On Becoming a ‘School’ Mum

While stood at the school gate waiting to pick my daughter up from her first day at nursery it hit me, I’m a school mum now.

On becoming a school mum

No more lazy days of not showering or getting dressed because I have too much work to do.

I have to wear a bra at least five days a week.

When I’m feeling down there is no more hiding in the house, I have to put on a brave face and be ready to face the world, or the other school mums at least.

Come rain or shine, and even snow, I’ll be there, trudging back and fore to the school.

This is my foreseeable future. I’m in a school mum now.

She has started nursery, or play-school, or pre-school, whatever it’s called.

I feel like a fraud, I don’t know any of the relevant terms or, well, anything. I didn’t even know she had snacks until I saw her eating fruit at pick up time.

Just yesterday we received the application form for ‘proper’ nursery, one where she wears a uniform and everything. There was no list of schools to choose from, no nothing. Just a form to fill in and assumptions that I know about these things when I know nothing.

I need to get my head around all of this because I’m a school mum now.


Am I Wrong to Not Feel Emotional on My Child’s First Day of Nursery?

For the past few days my facebook feed has been awash with emotional mothers, mothers who are sad that their child is starting school, mothers who cried after dropping them off for the first time.

Aria is 2 & 1/2 and is due to start nursery any day now, and I cannot wait. The only emotion I am feeling is joy, and also relief. Relief for me and relief for her.

Am I Wrong to Not Feel Emotional on My Child’s First Day of Nursery?

I am relieved for me because I am struggling. I have 2 days a week with childcare in the form of grandparents and it just isn’t enough. I’m drowning in work and my house is a shit tip.

Am I wrong to not feel emotional on my child's first day of nursery?

I am relieved for her because it will be so good for her. Before we moved she went to private nursery one day a week and, despite tears at drop off time, or at least when I dropped her off, she really did enjoy it. She always came out of nursery happy; tired but happy.

We have no structure in our daily routine and, as much as we love our lazy mornings, it will be good for us to to get into a good routine.

She rarely spends time with children her own age. Don’t get me wrong, she loves spending time with her niece and nephew but they are six and three years older than her, it will be so good for her to play with children her own age.

She is starting a little earlier than normal, in Wales they start 2 & 1/2 hours Monday – Friday the first term after their 3rd birthday, but the area that we are now living in receives extra funding and as a result the children here start the first term after their 2nd birthday.

If there are tears at drop off of course I’ll be upset, I’m not a complete monster, but I also know that the tears will pass, give her five minutes and she will be happy exploring her new surroundings and making new friends. I know that she won’t always cry when I drop her off, that she will eventually look forward to going.

Maybe it’s because she isn’t starting ‘proper’ school, maybe it’s because it’s not a full day, or maybe I’m just heartless. All I know is that when we go to register her tomorrow I will be skipping to the nursery!

Home : Updated Nursery Tour
Not finding out the sex of our baby meant that we had to decorate the Nursery in gender neutral colours, we opted for grey & yellow, which you can see here. Now that Aria has arrived I have gone a little crazy adding A LOT of pink into the room, we now have a beautiful yellow, grey & pink nursery.

yellow hello sunshine flag in grey yellow and pink themed nursery with ikea changing table

Our changing table sits nicely under the slope of the attic stairs along with my old wardrobe which we painted white. I’ve written about the changing area in more detail in my changing table tour post.
The Hello Sunshine Flag and Moon & Back plaque both came from Not Shabby Very Chic. The decorative letter A came from Pretty Little Things.

decorative freestanding letter A for Aria pink animal butterfly and flower theme

up and away dunelm pink cot mobile with clair de lune lottie and squeek bedding set

The cot bedding and bumpers are the Clair de Lune Lottie & Squeek set from Asda. The up and away cot mobile is from Dunelm Mill.

clair de lune nursery bedding

white and yellow bird and tree large wall decal on grey wall with pink next black out curtains

The bird & tree wall decal is from eBay, the black out curtains and curtain pole both from Next, the curtains are currently in their sale, the throw from Asda* and the chair & footstool IKEA.

curtain pole from next white with small pink heartsnext pink woodland black out curtains

ikea ribba shelving as book shelf in nursery

Above the chair in the nursery we have a few books sitting on an IKEA Ribba. The 0-10 bunting is from eBay as well as the washi tape.

next baby keepsake box pink new baby 2015

The memory box comes from Next and their new baby 2015 range, the heart rugs are also from Next.

