Love Not Likes, My Daughter, These Three Wise Words are For You – WIN Wise-Ish Words from Book of Everyone

Our children are growing up in a completely different world to the one that we grew up in; an unknown territory where they seek likes from strangers rather than praise from family, where socialising is done alone, in a bedroom, on a phone. A scary territory full of trolls and fake identities. A place where cyberbullies prey on innocent people, cyberbullies that they cannot easily escape from, not without disconnecting from their technology, their world.

As parents we can often feel useless, all that we can really do is be there and offer support, and some very wise words. The people over at The Book of Everyone believe that our advice is more important today than ever, and as a result they commissioned award-winning photographer David Boni to take a series of portraits of inspirational people who all work with children. These people were asked a simple question: What are your 3 wise words for kids this Christmas? The answers brought beautiful and contrasting insights into the truths we hold dear for our next generation.

 book of everyone wise-ish words review

The people taking part in the ‘Three Wise Words For Kids’ project hear first hand young people’s hopes, fears, and dreams. They include ITV This Morning’s Dr Ranj Singh, a children’s law barrister, a video game developer, a teaching assistant for severely disabled children, a health visitor, a boxing coach, a special needs tutor, an athletics coach, a paediatrician, a childminder, and a global children’s charity worker.

The photo series was created in collaboration with WellChild with the aim to raise money for
sick children this Christmas. Cat Jones, a WellChild nurse, chooses ‘You are enough’ as her
three wise words. She explains: “Social media is making kids strive to be more perfect, more
beautiful, more of everything. It stops them enjoying being themselves. The obsession with
getting likes on social media doesn’t actually mean anything.”

 book of everyone wise-ish words review

‘3 Wise Words For Kids’ accompanies the launch of The Book of Everyone’s latest personalised book: Wise(ish) Words – a book that allows anyone to package up their tidbits of advice and place them under the tree this Christmas. £1 from every book sold will be donated to WellChild,  the national charity for sick children. More than 100,000 children are living with serious illness or exceptional health needs in the UK. Many spend months, even years in hospital. WellChild, whose patron is Prince Harry, gives seriously ill children the chance to thrive at home with their families. See the portrait series here

 book of everyone wise-ish words review

Wish-ish words is a personalised book aimed at 8-16 year olds to help them make better mistakes. The book is easy to build and there are some truly fabulous quotes to choose from, you can even enter your own if you so wish. I truly believe this is a book that should be read to every child, no matter what age, I intend to drill these quotes into my toddlers head in a bid to raise a fierce, independent young lady. A young lady who lives by my three wise words ‘love not likes’.

Build your own Wise(ish) words book here.

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The Story of the Car Sick Dog – Travall Guard Review

There once was a car sick dog named Dobby. Dobby’s parents loved travelling and so this really wasn’t an ideal situation. Dobby’s parents didn’t want them and the car covered in sick. Dobby’s parents were smart, Dobby’s parents got the Travall transport pack.

Travall dog guard review - dog car guard

Not only did the Travall guard keep everyone safe and secure, but the boot mat liner also meant that any sick could be easily wiped up.

Travall dog guard review - dog car guard

The Travall transport pack includes a guard rail which is used to separate your boot from the rest of the car, giving your four legged friend a comfortable, secure place of their own and also providing extra security for your passengers, particularly children in rear facing seats, protecting them from the hazards of loose items in the boot should you need to brake suddenly. The guard is vehicle specific and as a result it won’t rattle in transit and little paws won’t be able to squeeze in through the edges.

Travall dog guard review - dog car guard

This pack also includes a boot mat liner, a tough and flexible mat providing protection against sick, claws and any other little accidents. The mat also reduces road noises and improves comfort for your pet, as well as smelling delicious with it’s long lasting vanilla scent.

Travall dog guard review - dog car guard

Hopefully one day Dobby will get over his anxiety and resulting car sickness, or we will find tablets that actually work for him, but in the mean time the Travall boot mat liner is keeping our car clean and saving our sanity.

Once he gets over the anxiety and resulting car sickness we really hope that the comfortable mat and secure guard will be a relaxing space where he can travel in comfort.

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Quick & Healthy Family Meals with Pizza Express Leggera at Home

Trying to juggle working all the hours, family life and healthy eating is hard work. The temptation to just throw something in the oven is overwhelming. Simple food that the whole family will enjoy, that doesn’t take hours to prepare. This usually results in un-healthy which isn’t at all helpful with my eternal pursuit to lose weight. Or at least that was the case, before the Pizza Express Leggera at home was a thing.

Pizza Express Leggera at Home

We love eating at Pizza Express and I tend to order the Leggera when we do, it doesn’t compromise on flavour but is lighter and healthier making it a win win for me. The addition of the Leggera to the Pizza Express at home range is fantastic news for pizza lovers who don’t love the calories! The Leggera at home pizzas are under four hundred calories for the whole pizza! I’m a bit excited by this. The best thing? These pizzas cook in just 6-8 minutes from fresh or 9-11 from frozen! Quick, convenient and healthy (and pizza!).

