real warm, Autumnal vibe and looks super cool. Teamed with this beautiful dress from their range of dresses for girls and the cutest knee high socks I think she looks adorable, a real fashionista in the making!

DIY Pumpkin patch photos

The DIY pumpkin shoot was quite simple to achieve, we went along to our local Tesco to pick our pumpkins where we picked up a few different sizes and paid a lot less than we would have at a pick your own farm, we also picked up a dog pumpkin costume while we were there, I could not resist that amount of cuteness. Back at home we dragged our trolley outside, quickly tidied up the garden, used a whole bag load of treats as bribes (for the dog, not the toddler) and I snapped away.

DIY Pumpkin patch photos

The benefit of a DIY pumpkin patch in our own back garden was that we could pick one of Aria’s many pretty outfits to wear without worrying (too much) about it getting ruined, and Dobby could get involved, he hasn’t had his jabs just yet so is confined to our house and garden.

DIY Pumpkin patch photos

Aria and Dobby had so much fun playing with the pumpkins, running around and pulling the trolley along, I may have to make this a daily event!

DIY Pumpkin patch photos

If you have a more willing husband than mine and would rather join the masses and visit an actual real life Pumpkin Patch pop along to Lianne’s blog for a list of pumpkin patches in South Wales.

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#MyTrendyTot Round Up 8 – Featuring Huntleys

As ever I am late with my round up for our fabulous Instagram community, #MyTrendyTot, why break the habit of a life time hey? I am going to start with my trendy little tot who is currently loving her cute little outfit from Huntleys*. This stunning two piece outfit and shoes are adorable and look fab teamed with these little knee high fox socks. The shoes came with a matching bow but, in true Aria style, Aria decided that she wanted her hair to hang free when we were taking these photos! Those of you that have been following this blog for a little while will know that Aria is a teeny tiny two year old which is why this 18-24 month old outfit is slightly too big for her. The elasticated waistline on the shorts combined with Aria’s slow growth means that they will last us a long time!

#MyTrendyTot Instagram community round up & Huntleys shoes toddler clothing review #MyTrendyTot Instagram community round up & Huntleys shoes toddler clothing review #MyTrendyTot Instagram community round up & Huntleys shoes toddler clothing review

Aria’s cute outfit aside, let’s check out what the other cuties have been wearing on our hashtag lately, all with a splash of yellow simply because I am loving splashes of yellow at the moment.


Now I know eyes don’t make you trendy but those beautiful eyes are what drew me into this picture, and while I was there I fell in love with this cute and colourful striped top. See more from Abbey over on her blog, The Son and The Moon and don’t forget to visit her instagram – warning – the cute newborn photos will make you crazy broody!


How amazing are these wellies? I wonder if they do them in adult sizes… Kudos to mamma Becca for taking such a stunning Bluebell shot as well as providing awesome clothing. Don’t forget to check out Becca’s instagram and visit her blog, All About Her.


Now I know you can’t see much of an outfit here but I just love the little peek of the yellow raincoat. As I said, yellow obsessed. Be sure to check out Tasha’s Instagram and her bog, Mummy & Moose.


Matching yellow raincoats everyone! They have matching yellow rain coats! I’m a little in awe of this and a lot jealous too. Aria and I have matching yellow wellies and I’m now thinking that we need to add some matching yellow raincoats into the mixture! Be sure to visit Nadia’s Instagram where you will see lots of yellow splashes, and also visit her blog, Scandi Mummy.


Chantele and I are loving seeing all of your trendy tot photos, so please keep them coming! Simply post a photo of your child in an adorable outift onto Instagram and use the hashtag #MytTrendyTot for a chance to be featured. Be sure to check out the previous round up on Chantele’s Blog.

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#MyTrendyTot Round Up 6

My trendy tot is currently loving her comfy yet adorable Blade & Rose Clothing*. Now that the sun is shining and we aren’t hiding our clothing away under layers and big coats it is the perfect time to wear a unicorn on your bum, don’t you think?

Unicorn bum print striped toddler leggings from Blade & Rose - Blog review

rainbow stripe colourful toddler leggings with cloud and colourful rain from Blade & Rose

If unicorns aren’t your thing then how about these amazing colourful rainbow leggings and matching tee? Perfect for both little boys and girls, with the only flaw being that the cloud is slightly see through, just pop a pair of white pants/knickers/plain white vest on and they are perfect. Do not pop a pink polka dot vest on underneath like someone did…

My trendy tot aside, let’s have a look at what the other trendy tots have been wearing over on Instagram.

I’m loving the bright colours and prints here, and the photo is adorable too! See more of Alana’s perfect clothing and photos on Baby Holiday.

Prancing with the daffodils. #lookoutdaffodils

A post shared by Iris (@bakedbymummyiris) on

Aren’t this hat and coat just the cutest? Beauty all around on this one with this very trendy tot and the daffodils! Check out mummy’s blog – Baked By Mummy Iris.

That hair is just amazing!

How adorable is this nine month old bum shuffler? I am loving this capture from Bex of Mummy Adventure.

Check out #MyTrendyTot round up number five over on Chantele’s blog. Don’t forget to link up using the hashtag on instagram for your chance to be featured.

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#MyTrendyTot Round up No.4

I’m a little late sharing my picks for the fourth #MyTrendyTot round up, which, to be completely honest, should be expected! Better late than never is my motto. You can check out the third round up on Chantele’s blog here.

As always it was a struggle to pick, seriously those insta tots are so well dressed! It puts my wardrobe to shame that’s for sure. I decided to go for a Spring theme, bright colours make everyone happy right?


Obviously Lily’s amazing bright yellow dungarees from Little Green Radicals had to be included, they are amazing and I must get some for Aria.

Visit Lily’s fabulous mama Lucy on her blog Hello Beautiful Bear.

Isn’t Lucas the coolest little dude? This little outfit is just too cute.

‘Never Grow Up’ – how cute is that for a kids tee? LOVE it!

Last but by no means least sweet little Frankie won me over with her daffodil. I accept bribes by the way, preferably in the form of flowers or chocolates (or both), just FYI. Check out Frankie’s lovely mama’s blog all about her two AnkleBiters.


My trendy tot has been wearing her posh birthday dress from Next (January sale bargain!).

Come find me and Chantele on Instagram at CorneliusBlog and twoheartsoneroof and of course, link your trendy tot photos up using #MyTrendyTot for a chance to be featured on one of our blogs and instagram accounts.

#MyTrendyTot Round Up 2

I’m so pleased with how the #MyTrendyTot Instagram link up is going, it has only been running for twenty days and already we’ve had so many gorgeous photos linked up. Picking my favourites for the past two weeks was a real challenge, the tots of instagram sure are trendy!


I am a huge fan of anything with rainbows and splashes of colours so I obviously had to pick this one. This top is so fun and colourful, it would be great to brighten up a dull, grey day like today.

You can also find Lucy blogging at Hello Beautiful Bear.

Obviously I just had to include the birthday girl, as Kate says, who can resist a tutu? Not me that’s for sure!

You can also find Kate blogging at Counting To Ten.

What can I say about this one, not only is she pretty damn stylish, she also dresses herself, a little fashionista in the making!

You can also find Beth blogging at Twinderelmo.


Obviously I had to include a photo from my very own trendy tot who recently decided that it is all about the red lipstick, and lots of it! Watch my latest YouTube video to find out exactly what happened here.

Don’t forget to check out Chantele’s picks for the first #MyTrendyTot round-up here, and of course, link your trendy tot photos up on Instagram using #MyTrendyTot for a chance to be featured on one of our blogs and instagram accounts.