Simple Toddler Craft – Sensory Flower Shaker

For this month’s flower themed craft I decided to do something that Aria could both enjoy making and enjoy playing with, and so we settled on a simple sensory flower shaker. Aria got involved in most aspects of this craft and really enjoyed it, from picking the flowers, to pouring way too much glitter in and shaking the bottle afterwards – I would say it was an all around win!

Tutorial for simple toddler craft flower sensory shaker - you will need

The sensory shaker is simple to make, you can pretty much throw whatever you have lying around the house into it! We started by picking a few flowers from the garden and then we found an empty bottle, some washi tape, glitter pretty gems, buttons, craft flowers and green crepe paper. I also used decoupage glue, scissors and duct tape.

simple toddler craft tutorial for sensory flower shaker - step by step

I started by adding water to my bottle, though it doesn’t really matter which order you do it in. I didn’t fill it to the top just in case the weight of the items made the water rise too high. Aria then added everything in to the bottle, or everything that fit at least, we had to exclude a few of our items as they were too big to fit!

simple toddler craft tutorial for toddler sensory flower shaker - step by step

Once Aria had added the flowers, buttons and gems she added the glitter, all the glitter. If you want to be able to see the flowers you may not want to add quite so much glitter, as we can’t see much else other than glitter, but Aria had fun so it is all good!

Once you are satisfied with the contents of your bottle add more water if required, screw the cap back on and cover with duct tape, then cover with pretty washi tape. Cut some ‘spikes’ into your green crepe paper and glue them onto the bottle, or if you prefer you could paint the ‘grass’ on.

simple toddler craft tutorial for toddler sensory flower shaker - step by step

Once the glue has dried your toddler sensory flower shaker is complete and ready for some serious shaking.

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Simple Toddler Craft – Bird Tree

Both Aria and I loved this month’s craft, a simple toddler craft bird tree. Aria because it involved a few of her favourite things which are getting outdoors and collecting sticks and sticking things to card, me because it wasn’t very messy and actually looks quite pretty. I’m totally going to add Easter eggs to it for Easter this weekend, two birds one stone. How apt.

toddler in forest collecting twigs for craft bird tree

We started the craft by collecting fallen sticks on our recent visit to St Fagan’s. I had planned to paint these white but Aria would have wanted to help and it would have been a disaster so I went au natural. Next up I drew around a bird shape onto a piece of card and a sheet of glitter card and then cut them out.

Simple toddler craft bird tree step by step tutorial

Next up I covered the plain card birds with PVA and let Aria go crazy with an assortment of feathers and glitzy beads. Once she had finished I moved the eyes from their bums to, well, their eyes and then left them to dry. Once dry I trimmed some of the overhanging feathers to tidy them up and then used a needle and cotton to thread the cotton through and tied into a knot to hang from the tree.

Simple toddler craft bird tree tutorial

This is definitely my kind of craft. It looks quite pretty, is easy for Aria to join in with and doesn’t make too much mess.

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Simple toddler craft tutorial pretty bird tree

*Disclosure – we are Bostik Bloggers and receive a small box of crafts each month in exchange for a themed tutorial – the theme this month is Birds/Flying*

Simple Easter Bunny Sweet Holder – Toddler Craft

We received this month’s Easter themed Bostik craft box* a little while ago, then someone wanted to view our house which resulted in me hiding it away in a drawer out of sight and swiftly forgetting about it. Panic kicked in yesterday when I realised that the craft was due today and I didn’t even have an idea in mind. Not a clue.

