Homeware Haul : September/October 2016

I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous homeware pieces pop up lately and I haven’t been able to resist purchasing a few bits here and there. A lot of shops really seem to have uppped their homeware game lately, even shops that I wouldn’t usually consider visiting for homeware such as New Look are stocking gorgeous little pieces at the moment.

UK Homeware Haul September and October 2016 including a glitter wall unicorn from Home Bargains

As  I’ve bought quite a few new bits I thought I would film a little homeware haul for you guys. I’ve been shopping in Primark, New Look and Home Bargains, we’ve even bought a new bed from IKEA!

Most of these items unfortunately aren’t available on line, but the most amazing one is! The Unicorn Head can be purchased from Home Bargains for the bargain price of £6.99 here.

Autumn Clothing Wishlist
I love everything about Autumn (when the sun is shining). I love the colours, I love the fashions, I love pumpkin spice lattes, I love hot dogs while watching the fireworks, I love everything. I popped into town today and got very excited by the gorgeous Autumn clothing currently in the shops, which has inspired me to put together a little Autumn clothing wish list, it really is about time I bought some clothes for myself for a change.

I have fallen for quite a few items from New Look and Esprit which are featured above. These items would make great staples for the Autumn/Winter season. My favourite items are numbers five and six, though I’m not sure I could pull them off together with my short, chunky legs! I also think that number three and six would look amazing paired with thick black tights (hello Primark super cosy tights!) and either number four or number two. I have included number one as I think it would look lovely teamed with either jeans or a skirt for pretty much any occasion.

There are a lot of various colour trends this year, my favourites are the burgundys, reds and tans. Fur and leather are popping up a lot too. I am also pleased to see tartan appearing again this year, you really can’t beat a nice tartan print for Autumn/Winter.

What trends are you lusting after this season? What are your favourite things about Autumn? Feel free to link to any Autumn fashion posts of your own below, I would love to see them! 

My Maternity Leave Uniform
I was looking forward to maternity leave for many reasons, one of the very small reasons was that I wouldn’t have to wear my uniform every single day, I felt like I lived in my work uniform and was totally looking forward to being able to wear a variety of clothes all the time.  

Top & trousers – New Look
Sandals – Brantano*
patterned trousers and brown sandals
The variety of clothes didn’t quite happen, I practically live in this outfit, or a variation of it with similar trousers and a vest top, it is lightweight (I’m always hot), comfortable and relatively flattering. The sandals are perfect for all the walking that I do, they look fashionable (or at least fashionable to me!) and are so comfy, what you can’t really see is that they have proper cushioned soles, it is like walking on air.
I have found a new uniform, my maternity leave uniform.
I never realised that Brantano stocked such a wide variety of brands until I was browsing their website to order these sandals. I absolutely love that there are so many different brands available under the one roof, or website. With brands such as Clarks, Esprit, Adidas and Vans there really is something available for everyone.
Clarks brown sandals.

Do you have a ‘uniform’ for when you aren’t working? What is your go to outfit?

What I Wore, Maternity : My Work Leaving Do
I finish work on Wednesday next week so decided to have my leaving do yesterday, at 35 weeks + 6 days pregnant. I’m still quite fussy with my food so just went along to the local Wetherspoons as I am absolutely loving their pasta alfredo with salmon at the moment. With it being a Friday evening at a pub I wanted to make a little bit of an effort with my outfit so decided to wear my new maternity/nursing dress from Yummy Mummy, teamed with ankle boots, black tights and red lipstick it ticks all of the boxes. 
Maternity/Nursing Dress – Mamalicious via Yummy Mummy*
Black & Gold Bracelet – Christmas Present
Watch – Michael Kors
Gold Heart Bracelet – Primark
Ankle Boots – New Look (old)
Lipstick – Mac, Russian Red
I absolutely love this dress, it fits perfectly and is super flattering when pregnant, post pregnancy it can then be worn as a nursing dress. There is a breast feeding panel which is easily accessible via the zip. The plan is that the front pleats allow plenty of room during pregnancy and then act to hide your post pregnancy tum. I can definitely vouch for the pregnancy side of this dress, it fits great and is super comfortable. 
Not only did I have a lovely evening last night but I was also presented with this delightful surprise. Some of my colleagues put some baby essentials into a box for me and this is the result. I can’t believe how much stuff there is, and what is best is that it is all stuff that will be used loads!
P.S. I am aware that there is a cat photo bombing almost every photo, it was feeding time and they weren’t happy about waiting until after Spencer finished taking photos of me for their food! 

What I Wore, Maternity : 34 Weeks Casual Dress
Maternity Dress – New Look
Maternity Coat – New Look (now reduced to £12)
Black Pumps – Primark
These photos were taken in Cardiff Bay last weekend when I was 34 weeks pregnant. Dresses, tights and pumps has become one of my maternity staple outfits. I have recently bought maternity jeans which I am starting to wear more often, though as I only have one pair they are quite often in the wash when I want to wear them. 
As I say time and time again, there really is no need to pay a lot for maternity clothes, I bought this dress in the New Look sale, I think I paid £9 for it. The coat was one of my most expensive maternity purchases as I paid (almost) full price for it because I was desperate, I did have a £10 discount code which helped ease the pain a little! I am so glad that I bought the coat, it still does up over my stomach and it looks nice. I initially planned on buying a cheap, larger coat in Primark before deciding to part with the cash and buy a maternity coat, but to get one that fitted me in the stomach meant that it looked ridiculously large on the back and shoulders, and would probably be too small in the stomach by now.