Pizza Express Leggera at Home

The Pizza Express Leggera at home pizzas are the perfect size for one person. We’re greedy and so cooked four to go between the three of us. We ended up with one and half pizzas left over (Aria isn’t a huge eater). This meant guilt free cold pizza for lunch the next day!

Pizza Express Leggera at Home

The Leggera at home is currently available in two flavours, chicken & vegetable and squash, kale & goat’s cheese. Now, Spencer is one of these whose mindset is that if it doesn’t have meat on it, it’s pointless. He rolls his eyes at me if I order a vegetarian meal when we go out and is never pleased when I cook vegetarian food at home, which is why I was surprised to see him reaching for more and more of the kale, squash & goats cheese Leggera. I pulled him up on this (and also mocked him, quite a bit) and he admitted that on this occasion the meat free pizza was actually quite delicious.

Pizza Express Leggera at Home

The Pizza Express Leggera at home are currently available in Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury’s.

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UK Degustabox November 2017 – Unboxing & Review

As I’m sure you’ll know by now Aria and I love to open and sample the Degustabox* each month. We recently received the Christmas themed November box and, as usual, filmed as we unboxed and sampled the contents.

The November Degustabox was another hit for Aria and me!  The box included our favourite things in the form of sweets and chocolate along with some fab cupboard fillers. Aria’s favourite products were the super sour jelly beans (crazy child!) and the Planters Fruity Chocolate Crunch, my favourite was the Picnic bites, of course.

Onto the pricing, the products and prices on my content card were :

Kallo Organic Stock Pots – £1.80
The English Provender Co.’s Caramelised Red Onion Chutney – £1.99
Taylors of Harrogate Ground Coffee – £4.49
ALO (Aloe Vera drink) – £1.99
Planters Fruity Chocolate Crunch – £2.00
The Jelly Bean Factory Super Sours – £1.79
Ryvita Multigrain Rye Cakes – £1.39
Propercorn Perfectly Sweet Popcorn – £0.89
Dalston’s Fizzy Apple – £1.89
Weetabix Additions Apple & Raisin – £2.99
Cadbury Picnic Bites – £1.99
Filippo Berio Classic Pesto – £2.00

Total box contents – £25.21

I also received the Filipo Berio Rio Mare Italian Tuna and the Filipo Berio Formaggio Crostini in Fennel & Garlic flavour – subscribers will have received either one of these or the Pesto mentioned above.

Sign up here and get £7.00 off your first Degustabox! (New customers only).

See more Degustabox unboxing and reviews here.

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Tackling the 12 Stains of Christmas with Bissell Stain Eraser

As we all know the festive period is busy, fun and also rather messy! Our homes are likely to see a lot of mishaps and our carpets and upholsteries a lot of stains. With this in mind I’ve been testing the Stain Eraser from Bissell on some of the 12 stains of Christmas. See how I got on in this short video.

What are the 12 stains of Christmas I hear you ask?

1. Chocolate

Christmas (and life to be fair) is all about chocolate. Chocolate coins, tins of chocolates, chocolate pudding, chocolate Santas – basically everything chocolate! Chocolate can be a nightmare to remove once it’s been trodden into the carpets and sofas.

2. Children’s crafts

Kids like to get creative at Christmas time, making cards, playing with their new craft presents and simply passing the time in the school holidays. Things like paint, glitter and glue can be a nightmare to remove if it spills onto the carpet.

 3. Mulled wine

One glass of wine too many and you’re quite likely to end up swishing it onto those comfy sofas and the floors!

4. The aftermath of all that mulled wine…

If, like me, you cannot handle your alcohol (I blame Aria…) Boxing Day can be a hard day. Some of us may not even make it to the bathroom in time…

5. Gravy

Ah that lovely gravy.. it’s not so lovely when it gets spilled all over the floor though is it?

6. Dog urine

Over excited dogs, or just plain lazy dogs like mine, may also have a few accidents over the festive period.

 7. Pine needles

We’ve never had a real Christmas tree, I know, woe is me, so I wasn’t aware that pine needles secrete Tannin which can leave behind an ugly stain on wood floors.

8. Cranberry sauce

Another delicious treat that we like to smother our meals with at Christmas time, another dark stain to contend with if spilled!

9. Fat and grease

Christmas is all about being naughty and therefore fat and grease are essential right? The nasty stains that can get left behind really aren’t.

 10. Mud, puddles and grass stains

With visitors-a-plenty and dog walks to burn off the food along with the typically wet British weather, chances are people and/or animals will drag in mud onto your floors.

 11. Eggnog

The dancing that comes shortly after consuming Eggnog (just me?) can lead to a few spills, especially if the dancing involves holding a large glass in one hand! No one wants the smell of stale milk hanging around.

 12. Soot

Even Santa makes a mess! You didn’t think that the big old man climbed up and down all those chimneys without getting messy did you?

The Stain Eraser managed to erase all traces of the Christmas stains that I tested it on. I am super impressed with this cordless, hand held stain remover and can see it getting a lot of use over the festive period.

The Stain Eraser comes with everything that you need to get started, it has an RRP of £99.99 and can be purchased from Amazon here.

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