Toilet roll Easter bunny toddler craft sweet holder tutorial

Our bunny is far from perfect, in fact he looks quite angry and his whiskers are a little lopsided, but Aria had so much fun making him and she loves putting eggs in and out of him, which, as far as I am concerned, is a winner.

toilet roll tube easter mini egg holder tutorial

If you want to make your own, probably better, Easter bunny toilet roll sweet holder you will need :

  • A toilet roll tube
  • Pretty patterned paper, preferably different patterns for the feet, ears and nose (or you could use an egg sticker for the nose like I did if you have one)
  • Googly eyes (I had to improvise as mine, like everything else in my house right now, have disappeared and my local Tesco don’t stock them)
  • Pipe cleaner or similar for whiskers
  • Card
  • Glue/Blu Tac

I chose to use Blu Tac to stick everything onto the tube, firstly as it is way less messier than glue and secondly because it meant that I could slightly adjust things when Aria wasn’t looking, hard to believe but if it was left to her this thing would look even worse than it currently does!

simple toddler easter craft

This was so easy to make, you simply cover the tube in pretty paper, cut out feet and ear shapes and stick them in place, stick the eyes, nose and whiskers in place and then glue the completed tube onto a piece of card. As simple as that!

toilet roll easter mini egg holder toddler craft

Just don’t turn your back and leave your toddler within reach of a pencil as your bunny and table will be drawn on.

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Tutorial & Giveaway : Multi-Colour Tie Dye Sleepsuit with Dylon
*I received the Dylon for the purpose of this post – however all opinions are my own*

I absolutely love buying unique and unusual baby clothing for Aria, but, those unique and unusual baby clothes often come at a price, which is why I decided to up-cycle some plain white sleepsuits and create my own unique clothing. Aria now has a set of super cute, one of a kind sleepsuits which I think is super cool. I filmed a tutorial showing exactly how I used the tie dye method to give a sleepsuit a new lease of life. If you fancy up-cycling your own garments with Dylon be sure to scroll right to the end of the post for a Dylon giveaway.

baby wearing a pink, purple and blue tie dye sleepsuit - video tutorial and a chance to win Dylon yourself

Please note, that as these dyes weren’t made up following the specific packet instructions you may not achieve an exact colour match to the packet. Each packet makes up a large amount of dye, it is worth dying several items at the same time to avoid waste. 
Dylon have been super generous and agreed to send one of my lucky followers 2x hand dyes and 2x machine dyes in their choice of FOUR colours! To be in with a chance of winning simply fill in the below Rafflecopter widget. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T&Cs : The winner will be contacted by email, if I receive no reply within one week I will draw another winner. The prize will be posted by Dylon, I will accept no responsibility for items that are lost/damaged in the post. UK only. Over 16 year olds only. If you claim to have submitted an entry which you haven’t all of your entries will be disqualified. 

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tutorial mutli-coloured tie dye sleepsuit

DIY Baby Toy – Tummy Time Sensory Mat
Due to the fact that Aria hates tummy time I am always trying to come up with ideas to keep her entertained during tummy time so that she will enjoy it a little more. The latest attempt has so far been a huge success, I made a very simple sensory mat and Aria loves it. 
Tutorial for DIY tummy time sensory mat for babies

Carry on reading to find out how I made the sensory mat.

baby sensory mat tutorial picture showing the items that you need to make it
You will need :
A laminating pouch, gel (I used baby gel but hair gel would work just as well), glitter, sequins, food colouring, hair straighteners/an iron.
big bowl full of pink glittery gel with purple sequins
I started by sealing three edges of the laminating pouch together with my hair straighteners, leaving an opening at the top so that I could add the ingredients. 
I then added the gel and food colouring to a large bowl, I kept stirring and adding more colour until it was at the colour that I wanted. I then added glitter, again, keep stirring and adding until it is as sparkly as you want. Finish off by adding the sequins, or anything else that you want to add. If adding different items make sure that they aren’t sharp as you don’t want it to pierce the laminate. 
Scoop the mixture into your laminating pouch, squeeze it down to the bottom and seal the top edge with your straighteners.

That is it, it really is that simple.

I have invited my niece down to make one as she loves crafts, when I make it with her I will keep it even more simple by pouring all of the ingredients directly into the laminating pouch, sealing it and then squeezing it to mix them together. For my own I wanted to mix them first so that I could ensure it looked how I wanted it to, when making one with her I would rather minimise the likely mess from her spilling the mixture and who knows what! 
pink glittery baby sensory mat DIY
baby lying on white wooden floor playing with pink glitter diy sensory mat
The next item that I plan on making is a sensory bottle. 
Have you made any DIY toys for your children? If so, what did you make?

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