Relaxing & Unwinding As A Parent
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As a parent it can be really difficult to find the time to switch off, relax and unwind, especially when you write a blog. I suffer from serious mum guilt and feel that as soon as Aria goes to sleep I should be doing something, whether it be housework, blog work or cooking the tea, I can’t simply just relax and unwind, can I?

relaxing and unwinding as a parent - blog header photo - how do you relax and unwind as a parent? Finding the time without mum guilt creeping in is difficult

On  the rare occasion that I find time to relax I tend to lie on the sofa and binge watch Netflix. Often with a cup of coffee and cake. Sometimes I score extra relaxation points when my phone battery runs out and I decide to do absolutely nothing about it. Pure, uninterrupted bliss.

Rattan Direct want to know what it is that you do to relax around the home, so have put together this short survey to ask you exactly that. The survey is super quick to fill out (it took me less than a minute, just ticking a few boxes) and is split into three key areas :

1. What parents do to unwind around the home
2. How are you going to celebrate Christmas this year?
3. Has Brexit actually affected your spending habits around the home and garden?

If you’ve got a spare minute click here and fill in the survey, so that nosey people like myself can find out how you relax and unwind!

My Relaxing Weekend #1
You may have already seen some of these photos in my week in photos, but I had such a nice, relaxing weekend that I wanted to share it in a little more detail. I hope you enjoy.
I started Saturday morning with a cup of Jasmine Green tea in my awesome new owl mug, while making the tea I decided to get my label maker out and label the packets to make life a little easier.
I have such an awful concentration face!
I cheated and bought Greggs pancakes for Shrove Tuesday so quite clearly had to rectify that by making some from scratch on Saturday. Annoyingly I used all the milk on Friday, thanks to Google I found this recipe for milk free pancakes. I added some white chocolate chips and a dash of vanilla extract into the mix and oh my, they were amazing, actually better than the ones that I usually make with milk.
I opened the windows, played Oasis very loudly, sung (out of tune) and tossed pancakes.
The M&S Salted Caramel sauce made an appearance again along with bananas and choc shot. The most satisfying breakfast ever.
With a full tummy we popped to Tesco and then I went for a walk to my sister’s house, she was about to come to my house so me, her, my niece & nephew walked back to my house via the canal, it was so lovely to go for a walk in the sunshine!
We finished the day perfectly with a delicious home made curry. I bought Spencer a Friday Night Curry Recipe Kit Subscription for Christmas, we’ve both been so busy we haven’t had a free evening to prepare and enjoy one so they have been building up quite rapidly. We finally set a date to enjoy one and enjoy we did, it was absolutely delicious.
Before we knew it it was Sunday and we were bagging up old clothes to take to H&M. If you didn’t know H&M will give you a £5 voucher for each bag of old clothes that you take into store, you have to spend £30 to use the voucher.
Is has been a while since I had a good clothes sort out so I found some real old gems including this Playboy top in a size 12! This was my favourite top I dread to think how many years ago. I’m still no where near finished with the clothes sorting, I’m just going to do a bag each time I go to H&M I think. I pulled a few semi-decent items out to list on eBay which I am hoping to sort out this weekend.
Obviously as I had an H&M voucher I had to spend it! I bought this sweatshirt because it is covered in multi-coloured Bobs. I love it. The trousers and shirts are presents for my nephew’s second birthday on Friday, I can’t wait to see him wearing them!


I also bought this adorable egg house from Next while drooling over the rest of their home wear, I think I’ll do a Next home wear wishlist soon because they had some amazing items in.

Following the shopping trip the whole family ventured into the garden to enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

So, that was my weekend! It also involved a little Spring Cleaning, but nothing too strenuous as I didn’t want to ruin the relaxation.


Autumn Relaxation with Joules
In this cold weather I love nothing better than coming home from work, slapping my hair back, putting on some cosy PJs and relaxing with a cuppa, the cats and my iPad. When Joules UK contacted me asking me if I’d like a little bundle of presents I squealed with joy as it was such a lovely little selection. They sent me a gorgeous quilted iPad case, their pheasant mug and a pair of fluffy socks. The slipper socks from Joules are so fluffy which means that Bob loves to attack my feet when I’m wearing them!
How do you like to relax during the colder months? I can’t believe how cold it has been today, time to dig the slanket out and maybe even put the heating on – yikes!