UK Degustabox June 2017 – Unboxing Vlog & Review

The barbecue themed June Degustabox* landed on my doorstep yesterday. Knowing that they don’t tend to send fresh food I was unsure as to what to expect in a barbecue themed box, and I ended up being pleasantly surprised with the contents.

While the box didn’t initially blow me away there are plenty of items that I am really looking forward to trying, including the chilli & coconut quick cook sauce, but, it may yet be too spicy for me, and the BBQ pulled chicken sachet. Of course my favourite item in the box was the shortbread biscuits!

Onto the pricing, the products and prices on my content card were :

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol Free Wine – £1.49
Capsicana Brazilian Chilli & Coconut Quick Cook Sauce – £1.99
Haribo Summer Frenzy – 2 x £1 each
Spoon Apple & Peanut Granola – £3.70
Light Bites – Mango with Vanilla Yoghurt Fruit Chips – £1.49
Schwartz Authentic American Flavour – 2 x £0.85
Original O’s Savoury Cumin and Sesame Nibbles – £2.99
Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Scottie Dogs – £1.95
Light Bites – Superfood Fruit Bar – £1.25
Westons Cider – 2 x £1.99
Berrywhite Organic Drinks – £1.39

Total box contents – £23.93

I also received ENRJ – Energy Juice in Mango & Passion fruit and Apple & Berries priced at £1.75 each, which is what would have been in the non alcoholic box, making that box a value of £23.45.

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A Family Staycation at The Vale Resort, South Wales

We’ve enjoyed staycations for quite a while now, usually travelling around 1-3 hours from home to enjoy a beautiful destination without enduring the stresses and hassles of flying. More recently I have decided to incorporate a few short stay staycations into our family trips, we live in such a beautiful part of the country it seems silly to travel too far away for a break, let’s be real, who really wants to be stuck in the car for hours on end with a two year old? Not me that’s for sure!

toddler pulling along peppa pig suitcase

For our most recent staycation we teamed up with The Vale Resort*, near Cardiff, South Wales for dinner, bed and breakfast. The Vale Resort is only half an hour away from us and is host to many a celeb, so I figured if it’s good enough for them then it is good enough for us, and so we went along on my birthday.

birthday celebrations at the vale resort near cardiff

We headed to The Vale Resort for our check in time of 3pm, upon checking in I was delighted to see that they left out birthday gifts and a card for me, this, along with several other little touches throughout our family room really made us feel special. They even left out an activity pack for Aria. The Vale Resort sure thought of everything.

review of the vale resort near cardiff south wales

With plenty to keep us entertained we decided to make the most of our comfortable surroundings and relax in our room before heading for dinner in the Vale Grill Restaurant. We had a wander around the beautiful grounds, which are home to a golf course and a castle. We decided that we wouldn’t take advantage of the spa and creche facilities as we were only there for a short while.

the vale resort grounds

The dinner was included in our package, and for this we could order three courses from a set menu, we also had the option to order from the full menu for an additional charge, but we were more than happy with the choices on the set menu so stuck to that. The food was delicious and the staff were superb and very friendly.

Following the meal we retired to our room to make the most of our lovely comfy bed, we had a brilliant night sleep and loved the thick black out blinds, although we did almost sleep through and miss breakfast because they make the room so dark! Breakfast was your standard buffet breakfast, busy buffets always make me anxious so Spencer picked mine for me while I sat at the table with Aria. Breakfast was served until 10am, and we were slightly disappointed that the pancake machine had been switched off when we went to use it at around two minutes to ten, that will teach us for sleeping in so late!

Watch my video to see our stay in more detail and for a tour of our lovely family room.

Find out more about The Vale Resort and book your break here.

*Disclosure -We received dinner, bed and breakfast at The Vale Resort in exchange for promotion*

UK Degustabox May 2017 – Unboxing Vlog & Review

We received our Picnic themed Degustabox* for May on Tuesday, I wanted to get stuck in straight away but I decided to leave it for a day, the reason being that Wednesday is my weigh in day and therefore my cheat day. I don’t know about you guys but I think that sampling a Degustabox is one hell of a way to enjoy cheat day!

We were really pleased with the box this month, there were a great variety of products and something that we all loved. Between the three of us it will all get eaten, maybe bar the cereal as that requires soaking in apple juice and we already have one box in the cupboard similar that has been there for months as we just don’t buy apple juice.

My favourite item was the Dairy Milk Peanut Caramel Crisp, it was beautiful, as you can tell by the photo Aria enjoyed it too! This was closely followed by the Cereal Lovers CrunchTime Nuggets. Spencer’s favourite was the Portlebay Popcorn, if you watch the video you will see that I didn’t enjoy this at all, it almost made me cry! I also really appreciated the bottle of Crabbie’s, it is my favourite Summer drink so to open the box and find that in there on what felt like the hottest day ever was a real winner. It went straight in the fridge and was drank that evening.

