Discovering Nature with JoJo Maman Bébé

Aria loves getting out discovering nature, she loves picking things up, getting her hands dirty and excitedly shouting “look mammy”. I try to encourage and embrace this as much as I can, except for when she attempts to discover the things that nature didn’t intend, such as discarded chewing gum. With an abundance of fruit & veg growing in our garden and situated at the top of a beautiful park and woods our new house is just perfect for Aria to discover and learn more and more about nature.

JoJo Maman Bebe AW17 Woodland clothing

Dressed in her gorgeous new outfit from the JoJo Maman Bébé AW17 Woodland clothing collection Aria and I went on a little stroll down to the woods where Aria picked acorns (or balls as she calls them), leaves (or trees as she calls them), climbed trees and more. Aria absolutely loved it and I can see us spending a lot of time down there from now on.

JoJo Maman Bebe AW17 Woodland clothing

Me being me, I had to dress her in a cute little outfit perfect for the occasion, so I opted for some gorgeous woodland pieces from the JoJo Maman Bébé AW17 collection*. The new collection is to die for, with plenty of warm colours and the cutest little animal designs.

JoJo Maman Bébé AW17 Woodland clothing

These little fox welly liners are the cutest, Aria loves them and I’m pretty sure that she would wear them all the time, in fact, the day after I took this photo she insisted on taking her wellies, along with said fox liners, to her nan & grandad’s house, despite the fact that the sun was shining that day!

JoJo Maman Bébé AW17 Woodland clothing

JoJo Maman Bébé AW17 Woodland clothing peter pan collar toddler vest
JoJo Maman Bébé AW17 Woodland clothing

Aria is wearing :

Yellow fox cardigan
Ditsy peter pan top
Teal elephant pinafore dress
Plain cotton tights in purple
Fox wellie liners

*Disclosure – we received the clothing items in exchange for a feature*

Family Summer Styling with Peacocks

Wow it’s been hot lately! Thankfully we’ve had the perfect summer clothing to wear during the heatwave courtesy of high street fashion brand Peacocks*. I’ve always been a fan of Peacocks, I find that their clothes are comfortable and their sizes are fairly generous, now that I have a family I find shopping there even more practical, as it means that I can easily kit the whole family out under one roof without spending a fortune.

 Family Summer Styling with Peacocks toddler girl skirt and t-shirt set with braces

We decided to take a wander down to the backs of our soon to be new home (if the Solicitors ever sort themselves out) to enjoy the sunshine and, of course, take a few photos. Aria decided to become all model-esque in quite possibly my favourite photo of her ever to show off her gorgeous t-shirt and dress set. Her floral bomber jacket is perfect for throwing on over the top when the sun goes down and it gets a little chilly, I would actually love one of these in my size!

 Family Summer Styling with Peacocks toddler girl skirt and t-shirt set with braces and floral print bomber jacket  Family Summer Styling with Peacocks Women's hanky hem maxi dress and toddler girl skirt and t-shirt set with braces

I opted for the comfortable yet flattering women’s blank hanky hem dress (which is now on sale, FYI!). This dress is absolutely perfect for me, it nips in at the waist and then flares out in a bid to hide my mum tum. The length hides my legs without being too long and dragging on the floor, which a lot of dresses do when you are only 5’3 like me. Pop a pair of cycling shorts on underneath and you needn’t worry about chub rub!

 Family Summer Styling with Peacocks Women's hanky hem maxi dress and toddler girl skirt and t-shirt set with braces Family Summer Styling with Peacocks men's shorts and pink shirt and toddler girl skirt and t-shirt set with braces

Spencer decided to be all ‘daddy cool’ in these belted shorts and a pink linen shirt, and I must admit, he scrubbed up quite well!

 Family Summer Styling with Peacocks men's shorts and pink shirt and toddler girl skirt and t-shirt set with braces

Where is your favourite destination for family clothing? Do you prefer to get it all under one roof or do you like to shop about?

*Disclosure – We received the clothing in exchange for a feature*

Exploring a Wooden Wonderland with Roco Clothing

In the Cornelius household we love an excuse to dress up almost as much as we love a pyjama day, almost. When Roco got in touch asking if I would like to review one of their stunning dresses for Aria obviously I said yes please. Manchester based Roco specialise in formal children’s wear, they are the perfect destination for Weddings and, of course, wooden wonderland walks!

review roco Anna GIRLS GREY PARTY DRESS 2-3 years

Armed with our basket, for no reason other than that it looked fancy in the photos, we headed to Sor Brook, a very pretty yet quiet spot near the more popular Llandegfedd Reservoir. There is plenty to do while in Sor Brook, there is a large open meadow, a small stream and beautiful woodland walks.

