What We Wore : Christening

It’s not very often that we have an excuse to get all dressed up, so when we do we, or at least I, like to really make an effort, assuming that I have time! We were recently invited to a Christening, and so, of course, I trawled the internet in search of the perfect outfit. I ended up at my go to shop, Yours Clothing, which is where I fell in love with this beauty of a dress.

Purple Floral Print Ruched Waist Midi Dress With Wide Split Sleeves*Purple Floral Print Ruched Waist Midi Dress With Wide Split Sleeves from Yours Clothing

When the dress first arrived I wasn’t sure I would like it, the fabric felt as though it would cling to me which is something that I dread. I went ahead and tried it on and instantly realised just how wrong I was, the dress is possibly the most flattering dress EVER in the history of flattering dresses. The dress covers my flabby arms, conceals my mum tie and enhances my waist, add to this the gorgeous colours and pattern and it ticks every box.

With a new dress came new heels which is always a worry as I don’t do heels. I needn’t have worried, the comfort insole in these platform heels* meant that I happily strutted around in them all day right through until the early evening.

family Christening outfits

Needless to say Spencer and Aria also scrubbed up pretty well, Aria wore her Roco clothing dress and shoes and Spencer wore an old blazer from H&M.

Getting ready in the new house was no easy feat. I couldn’t find my hair dryer, my hair straighteners or a nice lipstick, yet somehow we still made it to Church on time!

family Christening outfits

*Disclosure – I received the dress and shoes from YoursClothing in exchange for promotion* 

Chasing the Instagram Dream with Trespass

Developing the perfect instagram account isn’t easy, it takes time, effort and good shoes. Yes, you read that right, if you want the picture perfect instagram account you need to be prepared to climb places that you wouldn’t normally climb, go off the beaten track, therefore good shoes are most definitely an essential.

The Merse Women’s Waking Boots from Trespass* fit the bill perfectly and have become my go to instagram photo hunting footwear of choice. The walking boots are sturdy with a good grip and ankle support, which is very much a requirement when climbing up slippy slope-y hills and climbing over fallen trunks and twigs.

A blog review of women's walking boots from Trespass

Ain’t no tree stopping me with these bad boys on! I discovered the importance of instagram footwear on our most recent photography mission, when we decided to find a bluebell wood and I (stupidly) wore my Vans. We found the bluebells, up the top of a very steep hill. I struggled to get up said steep hill, I slipped and stumbled, at times I bum shuffled because my footwear just was not good enough for where we were. Bum shuffling in a forest is not good, I now have a hole in my trousers, RIP comfy trousers.

bluebell wood in sor brook, Pontypool/Cwmbran

As you can see the bluebells were gorgeous but it was terribly difficult to climb, wearing my new go to instagram trainers would have made this shoot a whole lot easier. Judging by the looks of the above photo I think that Spencer, my (not so) glamorous instagram assistant could also do with a pair of snazzy walking boots like mine.

blog review of trespass merse pink women's walking boots

Watch out instagram – me and my new walking boots are gonna walk all over you!

And if you’re wondering, it was worth it, I got THE shot.

Check out the full range of women’s walking boots available at Trespass here.

*Disclosure – I received the walking boots in exchange for blog coverage*

Mamma Style with JD Williams*
*Disclosure : all items of clothing from JD Williams were gifted in exchange for an honest feature – all thoughts are my own*

I’ve always liked wearing comfy clothes, way before I became a mam my main priority was comfort, I’m a firm believer that comfort is key to a nice outfit. Now that I am a mam this has become even more important. Despite wanting to look nice I also need an outfit that doesn’t restrict.

mamma style with JD williams - autumnal fashion post for a busy mother of a toddler - dress and leggings with brown boots - comfy clothing that doesn't restrict

autumnal outfit post purple floral dress with black leggings and brown boots - mother style-fashion

As  a mother another thing that I have to consider when re-stocking my wardrobe is budget. I’m a typical mother who spends all of her hard earnings on clothing and toys for my daughter, when it comes to me I have to make things last which is why I almost always pick dresses. Dresses are the perfect wardrobe staple for all seasons. In the Summer they can be worn dressed up with bare legs and heels or dressed down with flats. Come Autumn/Winter season throw on a pair of thick black tights or leggings with a nice pair of ankle boots and you have the perfect seasonal outfit. One wardrobe item for all seasons is always a winner.

This particular dress is perfect for me as the elasticated waist line shows off my small waist and the flared skirt hides my mummy tummy, or at least it tries to!

brown-tan-suede boots with tassle and low heels

I will be honest and admit that I don’t do heels, ever. I thought I would be okay with these small heels but I couldn’t wait to chuck my Vans back on!

Do you have a ‘go to’ mamma style?

What I Wore : Retail Job Interview

A little while back I decided to leave my career behind and concentrate on my baby, unfortunately we couldn’t afford for me not to work at all so I decided to attempt to find a job in retail. I haven’t had a job interview for years, the ones that I have had have been for admin jobs, I really was clueless as to what to wear for a job interview in the retail sector. I settled for smart casual and the job search was actually very successful, I was given three interviews and offered two jobs, so I can only assume that what I wore was more than acceptable.

retail job interview outfit inspiration ootd

I decided to wear an all black smart casual outfit, settling for trousers and flat shoes as that is how I feel more comfortable. A comfortable outfit is key, a killer outfit will do you no favours if you feel uncomfortable.

I read somewhere that hair should be tied back during interviews so I popped mine back with a bump at the front (which I can now see was a little wonky!). I kept my make-up minimal, I wanted to look smart not overdone.

Again, jewellery was kept to a minimum, I wore my Wedding ring and a ring that I always wear on my other hand, my Michael Kors watch, and my Pandora bracelet. The watch hid my tattoo on my wrist, even though a lot of shops allow you to have tattoos on show I personally think that it is best to cover them up in interviews.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, my whole outfit (bar jewellery) came from Primark, it looked smart and felt comfortable.

What is your go to interview outfit?

What I Wore : Casual Rainy Day
Having a baby in a pushchair means that I can no longer reach for my umbrella when it rains, I could try but I am not good at steering that thing at the best of times, steering it while holding an umbrella would end in a crash. As a result I need a good rain coat.
target dry kendal waterproof cotton jacket review
Top – Matalan
Jeans & Shoes – Primark
ootd waterproof coat and jeans target dry and primark
The Kendal coat from Target Dry is a great choice for me, it is light enough that I don’t get too warm but thick enough that I’m not freezing. It is pretty and looks good worn smart and casual. It has cute floral print detail.
woman with back turned wearing kendal waterproof target dry coat in rumba with floral hood
The sleeves are a little long on me because I’m a shorty and sleeves always are long on me. I would say that the coat fit is very good and the quality is superb. The coat nips in at the waist which is very flattering, on my figure at least.
close up of target dry kendal waterproof coat in rumba with floral detail on arm
The shoes aren’t so great for the rain but they were cheap and they look good. 
primark black suede t bar brogues

Are you brave enough to tackle both the pushchair and an umbrella or do you opt for a decent waterproof coat too?