Onto the pricing, the products and prices on my content card were :

  • Zeo Soft Drinks – £1.19
  • Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer – £1.89
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Peanut Caramel Crisp – £3.49
  • MOMA Gluten Free Raspberry & Coconut Bircher Muesli – £3.20
  • Millions chocolate – 2 x £0.50
  • Millions sour – £0.60
  • Cereal Lovers CrunchTime Nuggets – £1.59
  • Deli Kitchen Skinni Wrap – £1.25
  • Homepride Strong White Bread Flour – £1.50
  • Hippeas In Herbs We Trust – £1.50
  • Portlebay Popcorn – £0.79
  • Candy Kittens – £3.00

Total Box Contents £21

I also received Striking El Salvador Coffee Bean Bags £4.50 which is what would have been in the non alcoholic box, making that box a value of £23.61.

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*I receive the Degustabox each month in exchange for an honest review*

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UK Degustabox April 2017 – Unboxing Vlog & Review

With no obvious seasonal theme I wasn’t sure what to expect from the April Degustabox*, which I personally think makes it just that little bit more exciting. As usual Aria and I opened it together and filmed an unboxing video while scoffing some of the contents to provide a review of sorts.

We were happy with the contents of the box, bit of a shock but Aria’s favourite wasn’t the chocolate! She loved the Seabrook Lattice crisps, as did I, but my ultimate favourite had to be the Machu Picchu flavour Dorset Cereal. The crunch of the nuts and the hint of coffee is the perfect way to start the morning, or it would be if I wasn’t doing SlimFast right now!

The Nothing But fruit snacks were nice, but the packs were very much full of air and the majority of the contents had crumbled during transit. Another stand out product was the Doisy & Dam’s Quinoa, Smoked Tea & Vanilla chocolate, it had a very intriguing taste and I kinda liked it. Don’t get me wrong, it is never going to beat a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk for me, but it is a nice change if you fancy mixing things up now and then.

Onto the pricing, the products and prices on my content card were :

  • Seabrook Lattice – £1.50
  • POLO Sugar Free Pot – £1.49
  • CELIA Organic Lager – £2.49
  • Garofalo Whole Wheat Penne Pasta – £2.19
  • GOOD HEMP Hemp Seed Hearts – £4.49
  • Dorset Cereals – £4.89
  • Doisy & Dam’s Quinoa, Smoked Tea & Vanilla Chocolate – £1.75
  • Nothing But – 2 x £1.20
  • Whitworths Full of Super – £1.50
  • VIPnuts – £1.25

Total box contents £23.95

I also received a bottle of Fentiman’s Grapefruit tonic water which isn’t showing on my card, I can only assume that this is an alternative to the lager in the box. This is priced at £2.99 which would mean that the alternative box is priced at £24.45 – two fantastic value boxes this month.

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*I receive the Degustabox each month in exchange for an honest review*

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Chasing the Instagram Dream with Trespass

Developing the perfect instagram account isn’t easy, it takes time, effort and good shoes. Yes, you read that right, if you want the picture perfect instagram account you need to be prepared to climb places that you wouldn’t normally climb, go off the beaten track, therefore good shoes are most definitely an essential.

The Merse Women’s Waking Boots from Trespass* fit the bill perfectly and have become my go to instagram photo hunting footwear of choice. The walking boots are sturdy with a good grip and ankle support, which is very much a requirement when climbing up slippy slope-y hills and climbing over fallen trunks and twigs.

A blog review of women's walking boots from Trespass

Ain’t no tree stopping me with these bad boys on! I discovered the importance of instagram footwear on our most recent photography mission, when we decided to find a bluebell wood and I (stupidly) wore my Vans. We found the bluebells, up the top of a very steep hill. I struggled to get up said steep hill, I slipped and stumbled, at times I bum shuffled because my footwear just was not good enough for where we were. Bum shuffling in a forest is not good, I now have a hole in my trousers, RIP comfy trousers.

bluebell wood in sor brook, Pontypool/Cwmbran

As you can see the bluebells were gorgeous but it was terribly difficult to climb, wearing my new go to instagram trainers would have made this shoot a whole lot easier. Judging by the looks of the above photo I think that Spencer, my (not so) glamorous instagram assistant could also do with a pair of snazzy walking boots like mine.

blog review of trespass merse pink women's walking boots

Watch out instagram – me and my new walking boots are gonna walk all over you!

And if you’re wondering, it was worth it, I got THE shot.

Check out the full range of women’s walking boots available at Trespass here.

*Disclosure – I received the walking boots in exchange for blog coverage*