On Becoming a ‘School’ Mum

While stood at the school gate waiting to pick my daughter up from her first day at nursery it hit me, I’m a school mum now.

On becoming a school mum

No more lazy days of not showering or getting dressed because I have too much work to do.

I have to wear a bra at least five days a week.

When I’m feeling down there is no more hiding in the house, I have to put on a brave face and be ready to face the world, or the other school mums at least.

Come rain or shine, and even snow, I’ll be there, trudging back and fore to the school.

This is my foreseeable future. I’m in a school mum now.

She has started nursery, or play-school, or pre-school, whatever it’s called.

I feel like a fraud, I don’t know any of the relevant terms or, well, anything. I didn’t even know she had snacks until I saw her eating fruit at pick up time.

Just yesterday we received the application form for ‘proper’ nursery, one where she wears a uniform and everything. There was no list of schools to choose from, no nothing. Just a form to fill in and assumptions that I know about these things when I know nothing.

I need to get my head around all of this because I’m a school mum now.


Am I Wrong to Not Feel Emotional on My Child’s First Day of Nursery?

For the past few days my facebook feed has been awash with emotional mothers, mothers who are sad that their child is starting school, mothers who cried after dropping them off for the first time.

Aria is 2 & 1/2 and is due to start nursery any day now, and I cannot wait. The only emotion I am feeling is joy, and also relief. Relief for me and relief for her.

Am I Wrong to Not Feel Emotional on My Child’s First Day of Nursery?

I am relieved for me because I am struggling. I have 2 days a week with childcare in the form of grandparents and it just isn’t enough. I’m drowning in work and my house is a shit tip.

Am I wrong to not feel emotional on my child's first day of nursery?

I am relieved for her because it will be so good for her. Before we moved she went to private nursery one day a week and, despite tears at drop off time, or at least when I dropped her off, she really did enjoy it. She always came out of nursery happy; tired but happy.

We have no structure in our daily routine and, as much as we love our lazy mornings, it will be good for us to to get into a good routine.

She rarely spends time with children her own age. Don’t get me wrong, she loves spending time with her niece and nephew but they are six and three years older than her, it will be so good for her to play with children her own age.

She is starting a little earlier than normal, in Wales they start 2 & 1/2 hours Monday – Friday the first term after their 3rd birthday, but the area that we are now living in receives extra funding and as a result the children here start the first term after their 2nd birthday.

If there are tears at drop off of course I’ll be upset, I’m not a complete monster, but I also know that the tears will pass, give her five minutes and she will be happy exploring her new surroundings and making new friends. I know that she won’t always cry when I drop her off, that she will eventually look forward to going.

Maybe it’s because she isn’t starting ‘proper’ school, maybe it’s because it’s not a full day, or maybe I’m just heartless. All I know is that when we go to register her tomorrow I will be skipping to the nursery!