review roco Anna GIRLS GREY PARTY DRESS 2-3 years

Aria looked beautiful in her Anna dress in size 2-3 years and the pretty white Hana shoes. All that was missing was flowers in her hair, and that was only because I knew she wouldn’t keep them in.

review roco Anna GIRLS GREY PARTY DRESS 2-3 years

The dress and shoes are the perfect fit and are fab for wonderland walks, parties, Weddings and so much more. I was very relieved to discover that the bow at the back simply does up with a popper, but not quite so relieved that the dress is dry clean only. The perfect swishiness of the dress more than makes up for the fact that it is a pain to wash.

review roco Anna GIRLS GREY PARTY DRESS 2-3 years

*Disclosure – We received the dress and shoes in exchange for a feature*

Mammy & Daughter Styling – Exploring the Muddy Welsh Mountains

Me and my daughter, Aria, LOVE twinning, well I do, she’s two and can’t yet argue back so I just make the most of that. I have wanted a pair of Hunter wellies for as long as I can remember, so, for my birthday this year I decided to make my Hunter wellies a reality, and also buy a matching pair for my toddler.

mummy & daughter muddy outfits

Obviously I couldn’t just stop at matching yellow wellies, oh no, I had to take it a step further and buy matching yellow raincoats too. I’ve been lusting after the Regatta Bayeur for quite a while now so just had to snap it up when I saw it reduced to £35, it would have been rude not to right? Aria’s Peppa raincoat doesn’t appear to be available in yellow anymore, but it is available in a few other colours.

yellow regatta bayeur blog review

The Hunter wellies weren’t cheap, they were never going to be, but I did buy them direct from their website and signed up to their newsletter beforehand to receive a small discount and they came with free postage – silver lining.

mother & daughter matching wellies and yellow coats

I am so glad that I finally gave into the temptation and bought some Hunters after lusting after them for so long, it isn’t like my feet are going to grow and so they should last me for years to come, Aria’s may have been an unnecessary splurge but they are very cute and very bright, plus her feet take ages to grow, so kind of justified, right?

toddler girl yellow peppa pig raincoat

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For more kids weather appropriate clothing see Danielle’s review of Muckboots and Beth’s review of Dry Kids Waterproofs.

Exploring the Wetlands with Bax and Bay

We were recently sent a few items from Bax and Bay for review, items included their waxed cotton changing rucksack, The Zack, a Mama Fox sweater and the cutest little Fox Cub sweater. With new items to try out and photos that needed taking we decided to head to Newport Wetlands for a family day out / photo shoot.

Family photo at Newport Wetlands - Mother and Daughter are wearing matching mama fox and fox cub sweaters from Bax and Bay - a review

The Wetlands, based in Nash Road, Newport is an RSPB site, and with a visitor centre, cafe, play area, lots of walks and wildlife it is a the perfect family day out. It ticks all the boxes for us as we got to go for a nice walk, Aria got to spot some birds and I got a pretty backdrop for my photos. Winning.

Mama Fox and Fox cub sweaters from Bax and Bay - a review

Aria and I love our matching Mama Fox and Fox Cub sweaters. They are great quality and a lovely fit. Aria’s is a hoody style sweater which she loves, this girl is a huge fan of walking around with her hands in pockets and also stashing items in said pockets. We did think it was a shame that they don’t stock a matching men’s jumper, well I did, Spencer was actually relieved as, unlike me, he finds the whole matching clothing thing a little cringe!

fox cub hooded sweater for two year old from Bax and Bay review

We’ve been looking for a practical rucksack changing bag for a little while, now that Aria is walking and we don’t always have the pushchair with us we wanted a more practical bag that didn’t fall off our shoulders and hit Aria in the face when we bent to pick her up mid strop. Not that that ever happened of course…

a review of the zack rucksack unisex changing bag from Bax and Bay

The Zack bag from Bax and Bay suits our needs perfectly. It is functional and unisex but doesn’t compromise on style. The inside of the bag is bright orange and it comes with a thick changing mat and a bottle insulator. There are two stretchy inside pockets which are perfect for storing the nappies and other changing essentials like cream and nappy bags and another smaller pocket on the outside of the bag which is the perfect size for a mobile phone. I would prefer an easier to release clasp but that really is just a matter of personal preference.

the Zach unisex changing bag from Bax and Bay comes with a bright orange portable changing mat and a bottle insulator

The portable changing mat that comes with the bag is nicely padded which makes it ideal for impromptu outdoor changes!

Bax and Bay are a relatively new Scottish based company specialising in multi-functional changing bags and clothing.

*Disclosure – the Bax and Bay items were sent to us in exchange for a feature*