next set of three small pink heart rugs on white wooden floor

ikea ribba shelving in baby room with pink fairy lights to store teddy bears
All of the items on these shelves were gifts, apart from the pink fluffy fairy lights from eBay.
Do you like the grey, yellow & pink theme? The bedroom has certainly come a long way since these days

Tour of Aria’s Nappy Changing Table
When planning Aria’s nursery we debated whether or not to get a changing table, a lot of people said they bought them but tended not to use them opting to just change them where ever they were when they needed changing. We decided to go ahead and buy one, even if we didn’t use it as a changing table it would come in handy as storage. As it turns out we use it for every single change so it was well worth the money!
IKEA Sundvik nappy changing unit
Carry on reading for a tour of our changing table and to see the changing related products that we use on a daily basis.

products for changing babies nappy
I posted this changing table wishlist a while ago as we weren’t sure which changing unit to purchase. We eventually settled on the IKEA Sundvik, it wasn’t my favourite but it was my favourite out of the ones that we could afford.
sudocrem care & Protect hand sanitising gel baby moisturiser and large sudocrem tube
We always keep the most used products out on the table within easy reach, those are nappies, nappy wipes, Sudocrem, hand sanitiser and moisturiser.
pretty basket containing nappies
I received this basket at my baby shower and it is just perfect for storing nappies in. We use Aldi nappies, I’ve tried quite a few different brands and find that these work best for us, which is fantastic as they are really cheap! We keep a kitchen roll at the back of the table for when Aria decides to have a wee mid change, this quickly soaks it all up before it goes everywhere. The moon and back wooden plaque came from Not Shabby Very Chic.
yellow hello sunshine flag
We have a sloping ceiling in part of Aria’s room as the attic stairs are above it, it is quite annoying but fortunately the changing table fits underneath it perfectly. I added this Hello Sunshine flag onto the slope part to brighten it up again, this also came from Not Shabby Very Chic.
baby changing area with polka dot changing matt, teddy bear and to the moon and back plaque
We automatically placed the changing mat with the edging at the back initially, after a few incidents of pees dripping down we rotated it so that the edging now prevents wee from dripping off the mat and onto the floor. This is probably the way they are designed but we didn’t realise that!
The teddy bear was a gift.
tommee tippee sangenic refills medela steriliser bag tommee tippee perfect prep filter
inside IKEA sundvik drawer baby wipes nappy rash lotions nappy bags
Aldi nappies
As for what we keep in the changing table we try to keep it to changing related items with the odd exception.
In the top shelf we have refills for our Tommee Tippee Sangenic nappy bin, Medela sterilising bags* and replacement filters for our Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine (I did say it is mostly changing related!).
In the top drawer we have nappy wipes (several different brands as we were given quite a few as gifts, but we buy Aldi’s as they work well and have a lid on the packet), swimming nappies, nappy bags and various nappy rash creams.
The bottom drawer is where we keep our nappies, we don’t shop in Aldi apart from for nappies and wipes so we tend to stock up when we go. The carrier bag contains size three nappies which we aren’t yet using.
tommee tippee sangenic nappy disposal bin
We keep our Tommee Tippee Sangenic nappy bin next to the table so that we can pop used nappies straight in here.

Home : The Nursery so far
 We haven’t finished our Nursery just yet and have decided that we’re not going to until baby has arrived and we know the sex. It is surprisingly difficult to find nice items in the grey, yellow and white colour scheme and we thought it would be a nice idea to inject some pastel blue or pink into the room so have left items such as bedding and curtains for the time being. Baby won’t be sleeping in the room straight away so there is no great rush to finish it. With that in mind here is a tour of the Nursery so far, I have linked to where to buy items where possible.
Lightshade – IKEA (also available in blue)
Basket drawers and wardrobe old, wardrobe re-painted.
Chest of drawers – Argos
Basket – gift
Soft toys – M&S*
Ewan The Sheep – Boots
Soft toys & handprint wall art – gifts
Baby scrapbook from eBay
Pom Poms – IKEA
Baby Changing Table – IKEA Sundvik
Chair – IKEA Nolbyn
Footstool – IKEA Poang
Cot – Second hand gift
Nursing pillow – Argos, part of set of two
Bird and tree wall art from eBay, I ordered this in large with eight additional dark yellow birds.
The grey paint is the shade Heavy Mist by Valspar, we bought it in B&Q.