Pregnancy & Childbirth One Year On – The Symptoms That Didn’t Go Away

I was naive when I was pregnant, I assumed that I would give birth and ‘boom’ I would return back to normal, all of those horrible pregnancy symptoms would disappear overnight. It turns out that I was wrong, very wrong, over one year on I still have some of the symptoms.

pregnancy symptoms that don't just disappear overnight and are still present one year on

As expected, my belly is still very much a jelly belly, I’ve always had a large belly so am actually quite grateful that I now have an excuse for my larger than average belly.

What I didn’t expect was that symptoms such as carpal tunnel syndrome and the excruciating heartburn would still rear their ugly head up to six months post childbirth.

Even a year on I am still suffering with some symptoms, baby brain is still very much a thing, if anything it is worse now than it was when pregnant.

I still have to get up to go to the toilet most nights and have zero bladder control. Coughing, sneezing and being sick can be very dangerous. I wish I’d stuck to those pelvic floor exercises!

I often wake up in the morning with hot sweats, these started the day after childbirth and thirteen months later are still a thing, though this could also be due to my current medication.

Another thing, my first smear after childbirth didn’t hurt any where near as much as I remembered, read into that what you will…

Curious as to how long it took other mother’s to get over their pregnancy symptoms (if you ever do get over them!) I asked a few other bloggers what symptoms hung around for them, I was quite surprised as to how many people are still suffering.

Katy – Hair loss, I’m still shedding from five years ago! I have hair growth about 3 inches long near my temples and it sticks out if I don’t grip it- drives me nuts!!

Emma – Bladder control, scar pain from c-section, sleeplessness, weight gain hahaha and an unhealthy obsession with prams!

Alex – Baby brain for sure! There are times when I just can’t remember something or think of a word to say – totally blank!

Lisa – The shooting pain through the bum! It calmed down but never went away – just lurked in the background and has come back worse again now I’m pregnant again! I haven’t been able to sit or lay on a floor since pregnancy 4 years ago!

Emily – Back pain! Two pregnancies and an epidural with my first, has absolutely ruined my back.

Kate – The numbness from my caesarean scar. 10 years since my first and I still have no sensation in that area, I also got awful weak teeth during pregnancy, and was in and out of the dentist with chips and breaks. The weakness has stayed post birth too.

Hannah – Sciatica- started in my pregnancy with B, carried on after having her, then flared up badly in H’s pregnancy and I still have it now when I swap slings, or do lots of heavy lifting!

Susanne – I had to get glasses when I was pregnant with number 3 and the optician said it was inflammation and swelling in the eye’s blood vessels caused by pregnancy.

Kate – Sharon would agree with me when I say ‘hormones’. I still get rather emotional over the smallest of things.

Amy – SPD – 2 years on and I’m still suffering! And I’m pregnant again so it’s so much worse.

Pamela – My episiotomy scar still tears almost 5 yrs on I’ve had a repair and a plastic surgeon said there’s nothing better they can do. It’s like walking around with a constant paper cut….there! That plus my section scar…I’m just a hoot to be around.

Edith – Tiredness. I’ve had 3 that don’t sleep so just as one started usually around 3 I had another one.

Hannah – Carpal tunnel!! Fluffy baby hair round my hairline. And c section scars of course.

Laura – Great big massive nipples forever…….. but that’s more from breastfeeding. I got tendonitis that didn’t go away. The c-section pouch (slash big fat chocolate cake belly).
Lucy – I swear that I lost half my vocabulary when I gave birth to Little Miss H. I also now have spider veins on my legs, terrible periods and skin colour changes around my eyes (it looks like I’ve applied fake tan really badly in spots around my eyes). Oh and a belly button that was (until my current pregnancy) trying to disappear out of my back.

Petra – I still had a tiny bit of milk coming for almost a year after stopping breastfeeding when my daughter was 1.

Heledd – Sleep deprivation. Peeing when you sneeze.

Did you have any pregnancy symptoms that just wouldn’t go away? If so, what were they?

Pregnancy & Beyond : The Things That No One Tells You About
Everyone tells you about what to expect during pregnancy, but not many people tell you about what to expect afterwards. What can you expect to happen to your body and mind after pregnancy?
post pregnancy what they don't tell you

  • You will quite likely bleed for weeks after, sometimes months.
  • Don’t get too happy when the bleeding finally stops, your first post pregnancy period won’t be far behind and it might be SUPER heavy. Heavy to the point that you are afraid to be away from the toilet for too long as your super long, super thick night time pads need changing at least every half an hour. Heavy to the point that you are light headed and start googling “can I die from loosing too much blood during my first period after having a baby?”
  • For the first week after having a baby you will have complete respect for your body and may even think that you will never hate your body again, it has done a wonderful thing and you are proud of it no matter what shape or size it is. Make the most of this, it doesn’t last long. Following this your confidence will vanish, you will have a jelly belly and feel silly in some of your fashionable pre-pregnancy clothes. You will suddenly feel as though you need to start dressing older and more ‘mumsy’.
  • You may even have a post pregnancy crisis.
  • The lack of sleep isn’t actually too bad, you will survive, which is a good thing because it is impossible to sleep when the baby sleeps, there are bottles to be sterilised and clothes to be washed!
  • Labour isn’t actually that painful, but the contractions are like hell.
  • The baby can come very quickly and if people tell you that you are going to be late and will need to be induced they may be wrong, the baby could still come so quick that you won’t make it to hospital, I was told I would need to be induced and look what happened to me!
  • Even though you enjoy being parents so much and are already talking about baby number two you will be too scared to conceive baby number two, or even check down there yourself!
  • You will be moody at times and snap at your partner a lot, some days it will feel as though everything they do is done to annoy you.
  • You will sweat like crazy during the night, this is good though, a quick Google told me that this is my body’s way of getting rid of all the excess water and means that my body is shrinking back down to normal.
  • It will take a while for all of your pregnancy symptoms to go, I was still swollen for a while and my wedding rings didn’t fit for weeks afterwards, my carpal tunnel also hung around for a few weeks and at six weeks postpartum I am still suffering with the chronic heartburn that I never knew was possible until I was pregnant, not as much but still now and again.
  • Babies smell, like really stink, well their fluffs and poos do.
Please note this is based on my own experience, everyone’s pregnancy and beyond is different, you may or may not experience these symptoms/feelings.

39 Week Pregnancy Update
Today I am 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant, making me two days overdue.
I was actually sick one day last week which came as a shock as I haven’t been sick for a little while now. That wasn’t very pleasant but thankfully it was only the one day.
I’ve had several aches and pains again this past week along with Braxton Hicks and an aching back, but nothing to get excited about. I’ve also had excruciating trapped wind and indigestion. 
I gained 1lb in week 39, my total pregnancy weight gain is now 6lb.
Bump at 39 + 1 Bump at 39 + 4.
We had agreed not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Spencer got me a card and I got him nothing at all. I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t bothered getting a card so ordered his favourite takeaway (Dominos) and asked them to write Happy Valentine’s Day Spencer in the lid, I love that they did and also drew some hearts! I bought myself some Valentine’s flowers the day after when they were half price I also bought some daffodils to pretty up the kitchen.
GU Zillionaire puddings are amazing (and half price in Tesco at the moment!) Being on Maternity leave is great, I lounge around and have Kitty cwtches most days! Pancake Day! My niece was in Hospital last week with pre-quinsy so we were visiting most evenings and got home late on pancake day we bought some ready made pancakes as a result, I had one with lemon & sugar and one with Nutella. Pukka womankind tea is delicious. 

38 Week Pregnancy Update
Today I am 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant and have less than a week until my due date, six days to be precise!
I’ve been taking my reflux tablets again and have had plenty of lie ins, which I think is why I haven’t been sick this week.
My milk has been leaking quite a bit in the nights, I’ve resorted to sleeping naked as I’m just so hot and I’ve woken a few times to wet patches where my boobs are. I’ve now bought myself these sleeping bras from Mothercare so that I can wear them to bed with a breast pad in them, I can’t sleep in normal bras as they are just too uncomfortable. I ordered the bras in a size L but annoyingly they are too big which results in the bra moving around and my pads not staying in place. Still, it is better protection than nothing at all.
I’ve had a few aches and pains but nothing to get me excited enough into thinking that baby is on his/her way. I really hope that I don’t end up going overdue as I am quite fed up now.
I gained 1lb in week 38, my total weight gain is now 5lb.
My bump at 38 weeks + 1 day.
We had our stair carpet and sofas cleaned by a local South Wales carpet cleaning company, we’re super pleased with the results.
We also received our new fridge freezer this week, it is the first time we’ve ever had a brand new one, we’ve always got second hand up until now. We’re really pleased with it and may review it soon. 
I’ve finally made a start on painting the dining chairs, the plan is to paint two chairs this colour, two chairs pale pink and the table white. I’ve wanted to do it for about a year and had the paint for about six months! Treated ourselves to some gorgeous pancakes as they were on offer at our local Co-Op, they are gorgeous. I did go mad though as Bob stole one off my plate, I stopped talking to him for a little while. Received my order from The Range, super pleased with the items. Our new curtains look fab. I had to find somewhere else to sit while our sofas were being cleaned/drying, I took to the corner of the nursery and quite enjoyed sitting there in the peace and quiet. 
We went out for a meal last Sunday, nothing fancy, just our local Table Table, my niece took this lovely photo of me while waiting for our food Bob being lazy as always Hospital bags packed and ready to go We ordered Ewan the Sheep after hearing good things about him, I hope that our baby likes him. 

37 Week Pregnancy Update
Today I am 38 weeks pregnant and have only 14 days until my due date (2 weeks!).
I was sick this morning for the first time in quite a while, I have run out of my reflux tablets and believe that this is why I was sick. Spencer has picked my repeat prescription up for me today so hopefully the sickness won’t stick around.
I didn’t realise just how swollen my fingers were until I attempted to take my wedding & engagement ring off this week, they would not budge! A lot of soap and cold water and I finally managed to take them off, that was at the beginning of the week and I still have a dent  in my finger from where they were now. They will be staying off until after I have the baby, I don’t want to risk them needing to be cut off.
Rather excitingly last night I woke up with what I thought may have been contractions, it started with what felt like a burning ball in my back and then spread around to my tummy, I had a few of them in a row but they then stopped. I’m guessing it was maybe Braxton Hicks as it hasn’t come to anything. I did have a few episodes earlier in the evening and the previous evening where I felt tightening all across my stomach and wasn’t sure if baby was stretching or if it was a Braxton Hicks contraction.
I also experienced several stabbing pains down below yesterday, quite a few consecutively. Google tells me that this is my cervix beginning to dilate. Hopefully both of these things mean that baby will be here sooner rather than later.
I have actually gone out in jogging bottoms a few times this week, that is something that I never, ever do except on a rare occasion when I do some exercise. I am getting to the stage where comfort is coming before anything else.
My weight stayed the same in week 37, I have put on a total of 4lb so far.
My bump at 37 weeks (with a photobombing Bob of course) I can’t wait until we have a baby to use this Fisher Price swing* Fireplace looking pretty with baby shower and leaving cards.
There have been a lot of cat cwtches this week.
Mini Eggs and iced coffee to get me through the day Hubby made turkey burgers and sweet potato fries, we added the Philadelphia Duo Cremoso with garlic & fine herbs to the burger, oh my, amazing Dippy egg and soldiers are my latest addiction How cute is the little accidental heart in my Aero mousse? For a second I thought Spencer had been romantic and drawn it in as he bought the mousse over to me opened, he quickly corrected me that of course it wasn’t him!